Salesforce CRM A Complete Introduction

Salesforce CRM – A Complete Introduction for new users
Salesforce CRM A Complete Introduction
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Salesforce CRM A Complete Introduction

What you’ll learn

A comprehensive and complete overview of Salesforce for new users
Understand what Salesforce is and the benefits it can provide to your organisation
Be familiar with key features and functionality provided by Salesforce
Understand Salesforce objects and how information is organised in Salesforce
Learn how to use Salesforce reports, list views and dashboards

Salesforce CRM A Complete Introduction


There are no prerequisites. Everyone is welcome


The Definitive Salesforce course for new usersSalesforce is the World’s No 1 CRM. It is a cloud based solution that helps companies with sales, improving customer service, information management, automation, manage financials and much more.This course has over 5 hours of content and will provide you with a complete introduction of how to use Salesforce and what it can do for you and your organisation. It is ideal for new users, decision makers and beginner Salesforce administrators.It is delivered by Richard and Yau, two experienced Salesforce consultants with years of experiences in supporting organisations with implementing technology.Your InstructorsRichard Pomeroy x7 Salesforce Consultant, Mentor and Trainer near Portsmouth11 years of Salesforce experience working in consultancy and end-user environments. Helping businesses achieve their goalsSalesforce Platform Champion (2020-2021)Salesforce Blogger at SFDCPenguinHaoming Yaux9 certified Salesforce Consultant15 years experience in supporting organisations and individuals with implementing processes, technology and systems to help them achieve their goals.Active Salesforce solutions consultant & trainer based in LondonExperienced Udemy Instructor with over 200 positive reviews.We are both passionate about making a positive difference in people’s lives. Great care and focus is taken to ensure our online courses are practical and useful to people.Course content includes:Signing up to a free developer Salesforce OrgNavigating SalesforceData and objects – Including Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, CampaignsSalesforce features – Including Automation, Validation Rules, AppExchangeSalesforce reportingList ViewsDashboardsGetting HelpLearning OutcomesA comprehensive and complete overview of Salesforce for new usersUnderstand what Salesforce is and the benefits it can provide to your organisationLearn how to navigate around SalesforceBe familiar with key features and functionality provided by SalesforceUnderstand Salesforce objects and how information is organised in SalesforceLearn how to use Salesforce reports, list views and dashboards


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 Introduction to Salesforce

Lecture 3 Salesforce Editions and Clouds

Lecture 4 Salesforce – Lightning and Classic

Lecture 5 Signing up for a Developer Org

Lecture 6 The Salesforce AppExchange

Section 2: Navigating Salesforce

Lecture 7 Your Salesforce Homepage

Lecture 8 Salesforce Tabs and Apps

Lecture 9 Salesforce Search

Lecture 10 Salesforce Record Pages

Section 3: Salesforce Data and Objects

Lecture 11 How data is organised in Salesforce

Lecture 12 Standard and Custom Objects

Lecture 13 Types of Fields

Lecture 14 Record Types

Lecture 15 Accounts and Contacts

Lecture 16 Leads

Lecture 17 Opportunities

Lecture 18 Activities – Tasks and Events

Lecture 19 Cases

Lecture 20 Users

Lecture 21 Campaigns & Campaign Members

Lecture 22 Files

Lecture 23 Customisation: Apps, Custom Objects and Fields

Section 4: Salesforce Features

Lecture 24 Automation in Salesforce

Lecture 25 Duplicate Management and Merging

Lecture 26 Validation Rules

Lecture 27 Chatter – Collaboration in Salesforce

Lecture 28 Introduction to Salesforce Security

Lecture 29 Integrating Outlook with Salesforce

Section 5: Salesforce Reporting

Lecture 30 Introduction to Reporting

Lecture 31 What is a Salesforce Report?

Lecture 32 Reporting Navigation

Lecture 33 Exporting a Salesforce Report to Excel

Lecture 34 Creating a New Report

Lecture 35 Report Builder Basics – Customising Columns

Lecture 36 Report Builder – Filters

Lecture 37 Report Builder – Grouping your Salesforce data

Lecture 38 Report Charts

Lecture 39 Report Permissions and Folders

Lecture 40 Subscribing to a Report (automatic emails)

Section 6: Salesforce List Views

Lecture 41 Introduction to List Views

Lecture 42 Creating and Modifying List Views

Lecture 43 Mass Editing with List Views

Section 7: Salesforce Dashboards

Lecture 44 Introduction to Dashboards

Lecture 45 Creating and Editing Dashboards

Lecture 46 Dashboard Filters

Section 8: Getting Help

Lecture 47 Where to go to get help?

Lecture 48 Trailhead

Lecture 49 Trailblazer Community

End-users or beginners wanting to learn the basics of Salesforce.,This is not a Administrator or Developer course, but provides a great foundation to build on if you wish to learn more

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 12m | 2.70 GB
Created by: Haoming Yau

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