Salesforce Data Architect Course

Get your Salesforce Data Architect certification with this course, aligned with the Spring 23 exam guide objectives
Salesforce Data Architect Course
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Walid El Horr


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Salesforce Data Architect Course

What you’ll learn

Data modeling/Database Design
Custom fields, master detail, lookup relationships
Making best use of Salesforce standard and big objects
Salesforce metadata
Master Data Management
Salesforce license types
Data consistency techniques in Salesforce
Salesforce Consent Management Objects
Data Governance Techniques
Large Data Volume considerations
Indexing, LDV migrations, performance
Data Virtualization in Salesforce
Salesforce Platform declarative and programming concepts
Data Quality Skills (concerned with clean data)

Salesforce Data Architect Course


2 to 3 years of Salesforce experience
No programming experience needed


The Salesforce Certified Data Architect credential is intended for the architect who assesses the architecture environment and requirements; and designs sound, scalable, and performant solutions on the Salesforce platform.This certification is part of the Application Architect certification, and it emphasizes on the data side of Salesforce. I highly encourage you to take this course even if you are not seeking to get your Application Architecture certification as it contains key objectives related to data in Salesforce.The Salesforce Certified Data Architect Course was designed to be fully aligned with the official Salesforce Data Architect certification exam guide objectives. I always like to organize my Salesforce study for any certification to be based on the objectives. I always get the latest exam guide, understand each objective, and go through every requirement of every objective, this way I am sure to cover everything needed to pass the exam.The sections of this course are aligned with the objectives, and they are:Data modeling/Database DesignMaster Data ManagementSalesforce Data ManagementData GovernanceLarge Data Volume considerationsData MigrationAll supporting references are also included. These include Trailhead modules and trails, external links for articles and videos.I will make sure to update the videos after every release, if Salesforce changes the exam objectives.Finally, I have been there, I spent hours and hours preparing for this exam, I dissected each and every topic of the Study Guide, and took tons of notes, just like I did when preparing for my other certifications. I guarantee that after completing this course, after exploring all the provided resources, and after practicing on the Salesforce environment, you will pass this exam, and you will become a Salesforce Certified Data Architect! Good Luck!Walid


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Data modeling/Database Design

Lecture 2 Data modeling/Database Design – Certification Objectives

Lecture 3 Data modeling in Salesforce

Lecture 4 Custom Fields

Lecture 5 Relationship Types

Lecture 6 Core CRM Objects

Lecture 7 Schema Builder

Lecture 8 Data and File Storage Allocations

Lecture 9 Data and File Storage Allocations Demo

Lecture 10 Person Account

Lecture 11 Person Account Demo

Lecture 12 Salesforce Metadata

Lecture 13 Install and configure VS Code for Salesforce Demo

Lecture 14 Salesforce Metadata Demo

Lecture 15 Techniques to capture and manage Business and Technical Metadata

Lecture 16 Big Objects

Lecture 17 Define and query Big Objects

Lecture 18 Big Objects Demo

Lecture 19 Data Skew and techniques to avoid it

Lecture 20 Summary and Review Notes

Section 3: Master Data Management

Lecture 21 Master Data Management – Certification Objectives

Lecture 22 What is Master Data Management

Lecture 23 MDM Implementation Styles

Lecture 24 MDM System of Records and Single Source of Truth

Lecture 25 Building a Single Source of Truth

Lecture 26 Summary and Review Notes

Section 4: Salesforce Data Management

Lecture 27 Salesforce Data Management – Certification Objectives

Lecture 28 Salesforce Editions and Licensing

Lecture 29 Standard User Licenses

Lecture 30 Experience Cloud User Licenses

Lecture 31 Data consistency techniques in Salesforce

Lecture 32 Unified view of the customer in Salesforce

Lecture 33 Data consolidation from multiple Salesforce instances

Lecture 34 Salesforce Connect Cross-Org Adapter Demo

Lecture 35 Summary and Review Notes

Section 5: Data Governance

Lecture 36 Data Governance – Certification Objectives

Lecture 37 General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Lecture 38 Salesforce Consent Management Objects

Lecture 39 Data classification

Lecture 40 Data Classification Demo

Lecture 41 Data Protection Techniques

Lecture 42 Data Deletion Techniques

Lecture 43 Enterprise Data Governance Program

Lecture 44 Data Governance Plan – Assess your Data

Lecture 45 Data Governance Plan – Develop your Data Governance Plan

Lecture 46 Data Governance Plan – Implement your Data Governance Plan

Lecture 47 Summary and Review Notes

Section 6: Large Data Volume considerations

Lecture 48 Large Data Volume considerations – Certification Objectives

Lecture 49 Salesforce Physical Database

Lecture 50 Skinny Tables

Lecture 51 Divisions

Lecture 52 Divisions Demo

Lecture 53 Indexes

Lecture 54 Indexes Demo

Lecture 55 Selective Queries

Lecture 56 Query Plan Tool

Lecture 57 Query Plan Tool Demo

Lecture 58 Data Archiving and Purging

Lecture 59 Data Virtualization using Salesforce Connect

Lecture 60 External Objects, Indirect and External Lookup

Lecture 61 Salesforce Connect and External Objects Demo

Lecture 62 Indirect and External Lookup Demo

Lecture 63 Data Virtualization using Request and Reply Integration

Lecture 64 Summary and Review Notes

Section 7: Data Migration

Lecture 65 Data Migration – Certification Objectives

Lecture 66 High Quality Data at Load Time

Lecture 67 Improving performance at Load Time

Section 8: Bonus Content

Lecture 68 My other courses and how to connect with me

Advanced Administrator,Data Architect,Technical/Solution Architect,Advanced Platform Developer

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 46m | 2.24 GB
Created by: Walid El Horr

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