Salesforce Flows Learn Salesforce Lightning Flows Fast

Ready to learn the power of Salesforce Flows? To be more confident in building Salesforce Flows? Updated June 2022
Salesforce Flows Learn Salesforce Lightning Flows Fast
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David Massey - Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK&I


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Salesforce Flows Learn Salesforce Lightning Flows Fast

What you’ll learn

Everything you need to know about Salesforce Flows
How to build robust and reliable Salesforce Flows
How to become a more in demand Salesforce Professional
How to build all 5 types of Salesforce Flow

Salesforce Flows Learn Salesforce Lightning Flows Fast


A basic understanding of Salesforce


***Updated in June 2022 for Summer 22 Release ***Do you want to learn how to build reliable, robust and scalable Salesforce Flows? Then this course is for you, it has been designed, written and created to teach you how to build Salesforce Flows, all in a clear, concise and straight to the point teaching style.With the retirement of Workflow Rules and Process Builders in 2023 its never been more critical to your Salesforce Career as now to get good with Salesforce Flows. In this course we are going to cover every type of Flow and the various features and concepts that are relevant to each one.It was once thought that only Developers could build powerful automation, well, that is no longer the case.  Any Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Consultant, or indeed any Salesforce Enthusiast can build incredible powerful automations using Salesforce Flows.  I come from a non-developer background and as such I can help you understand the more technical aspects of Salesforce Flows without the jargon.At the time of writing (2022) I have the Highest Rated Salesforce Administrator Course available on Udemy, and I have had many mentions on LinkedIn and in Facebook groups for my easy to learn teaching style.  Let me be your Salesforce Flow Tutor and Mentor.So come and join me as we demystify Salesforce Flows and learn how to build effective, efficient and empowering Salesforce Flows!(Check out the Course Contents so you can see what we are going to cover!)


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Meet Your Instructor

Lecture 3 Developer Edition Sign Up

Lecture 4 IMPORTANT: The Structure of the Course

Lecture 5 Reviews

Section 2: The Automation Landscape

Lecture 6 The Salesforce Automation Landscape

Section 3: Introductions to Flows

Lecture 7 A Overview of Salesforce Flows and their Capabilities

Lecture 8 Profile Requirements & Salesforce Flow List View

Lecture 9 Creating a Salesforce Flow

Lecture 10 Salesforce Flow Interviews

Lecture 11 Salesforce Flow Actions

Lecture 12 Salesforce Flow Logic – Assignment

Lecture 13 Salesforce Flow Logic – Decision

Lecture 14 Salesforce Flow Logic – Loops

Lecture 15 Salesforce Flow Logic – Collection Order & Collection Sort

Lecture 16 Salesforce Flow Logic – Recap

Lecture 17 Salesforce Flow Resources

Lecture 18 Salesforce Flow Variable Resources

Lecture 19 Salesforce Flow – Constant Resources

Lecture 20 Salesforce Flow – Other Resources

Section 4: Salesforce Screen Flows

Lecture 21 Salesforce Screen Flows Introduction

Lecture 22 Salesforce Screen Flows Screen Components

Lecture 23 Salesforce Screen Flows Lookup Component

Lecture 24 Salesforce Screen Flows – Real Life Example 1

Lecture 25 Salesforce Screen Flows – Real Life Example 2

Section 5: Salesforce Record Triggered Flows

Lecture 26 Introduction to Salesforce Record Triggered Flows

Lecture 27 Fast Field Update/Before Save Record Triggered Flow

Lecture 28 Related Records and Actions/After Save Record Triggered Flow

Section 6: Salesforce Scheduled Triggered Flows

Lecture 29 Salesforce Scheduled Triggered Flows

Section 7: Salesforce Platform Event Triggered Flows

Lecture 30 Platform Event Triggered Flows

Section 8: Salesforce Auto Launched Flows (Sub Flows)

Lecture 31 Auto Launched Flows

Section 9: Debugging Salesforce Flows

Lecture 32 Debugging Flows

Section 10: Advanced Flow Topics

Lecture 33 Flow Trigger Explorer

Lecture 34 Trigger Order

Lecture 35 Flow Interview Labels

Lecture 36 Flow Running Context

Lecture 37 Adding a Flow as a Detail Button

Lecture 38 Adding a Flow as a Lightning Component

Section 11: Summer 22 Updates

Lecture 39 Use Formulas as Flow Entry Conditions

Lecture 40 Flow Trigger Order via Flow Trigger Explorer

Lecture 41 Collapsible Section Headers in Screen Flows

Lecture 42 Screen Flow Dynamic Components

Lecture 43 Migrate to Flow Tool

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 44 Congratulations & Thank You!

Anyone who wants to learn more about Salesforce Flows,Anyone who wants to become a better Salesforce Professional,Anyone who wants to become more in demand due to their Salesforce Flow knowledge and skill,Anyone who is studying for the Platform App Builder Certification

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 16m | 887.83 MB
Created by: David Massey – Lead Solution Engineer at Salesforce UK&I

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