Salesforce Apex The Complete Introduction for Beginners

Learn Salesforce development with Apex and start your career as a Salesforce Developer.
Salesforce Apex The Complete Introduction for Beginners
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Salesforce Apex The Complete Introduction for Beginners

What you’ll learn

The Apex programming language from the ground up
Apex Syntax
Variables and Data Types
Operators and Expressions
Control Flow
Working with Salesforce Data
Object Oriented Apex
Unit Tests

Salesforce Apex The Complete Introduction for Beginners


This course assumes no prior Salesforce or programming experience. We will start from the very beginning, including setting up your free Salesforce developer org.
A willingness to experiment and learn!


Salesforce Development is a skill that is in high demand in today’s IT job marketAccording to ZipRecruiter the average Salesforce Developer in the U.S. earn $115k per yearAccording to IDC the Salesforce ecosystem will create 4.2 million new jobs by 2024The Salesforce platform is expected to continue to grow by around 65% per yearIf you’re considering a career in Salesforce Development, now is a great time. Even during the Covid-19 pandemic there has continued to be strong demand for Salesforce developers. This course will take you step-by-step through the Apex programming language starting with basic syntax all the way through Object Oriented Apex, Triggers and Automated Testing. At the end of this course you will have a solid foundation in Apex programming and will be ready to tackle more advanced topics.FAQ:Q: Do I need to have programming experience to take this course?A: No, this course assumes no prior programming experience.Q: Do I need to have Salesforce experience to take this course?A: No, you can succeed in this course even if you have no prior Salesforce experience.Q: Are you available to answer questions?A: I monitor the Q & A inside the course and will answer your questions there.


Section 1: Course Introduction and Setup

Lecture 1 Setup your developer org

Lecture 2 Important Message

Lecture 3 Hello, Developer Console

Lecture 4 Summary

Section 2: Variables and Data Types

Lecture 5 Variables and Data Types Introduction

Lecture 6 Variables

Lecture 7 Primitive Data Types

Lecture 8 sObjects

Lecture 9 Variables and Data Types Assignment

Lecture 10 Assignment Solution

Lecture 11 Variables and Data Types Summary

Section 3: Operators and Expressions

Lecture 12 Operators and Expressions Introduction

Lecture 13 Expressions

Lecture 14 Mathematical Operators

Lecture 15 Assignment Operators

Lecture 16 Equality Operators for Primitive Data Types

Lecture 17 Equality Operators for sObjects

Lecture 18 Logical Operators

Lecture 19 Operator Precedence

Lecture 20 Operators and Expressions Summary

Section 4: Control Flow

Lecture 21 Control Flow Introduction

Lecture 22 If-else Statements

Lecture 23 Switch Statements

Lecture 24 Loops

Lecture 25 Control Flow Assignment

Lecture 26 Control Flow Assignment Solution

Lecture 27 Control Flow Summary

Section 5: Object Oriented Apex

Lecture 28 Object Oriented Apex Introduction

Lecture 29 Classes and Objects

Lecture 30 Methods

Lecture 31 Constructors

Lecture 32 Access Modifiers

Lecture 33 Static vs Instance

Lecture 34 Safe Navigation Operator

Lecture 35 Object Oriented Apex Assignment

Lecture 36 Assignment Solution

Lecture 37 Built in Classes

Lecture 38 Object Oriented Apex Summary

Section 6: Collections

Lecture 39 Collections Introduction

Lecture 40 Lists

Lecture 41 Sets

Lecture 42 Maps

Lecture 43 Collections Summary

Section 7: Working With Salesforce Data

Lecture 44 Working With Salesforce Data Introduction

Lecture 45 What is SOQL?

Lecture 46 SOQL Tools

Lecture 47 SOQL Hands On

Lecture 48 Using SOQL in Apex

Lecture 49 DML

Lecture 50 SOQL and DML Assignment

Lecture 51 Assignment Solution

Lecture 52 Working With Salesforce Data Summary

Section 8: Triggers

Lecture 53 Triggers Introduction

Lecture 54 What is a Trigger?

Lecture 55 Hands On: Before Trigger

Lecture 56 Before vs After Trigger

Lecture 57 Hands On: After Trigger

Lecture 58 Triggers Summary

Section 9: Unit Tests

Lecture 59 Unit Tests Introduction

Lecture 60 Why We Write Unit Tests?

Lecture 61 Hands On: Unit Tests

Lecture 62 Unit Tests Summary

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 63 Congratulations and Thank You!

Anyone interested in a career in software development or cloud computing,People with no prior programming experience,People with some programming experience on another platform but no Salesforce experience

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Created by: Todd Boyd

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