Salesforce Certified Administrator Training Nov 2022

Updated Nov 2022 – Want to pass the Salesforce Admin Exam? with a focused course including mock test and best practice?
Salesforce Certified Administrator Training Nov 2022
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Francis Pindar | Salesforce Certified Architect & 7x Salesforce MVP


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Last updated 11/2022



Salesforce Certified Administrator Training Nov 2022

What you’ll learn

Pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam
Become Intimately Familiar With The Salesforce Platform
Learn from a 19x Salesforce Certified & 7x Salesforce MVP!
Become an Awesome Admin
Understand how to create apps in the cloud
Become Salesforce Certified

Salesforce Certified Administrator Training Nov 2022


An internet connection; I will show you how to sign up for you FREE Salesforce account for the course.
Either windows or Macintosh is required for some of the Data Management tasks although just a web browser will get you through the majority of the course.


*** Last Updated 8th Nov 2022 ***REVISED FOR LATEST ADMIN CERTIFICATION & SALESFORCE RELEASEAre you looking for good quality FOCUSED Salesforce training from a Salesforce veteran and 7x Salesforce MVP?Salesforce Certifications are fast becoming the must-have certificates for any IT professional working with Salesforce. This course is designed to help you pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam. Even if you have never logged in to the Salesforce platform before, by the end of our Salesforce training you will be able to take the Salesforce exam with ease. No programming knowledge is needed and no prior Salesforce experience is required. With this Salesforce certification under your belt, you will be in high demand by many employers and you can command a superior salary.  In this course, we will start with how to get your FREE Salesforce account. Understand how to navigate and change the user interface of Salesforce as well as configure and make an Invoicing application on the platform. We will then move on and take a detailed look at the process automation, security & reporting functionality within Salesforce before diving into the two clouds: Sales & Marketing and Support Cloud and finally taking a look at Data Management.This course follows the Salesforce Administrator syllabus very closely so that you only learn what you need to learn for the exam with best practices along the way.Read the fantastic reviews of our course!        James describes this course as “I only way I could have passed the exam quickly and get 93% pass”        Sarah says the course was “A Lifesaver even just to refer back to when I get stuck in my day job!”        And Peter says “Francis’ is a Salesforce industry leader and it shows with his depth of knowledge in the platform”  Salesforce is constantly evolving its platform, three times a year Salesforce updates its product. As 2020 progresses we will continuously update this course with new content so you will never have to worry about missing out or failing the Salesforce certification test because of new content. This is the best online Salesforce training available, at a greatly affordable rate.Most lectures are around 10-15 minutes long, with no lecture being over 20 minutes in length. I’ve been working in the Salesforce eco-system for over 11 years and I am a 7x Salesforce MVP & in the Salesforce Hall of Fame (an award given to only around 50 people globally on their expertise and knowledge of Salesforce). I am also 17x Salesforce Certified in a number of certifications as well as other technical certifications including AWS & TOGAF9.This course is cheaper than most other courses because I am not doing this as a full-time job, rather because I love teaching cloud. So join me in becoming Awesome Admin today and get your Salesforce Administrator Certification qualification by completing our Salesforce online course today!


Section 1: Salesforce Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome, Course & Exam Breakdown

Lecture 2 What is CRM?

