Salesforce Certification Service Cloud Rapid Exam Prep

40 challenging, realistic practice questions with video explanations for the Service Cloud Consultant Certification
Salesforce Certification Service Cloud Rapid Exam Prep
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Bobby Buntin


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Salesforce Certification Service Cloud Rapid Exam Prep

What you’ll learn

Successfully pass the Service Cloud Certification Exam
Identify areas where you need to spend more time studying
Better understand Service Cloud solution design

Salesforce Certification Service Cloud Rapid Exam Prep




This course will help you to pass the Service Cloud Consultant Salesforce Certification exam. Prepare to be challenged by 40 sample test questions with video explanations of the correct and incorrect answers. These questions are designed to be tougher than the real exam, so once you master these questions, you can take the real exam with confidence.Take this course if:You are preparing for the Salesforce Service Cloud Certification ExamYou want to save study time and only focus on areas where you need helpYou want to prep with an instructor who wrote and edited questions on the actual examPrerequisites:Salesforce Administrator Certification – Required to get the certification and to understand this courseUnderstanding of Salesforce terminology – If you don’t know what a workflow rule is, you are not ready for this course.Some experience configuring Service Cloud functionality and familiarity with featuresCourse Format:This course is organized to match the Salesforce-published exam study guide. We walk through sample questions grouped by each of the topic areas in the study guide:Industry KnowledgeCase ManagementSolution DesignInteraction ChannelsKnowledge ManagementImplementation StrategyContact Center AnalyticsIntegration and Data Management


Section 1: Getting Started with Rapid Exam Prep

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Exam Study Guide

Lecture 3 Activity for Service Cloud Beginners

Section 2: Topic 1: Industry Knowledge

Lecture 4 Pre-test: How much do you know about Industry Knowledge?

Lecture 5 Industry Knowledge Question 1.1 – Common Contact Center Systems

Lecture 6 Industry Knowledge Question 1.2 – Quality Monitoring

Lecture 7 Industry Knowledge Question 1.3 – Business Continuity

Lecture 8 Industry Knowledge Question 1.4 – Knowledge Centered Support (KCS)

Section 3: Supplemental Training: Industry Knowledge

Lecture 9 Introduction to Industry Knowledge Supplemental Training

Lecture 10 Key contact center metrics, KPIs, and business challenges

Lecture 11 Interaction Channels

Lecture 12 Business continuity in the contact center

Lecture 13 Different types of contact centers

Lecture 14 Core tenets of KCS

Lecture 15 Components of a contact center

Section 4: Topic 2: Case Management

Lecture 16 Pre-test: How much do you know about Case Management?

Lecture 17 Case Management Question 2.1 – Surveys

Lecture 18 Case Management Question 2.2 – Service Level (SLA) Management

Lecture 19 Case Management Question 2.3 – Case Entry Process

Lecture 20 Case Management Question 2.4 – Omnichannel

Lecture 21 Case Management Question 2.5 – Milestones & Entitlements

Lecture 22 Case Management Question 2.6 – Case Collaboration

Lecture 23 Case Management Question 2.7 – Case Automation

Lecture 24 Case Management Question 2.8 – Configuration

Lecture 25 Case Management Question 2.9 – Social Customer Service

Lecture 26 Case Management Question 2.10 – Field Service Dispatch

Section 5: Topic 3: Service Cloud Solution Design

Lecture 27 Pre-test: How much do you know about Service Cloud Solution Design?

Lecture 28 Service Cloud Solution Design Question 3.1 – Variable Required Data

Lecture 29 Service Cloud Solution Design Question 3.2 – Salesforce Console for Service

Lecture 30 Service Cloud Solution Design Question 3.3 – Repair and Returns

Lecture 31 Service Cloud Solution Design Question 3.4 – Improving Cost per Case

Lecture 32 Service Cloud Solution Design Question 3.5 – Console Configuration

Section 6: Topic 4: Interaction Channels

Lecture 33 Pre-test: How much do you know about Interaction Channels?

Lecture 34 Interaction Channels Question 4.1 – Email Management

Lecture 35 Interaction Channels Question 4.2 – Communities

Lecture 36 Interaction Channels Question 4.3 – Live Chat

Lecture 37 Interaction Channels Question 4.4 – Agent Assisted Inquiries

Lecture 38 Interaction Channels Question 4.5 – Live Agent and Chatter Answers

Lecture 39 Interaction Channels Question 4.6 – Open CTI

Section 7: Topic 5: Knowledge Management

Lecture 40 Pre-test: How much do you know about Knowledge Management?

Lecture 41 Knowledge Management Question 5.1 – Integration to Case Management Process

Lecture 42 Knowledge Management Question 5.2 – Features of Salesforce Knowledge

Lecture 43 Knowledge Management Question 5.3 – Knowledge Visibility

Lecture 44 Knowledge Management Question 5.4 – Knowledge Content Migration

Lecture 45 Knowledge Management Question 5.5 – KCS and Archiving Articles

Section 8: Topic 6: Implementation Strategy

Lecture 46 Pre-test: How much do you know about Implementation Strategy?

Lecture 47 Implementation Strategy Question 6.1 – User Adoption

Lecture 48 Implementation Strategy Question 6.2 – Project Planning Phase

Lecture 49 Implementation Strategy Question 6.3 – Deployment Approach

Lecture 50 Implementation Strategy Question 6.4 – Project Phase Identification

Section 9: Topic 7: Contact Center Analytics

Lecture 51 Pre-test: How much do you know about Contact Center Analytics?

Lecture 52 Contact Center Analytics Question 7.1 – Agent Assisted Interactions

Lecture 53 Contact Center Analytics Question 7.2 – Chat Team Performance

Lecture 54 Contact Center Analytics Question 7.3 – User Adoption Dashboard

Section 10: Topic 8: Integration and Data Management

Lecture 55 Pre-test: How much do you know about Integration and Data Management?

Lecture 56 Integration and Data Management Question 8.1 – Reporting Integration

Lecture 57 Integration and Data Management Question 8.2 – Legacy Data Migration

Lecture 58 Integration and Data Management Question 8.3 – Legacy Migration Criteria

Lecture 59 Integration and Data Management Question 8.4 – Case Data Quality

Lecture 60 Integration and Data Management Question 8.5 – Batch Integration

Lecture 61 Integration and Data Management Question 8.6 – Transaction Volume

Section 11: Wrap-up

Lecture 62 You made it to the end!

Section 12: Bonus: Final Practice Exam

Lecture 63 Bonus: Final Practice Exam

This course is meant for people with some previous Salesforce experience who want to earn the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant certification,This course is not an introduction to If you are not a certified Salesforce Administrator, you will likely not understand this course.

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Created by: Bobby Buntin

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