Salesforce Flows Get Started with Lightning Flow Builder

Learn the new Salesforce Lightning Flow Builder and learn to automate your business process using Salesforce flows.
Salesforce Flows Get Started with Lightning Flow Builder
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Salesforce Flows Get Started with Lightning Flow Builder

What you’ll learn

Salesforce Lightning Flow builder
Salesforce flow builder resources
Salesforce Flow builder elements
Salesforce Visual workflow
Invoking flows from Salesforce Objects
Working with salesforce screen flows
Invoking salesforce flows from process builder
Invoking Salesforce flows from custom button
Creating salesforce autolaunched flows
Scheduling salesforce Flows
Using loops, decisions, assignments, get, create, and update elements in salesforce flow builder

Salesforce Flows Get Started with Lightning Flow Builder


Salesforce Developer org


Want to use Salesforce Lightning flow Builder to automate your business requirements?Flow Builder replaces Cloud Flow Designer as the default tool for building flows in all Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience orgs. Salesforce Lightning flow Builder course is for admins/developers who are interested to learn the new Lightning flow builder and automation tools. The course will take you through various automation possible with flows and will teach you how to solve basic to complex business use cases through a simple point and click method. The course also covers some common business scenarios in lightning so that students can have a hands-on experience of some real business use cases.After completing this course, you’ll be able to:Update fields using flows.Auto-create recordsGet data from users using screensEmail alert using lightning flow builderAuto Post to chatterInvoking flow with process builderCreating complex calculations with flows.Flow ProjectsThe course is made very concisely keeping in mind that all the relevant information regarding salesforce lightning flow builder is covered. The Salesforce Lightning flow Builder course will help in creating various automation processes on the platform. This course is not a power-point presentation but it’s a complete hands-on course so you can learn by doing.At the end of the course, you will be able to solve simple to complex business use cases using the Lightning flow Builder. The course will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience on the lightning platform and the flow builder which is needed to take up the Salesforce platform app builder. I am updating and will keep adding new content to this course regularly.Happy Learning!!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Getting Started

Lecture 2 What are Flows?

Section 2: Creating First Lightning Flow

Lecture 3 Getting Familiar with Flow User Interface

Lecture 4 Building Hello World Flow

Lecture 5 Adding Record Details to Flow

Lecture 6 Flow Use Case

Lecture 7 Screen Element

Lecture 8 Assignment Element

Lecture 9 Create Opportunity Record

Lecture 10 Debugging Flow

Lecture 11 Adding Flow on Homepage

Lecture 12 Multi Column Screen

Section 3: Send Email using Flow

Lecture 13 Core Action – Email Alert

Lecture 14 Sending Email Alert in a flow

Section 4: Get a record & Use it In a Flow

Lecture 15 Mass Email to Key Contacts Use Case

Lecture 16 Get Record

Lecture 17 Loop Through Multiple Records

Lecture 18 Formula Variables

Lecture 19 Record Collection

Lecture 20 Update Records

Lecture 21 Passing record id in flow

Section 5: Add Screens to Your Flow

Lecture 22 Display Custom Message

Section 6: Record Triggered Flow

Lecture 23 Capture Account owner change date

Lecture 24 Flow to Update Record

Lecture 25 Creating Simple Record Triggered Flow

Lecture 26 Record Triggered Flow

Lecture 27 Count number of Contacts

Lecture 28 Trigger the Flow on Deletion

Lecture 29 Formula as Entry Conditions

Lecture 30 Assertion Tests in Flows

Section 7: Quick contact Create/update

Lecture 31 Quick contact Create/Update Flow Use case

Lecture 32 Adding Screen element to Get user Input

Lecture 33 Find existing contact

Lecture 34 Decisions element

Lecture 35 Create or update contact

Lecture 36 Testing Quick contact Flow

Lecture 37 Project Overview

Section 8: Time Dependent Flows

Lecture 38 Creating Time dependent Email Alert

Section 9: Discount Calculator

Lecture 39 Creating Discount Calculator

Section 10: Creating Survey

Lecture 40 Survey Use Case

Lecture 41 Creating Object from Excel Spreadsheet

Lecture 42 Screen for Survey

Lecture 43 Survey Create Record

Lecture 44 Adding Image to Flow

Lecture 45 Invoking Survey Flow

Lecture 46 Flow Screen Input Component : Lookup

Lecture 47 Use fields from Object directly in Screens

Section 11: Scheduling Flows

Lecture 48 Scheduling Flow

Section 12: Data table

Lecture 49 Data table component

Lecture 50 Update records with Data table

Section 13: Collection Sort

Lecture 51 Using Collection Sort Element

Section 14: Bonus

Lecture 52 QnA

Lecture 53 Bonus Lecture

Learn Salesforce Flow to automate their business requirements by clicks.,Students who want to learn new salesforce flow builder,Anyone who wants to transition from cloud designer to flow builder

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Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 2.26 GB
Created by: Yashad Tayal

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