Sales Prospecting Fundamentals A Complete Guide to Success

Master effective prospecting by leveraging your sales superpower to increase your income!
Sales Prospecting Fundamentals A Complete Guide to Success
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Kristie Jones


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Sales Prospecting Fundamentals A Complete Guide to Success

What you’ll learn

Determine and reach your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)
Master how to be properly prepared before you start to prospect
Reduce the fear of prospecting
Calculate your personal sales math
Explore different prospecting techniques
Create email templates, voicemail scripts and video messages
Effective Social Selling and Referral techniques
Qualify your prospect for “Fit”
Handle objections by asking questions
Hold your prospects accountable

Sales Prospecting Fundamentals A Complete Guide to Success


The course is designed for people who are working in a sales role selling either a B2C or B2B product or service.


40% of sales reps cite prospecting as the most challenging part of the sales process. If you are new to sales, struggling to hit quota, or just want to earn more than you’re earning now, this course is where you should start.Prospecting is the lifeblood of sales. Without a pipeline full of prospects that can benefit from your product or service you will constantly be worried about hitting quota, being able to take that vacation you want to take, or worse yet—keeping your job. A sound and formal prospecting strategy will reduce your stress and make your life easier.In this course you’ll develop a deeper understanding about:Determining  and understanding your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and how best to reach themDeveloping a formal prospecting strategy customized to your target marketCreating impactful email templates, voicemail scripts, and video messagesDetermining if your prospect is a good fit for your product or serviceMastering how to handle objections and gain more information all at the same timeExecuting a strategy for holding your prospects accountableLeverage your sales Superpower to play to your strengthsAnd so many more strategies to ensure you are successful in your sales career!Strong prospecting skills are what sets apart those who maximize their income from those who don’t. Mastering prospecting will teach you foundational sales skills that will help you in other areas of sales such as building value, negotiating, and closing.In order to master all the skills you’ll be taught there are several activities throughout the course that will help you take what you’ve learned and turn it into action. You’ll be asked to complete worksheets, write email templates, create sales videos, update your LinkedIn profile, and calculate your personal sales math.I’m passionate about sales and my goal is to help you make the kind of money you want to make and be as successful as possible. To do this, I have a very no-nonsense teaching style— meaning I tell it like it is. I need to make sure you’ll be prepared to cold outbound prospects, grow your pipeline, handle objections (no matter when they arise in the sales cycle), and hold your prospects accountable for walking their talk.Sign up today to join me on this journey so you can earn more, reduce stress, and become someone that other sales reps look up to!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Instructor Introduction

Lecture 2 The Importance of Prospecting: The “Why”

Lecture 3 The Big Picture

Section 2: Understanding Your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

Lecture 4 Lesson 1 Introduction: Ideal Customer Profile

Lecture 5 What is ICP?

Lecture 6 Why Understanding Your ICP Is Important

Lecture 7 Building Your ICP

Lecture 8 Activity: Determine Your ICP

Lecture 9 Activity: Create a Persona

Section 3: Meet Your ICP Where They Live

Lecture 10 Where Will You Find Your ICP?

Lecture 11 Activity: Pros/Cons List of Your Best Options

Lecture 12 Lesson 1 Summary: Ideal Customer Profile

Section 4: The Law of Large Numbers

Lecture 13 Lesson 2 Introduction: Preparing to Prospect

Lecture 14 How Much Activity Is Enough?

Lecture 15 Activity: Understanding Your Sales Math

Section 5: Prospecting Methods

Lecture 16 Introduction to Prospecting Methods

Lecture 17 Emails That Get Attention

Lecture 18 Activity: Write 3 Email Templates

Lecture 19 Create Short and Compelling Voicemails

Lecture 20 Activity: Write 2 Voicemail Scripts

Lecture 21 LinkedIn Strategies

Lecture 22 Activity: Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Lecture 23 Video Is All The Rage

Lecture 24 Activity: Create 2 Videos

Lecture 25 Referrals: Work Smarter

Lecture 26 Activity: Write a Referral Email

Lecture 27 Key Takeaways: Prospecting Methods

Section 6: Tools of Your Trade

Lecture 28 Tools to Make Prospecting Easier

Lecture 29 Lesson 2 Summary: Preparing to Prospect

Section 7: Power Prospecting

Lecture 30 Lesson 3 Introduction: Go Out Into the World And Prospect!

Lecture 31 Inbound vs. Outbound Leads

Lecture 32 Working Harder vs. Working Smarter

Lecture 33 Components of a Successful Outbound Cadence

Lecture 34 Activity: Create an Outbound Cadence

Lecture 35 Consistency is Key

Lecture 36 Activity: Block Your Calendar

Lecture 37 Key Takeaways: Power Prospecting

Section 8: The Live Call Formula

Lecture 38 Introduction: The Live Call Formula

Lecture 39 Understanding the Goal

Lecture 40 Oh no, they answered! Now what?

Lecture 41 Activity: Write a Live Call Script

Section 9: Discovery Calls Are The Lifeblood of Prospecting

Lecture 42 Why is Discovery Important?

Lecture 43 It’s About Them and Not About You

Lecture 44 Doing Discovery

Lecture 45 Move ‘Em Forward or Move ‘Em Out

Lecture 46 Activity: Discovery Call Outline

Section 10: Objection Handling

Lecture 47 Objection, Your Honor

Lecture 48 Objection Handling: Ask Questions

Lecture 49 Activity: Prepare for Objections

Section 11: Accountability: Yours and Theirs

Lecture 50 Walk Your Talk

Lecture 51 Assign Homework

Lecture 52 Activity: Create Homework

Lecture 53 Lesson 3 Summary: Go Out Into the World and Prospect

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 54 Thank You and Parting Thoughts

Anyone in sales who is ready to learn or improve their prospecting skills and techniques in order to increase their income,Anyone who is new to sales,Anyone in sales who wants to increase their income potential,Anyone in sales who has hit a plateau and is looking for some new ideas and tips,Anyone who is thinking about a career in sales

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Created by: Kristie Jones

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