Sales Copywriting With ChatGPT Landing Page Optimization

Skyrocket your sales! Sales copywriting with ChatGPT AI for landing page optimization and conversion rate optimization
Sales Copywriting With ChatGPT Landing Page Optimization
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Sales Copywriting With ChatGPT Landing Page Optimization

What you’ll learn

Don’t just sell! Seduce buyers to crave, thirst, and desire your products
Boost sales as early as today!
Leverage Emotional Intelligence for sales copywriting
Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for your sales copywriting
Increase your sales conversion rate with more effective sales pages
Learn major sales tactics professional sales people and large companies use
Create a much more engaging home page that gets more people into your sales funnel
Boost SEO on Amazon, other eCommerce sites or your own site through higher conversions and click-throughs
Conversion rate optimization
Sales funnel optimization
Sales page optimization
Simply improve your sales copy!

Sales Copywriting With ChatGPT Landing Page Optimization


Please be excited and open to trying the strategies in this course
Have a sales page or a home page or online landing page that you want to optimize


Master sales copywriting, and boost sales by 100% if not 1000% – by seducing potential buyers to desire your products. Getting results as early as today, after going through the course!PRACTICAL AND ACTIONABLEImmediately apply the strategies in this course to your headlines and sales page. With each lecture, you’ll be able to apply the tactics in this course to your sales pages, and boost your sales quickly. If you are not already using the tactics in this course to sell your products and services, once you implement most of the sales copywriting strategies in this course, your sales conversion should be significantly higher. CHATGPT AND ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE FOR SALES COPYWRITINGToday, you must use Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT for your sales copywriting. ChatGPT can help you add creativity to your sales copywriting, and elevate it to the next level. At worst, you must use ChatGPT to double-check your work, check your grammar, and give you additional ideas. You can also use ChatGPT to write all of your sales copywriting, but that is not recommended because you ultimately must lead AI in the direction you need.EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE FOR YOUR SALES COPYWRITINGEmotional Intelligence is a big part of sales copywriting. You will learn two methods for triggering desired buying decisions in your potential clients. The first will be by using special emotional trigger words. The second method will be by understanding the role of emotions in all of our decisions. This will be Scientific and research-based.DO YOU GET TRAFFIC, BUT NO SALES? WORK ON YOUR SALES OR LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZATIONIf you have website traffic or traffic from Amazon, YouTube or wherever else you promote your business, but the visitors are not converting to paying customers, this course will show you how to convince your visitors to buy.In many cases, your buyers will become repeat buyers, too!TO BUILD A LONG-TERM SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS, SALES CONVERSION IS KEYGet the most out of the traffic that comes to your site. You will need to use these tactics for selling your products so get the course now, and see for yourself what kind of a boost you will get.IF YOU PAY FOR ADS TO DRIVE TRAFFIC, YOU NEED THIS EVEN MOREIf you are paying for traffic, to make that strategy profitable, you need to get more from every person that clicks on your ad. Use the strategies in this course to make your ads more profitable.ONLY STRATEGIES THAT WORK FOR ME, OR ARE BACKED BY STRONG RESEARCHThe tactics in the course are ones that are either backed by very strong industry or market research based on data from Science, real customers, or tactics that I’ve perfected myself that I know are effective at sales because they helped me sell more after I implemented them.I am a multiple 6-figure online marketer. Learn from me, and get results that I’ve gotten by using the strategies in this course, and boosting your sales conversion rate.USE CUSTOMER PSYCHOLOGY TO INFLUENCE BUYING BEHAVIORMany of the tactics in this course use elements of psychology that come into play when a person is making a buying decision. I will show you how to trigger the right emotions that lead to buying.RESPONSIVE AND CARING INSTRUCTOR: WORLD-CLASS STUDENT SUPPORTIf you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don’t respond. Well, I do because 1) I care about my students.2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money’s worth from the course.30-DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEThis sales conversion optimization course comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. It’s also my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed!Enroll in the course now, and see how successful online marketers and large companies sell, and use those tactics to boost your sales.