Lecture 3 Salesforce the Company

Lecture 4 Get seen by focusing on your Salesforce LinkedIn Profile

Section 2: Configuration & Setup

Lecture 5 Configuration & Setup Introduction

Lecture 6 Creating a FREE Salesforce Org

Lecture 7 Logging into Salesforce

Lecture 8 Navigating the Salesforce User Interface

Lecture 9 Lightning vs Classic Salesforce Interface

Lecture 10 Lightning vs Classic Feature Compatibility

Lecture 11 Salesforce Branding and UI Customization

Lecture 12 Density Settings

Lecture 13 User Navigation Bar Customization

Lecture 14 Salesforce Themes and Branding

Lecture 15 Lightning Chrome Extension

Lecture 16 Classic User Interface Overview

Lecture 17 Customising the Classic User Interface

Lecture 18 Classic Homepage Customization

Lecture 19 UI Customization for Admins

Lecture 20 Company Profile

Lecture 21 User Management

Lecture 22 Delegated Administration

Lecture 23 Sandboxes

Lecture 24 Deploying Changes Between Sandboxes

Lecture 25 Sandbox Best Practice

Section 3: Object Manager and Lightning App Builder – My First App

Lecture 26 Learning Objectives

Lecture 27 Understanding the Standard Object Model

Lecture 28 I make changes and nothing happens!? – Disabling Salesforce Caching

Lecture 29 Object Manager

Lecture 30 Creating an App & Personalizing Salesforce

Lecture 31 Creating Objects & Tabs

Lecture 32 Creating Fields

Lecture 33 Field Dependencies

Lecture 34 Object Relationships

Lecture 35 Creating Object Relationships

Lecture 36 Traversing Relationships with Formulas and Summary Fields

Lecture 37 Page Layout Customization

Lecture 38 Field Histories

Lecture 39 Record Types Part 1

Lecture 40 Record Types Part 2

Lecture 41 Common Issues with Record Types

Lecture 42 Standard Fields & Deleting Fields

Lecture 43 Customising Search and Tab Layouts

Lecture 44 App Manager: Classic Apps in Lightning

Lecture 45 List Views

Section 4: Workflow/Process Automation

Lecture 46 Process Automation Overview & Learning Objectives

Lecture 47 Workflow Rules & Actions

Lecture 48 Validation Rules

Lecture 49 Best Practice: The Importance of Validation Timing

Lecture 50 Approval Processes

Lecture 51 Process Builder Overview

Lecture 52 Creating a Process Builder Process

Lecture 53 Process Builder Actions

Lecture 54 Process Builder in Practice

Lecture 55 Flow

Lecture 56 Flow Types

Lecture 57 Building Blocks of Flow

Lecture 58 Order of Execution

Section 5: Salesforce Security

Lecture 59 Learning Objectives

Lecture 60 Salesforce Security Overview

Lecture 61 Organizational Security Settings

Lecture 62 Organizational Wide Defaults

Lecture 63 Record Ownership

Lecture 64 Role Hierarchies

Lecture 65 Sharing rules

Lecture 66 Manual Sharing

Lecture 67 Object Permissions and Record Access

Lecture 68 User Profiles & Permissions

Lecture 69 Permission Set Groups

Lecture 70 Restriction Rules

Lecture 71 Setup Audit Trail

Section 6: Analytics Management

Lecture 72 Learning Objectives

Lecture 73 Types of Reports & Supported Features

Lecture 74 Navigating & Creating Reports

Lecture 75 Tabular Reports

Lecture 76 Classic Report Automation

Lecture 77 Summary Reports

Lecture 78 Matrix Reports

Lecture 79 Conditional Highlighting

Lecture 80 Report Charts

Lecture 81 Subscribing to Reports

Lecture 82 Bucket Fields

Lecture 83 Report Summary Formulas

Lecture 84 Report Types

Lecture 85 Report Type Layouts

Lecture 86 Report Types Lab

Lecture 87 Classic Reports & Page Layouts

Lecture 88 Dashboards

Lecture 89 Classic Report & Dashboard Security

Lecture 90 Classic Chatter & Dashboards

Section 7: Data Management

Lecture 91 Learning Objectives

Lecture 92 Duplicate Management

Lecture 93 Methods for Importing & Exporting Data

Lecture 94 Salesforce IDs and External IDs

Lecture 95 Data Loader

Lecture 96 Import Wizard

Lecture 97 by Mulesoft

Lecture 98 Considerations when importing data

Lecture 99 Data Management Best Practice

Lecture 100 Backing up Salesforce Data

Lecture 101 Mass Action Functions

Lecture 102 Salesforce Content

Lecture 103 Document Folder & File Uploading Review

Section 8: Sales & Marketing Applications

Lecture 104 Learning Objectives

Lecture 105 Sales Overview

Lecture 106 Web to Lead

Lecture 107 Lead Scoring

Lecture 108 Auto Response Rules

Lecture 109 Lead Conversion

Lecture 110 Assignment Rules

Lecture 111 Opportunity Overview

Lecture 112 Products & Pricebooks

Lecture 113 Sales Productivity Features

Lecture 114 Campaign Management

Lecture 115 Salesforce Path

Lecture 116 Einstein Opportunity and Lead Scoring

Lecture 117 Sales Forecast Impact

Lecture 118 Global Actions

Section 9: Service & Support Applications

Lecture 119 Learning Objectives

Lecture 120 The Case Object

Lecture 121 Case Settings

Lecture 122 Support Processes

Lecture 123 Case Escalation Rules

Lecture 124 Email to Case

Lecture 125 Web to Case

Lecture 126 Solutions

Lecture 127 Knowledge

Lecture 128 Ideas

Lecture 129 Customer, Partner & Employee Communities

Section 10: Productivity and Collaboration

Lecture 130 Learning Objectives

Lecture 131 Activity Management

Lecture 132 Chatter

Lecture 133 Salesforce App

Lecture 134 AppExchange

Section 11: Mock Exam, Taking the exam & Exam Top tips.

Lecture 135 Finding out information about the Exam, Online vs Onsite Exams

Lecture 136 Booking a Salesforce Exam and what to expect!

Section 12: Bonus Lecture

Lecture 137 Bonus Lecture

Salesforce Absolute Beginners. No prior Salesforce experience necessary,Existing Salesforce Administrators,Administrators interested in creating Applications on Salesforce and wanting in depth knowledge on building business processes, reports & security around their application.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 22h 3m | 22.27 GB
Created by: Francis Pindar | Salesforce Certified Architect & 7x Salesforce MVP

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