Sales Marketing Collaboration Masterclass

Learn Techniques, Tips, Tricks, Processes, & Structure To Boost Collaboration Between Sales & Marketing Department
Sales Marketing Collaboration Masterclass
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Salil Dhawan


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Sales Marketing Collaboration Masterclass

What you’ll learn

Explore the benefit of collaboration between Sales & Marketing
Discover your current level of collaboration through tests and checklists
Quick tips, tricks, and techniques to implement today and boost collaboration
Principles, Systems, and Structures to create a long lasting culture of collaboration
Achieve growth through increased coordination between Sales & Marketing

Sales Marketing Collaboration Masterclass


You must be either a member or manager of a Sales or Marketing team


If you are a Sales or Marketing executive, and are tired of lack of coordination and constant finger pointing between Sales & Marketing, then this course is for you.Sales & Marketing are the two horses pulling the cart, they have to be pulling at the same speed, in same direction, otherwise the cart will topple over, or worse break apart.  You have to align Sales & Marketing, and to do that you have to work on Sales & Marketing Collaboration.In this course you will learn tips, tricks, techniques, principles and practices, on how to boost coordination. The course will cover important Sales & Marketing topics such as Sales Funnel, Customer Touch-points, Lead Management, Customer Persona, Rewards Alignment, Technology Solutions, Collaboration Tools, Meetings, and a lot more.You will have the opportunity come long on a journey, where we first understand the meaning of and the benefits of collaboration. We will then take 2 quick tests to understand our current level of collaboration. We will go through all techniques of collaboration, along with activities to start practicing these techniques. We will continue to deep dive into few important concepts to improve collaboration, and finally we will go through a checklist to see how far we have come.In this course you will have the opportunity to -Access a PDF to follow along with the courseActivities to undertake with your teamAssignments to reinforce your learningYou also get -Access to a Q&A SectionCertification on completionFeedback on AssignmentThis course will help you with a problem, that may be going unnoticed but is very harmful for the company.You need to align the two teams working in silos, as they have the common goal, to grow the business.Take the test in the first few lessons, and see for yourself if you need to improve collaboration between Sales & Marketing.Thank YouSalil Dhawan


Section 1: Introduction To Sales & Marketing

Lecture 1 Welcome To Your Sales & Marketing Collaboration Masterclass

Lecture 2 Sales & Marketing Collaboration Test 1

Lecture 3 Sales & Marketing Collaboration Test 2

Lecture 4 Why Should Sales & Marketing Collaborate?

Lecture 5 Introduce Yourself

Lecture 6 Let Us Celebrate Learning Together!

Lecture 7 The Difference Between Sales & Marketing

Lecture 8 The Sales Funnel

Lecture 9 The Responsiblities Of Sales & Marketing In The Sales Funnel

Lecture 10 Congratulations On Completing 25% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 2: How To Improve Collaboration

Lecture 11 Introduction To The Section

Lecture 12 6 Tips To Improve Collaboration + Extra Tip

Lecture 13 Collaborative Activities Across Strategic Fundamentals

Lecture 14 9 Tips for Improved Collaboration

Lecture 15 8 Components To Boost Collaboration

Lecture 16 Congratulations On Completing 50% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 3: Activities to Improve Collaboration

Lecture 17 Create Goals Together

Lecture 18 Create Customer Persona Together

Lecture 19 Create An Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Lecture 20 Understand The Coordination Level

Lecture 21 Congratulations On Completing 75% Of The Course! Let Us Keep Learning!

Section 4: In-depth Techniques To Improve Collaboration

Lecture 22 Introduction To Section

Lecture 23 Lead Qualification

Lecture 24 Unify Sales & Marketing Platforms

Lecture 25 Goals

Lecture 26 Meetings

Lecture 27 Collaboration Tools

Section 5: Conclusion

Lecture 28 Sales & Marketing Integration Checklist

Lecture 29 Conclusion

Marketing or Sales Executive who wants to improve Collaboration between Sales & Marketing team,Marketing or Sales Manager who wants to improve Collaboration between Sales & Marketing team

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Udemy | English | 2h 20m | 2.72 GB
Created by: Salil Dhawan

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