Section 1: Course introduction and WARM welcome

Lecture 1 Landing page optimization and sales copywriting course welcome and introduction

Lecture 2 How to get traffic and real sales copywriting advice from this course

Section 2: The profound level of emotions and buying decisions

Lecture 3 Emotional Intelligence And Neuroscience: role of emotions in buying decisions

Section 3: Main principles of sales copywriting in social media and sales

Lecture 4 Common principles to use in your sales copywriting and social media posts

Lecture 5 Examples of copywriting principles in your sales copywriting and social media

Section 4: Starting to practice our sales copywriting

Lecture 6 Title theoretical overview

Lecture 7 Examples of improving the headline for a website

Lecture 8 Prompt Engineering to ask ChatGPT the right sales copywriting questions

Lecture 9 Using ChatGPT and Artificial Intelligence in our sales copywriting

Lecture 10 Four product title examples walk-through to grab attention and boost sales

Lecture 11 Effective subtitle that reinforces the sales message

Lecture 12 Subtitle examples for sales copywriting that transitions to a call to action

Lecture 13 Comparing our work to existing titles/subtitles & your exercise

Section 5: Emotional words that trigger emotional responses

Lecture 14 Introduction to using emotional words for sales copy

Lecture 15 Over 100 words that trigger emotion and aid you in your sales copywriting

Lecture 16 One more resource with hundreds of sales copywriting terms

Section 6: EXERCISES – improve your sales copywriting

Lecture 17 Sales copywriting exercise PART 1 – START

Lecture 18 Sales copywriting exercise PART 2

Lecture 19 Sales copywriting exercise PART 3

Lecture 20 Sales copywriting exercise PART 4

Lecture 21 Sales copywriting exercise PART 5

Lecture 22 Sales copywriting exercise PART 6 – CONCLUSION

Section 7: Writing product descriptions

Lecture 23 Product descriptions that work by triggering the right buyer emotions

Lecture 24 Product description examples

Lecture 25 Description copywriting exercise 1

Lecture 26 Description copywriting exercise 2

Lecture 27 Description copywriting exercise 3 – emotional imagery

Lecture 28 Description copywriting exercise 4 – rewrite a part of a sales description

Lecture 29 Description copywriting exercise 5 – interesting and inspiring language

Lecture 30 Nicer formatting with ChatGPT

Section 8: Solving the mystery of why people might not be buying

Lecture 31 Why are they not buying? T-shirt example

Section 9: Promo video to boost sales

Lecture 32 How to create an effective sales video

Lecture 33 Sales video example

Section 10: How to get reviews and social proof to boost sales conversion

Lecture 34 Section introduction

Lecture 35 Seven principles of review mastery

Lecture 36 Getting reviews with your product listing page

Lecture 37 Amazon – inside your book

Lecture 38 Fiverr and UpWork pattern

Lecture 39 Getting reviews at scale long-term and in a 100% legitimate way

Section 11: Social proof

Lecture 40 Awards

Lecture 41 Testimonials

Lecture 42 Publicity and featured-in

Section 12: Building trust with your credentials

Lecture 43 About us to boost sales with trust

Lecture 44 Examples of good about us pages

Lecture 45 Certifications

Section 13: Building trust further

Lecture 46 Privacy policy

Lecture 47 Contact and support page – customer support sells

Lecture 48 Money back guarantee

Section 14: Discounts and scarcity – your sales weapons

Lecture 49 How to use discounts to boost sales

Lecture 50 Scarcity – learn to manufacture scarcity and get people to buy now

Lecture 51 Example of using sales, discounts and scarcity

Section 15: Miscellaneous

Lecture 52 Getting traffic, but not making sales? Here is how to debug this

Section 16: INTERMEDIATE SALES COPYWRITING: Emotional Intelligence: fear & buying decisions

Lecture 53 Emotional Intelligence in sales copywriting: exploring fear in sales copywriting

Lecture 54 Diving into the Emotional Intelligence of fear in sales copywriting

Lecture 55 Exploring the role of fear in buying decisions and sales copywriting

Section 17: Conclusion – thank you for being an amazing student

Lecture 56 Checklist for you to follow and organize your sales

Lecture 57 Course certificate for this sales copywriting course – how to get it

Lecture 58 Thank you for taking this sales copywriting course

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