Salesforce Interview Question with Answers

Prepare yourself for next Salesforce Job Interview: Interview Questions related to Salesforce Adminstration, Apex & Vf
Salesforce Interview Question with Answers
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Salesforce Interview Question with Answers

What you’ll learn

Students Will be able to pass Salesforce interview after taking the course
Students will learn about all the important topics related to Apex and VIsualforce
Students will learn about scenario based interview questions and how to answer them.
Tips and tricks to pass their Salesforce interview.

Salesforce Interview Question with Answers


Computer with internet connection
Students with basic knowledge of Salesforce
Students who are looking to prepare for Salesforce Interview.


### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####If you are looking to prepare for your upcoming Salesforce Interview, you are at right place!! If you’re looking for Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers for Freshers and Experienced, you are at right place.The demand for Salesforce professionals increased across different industries which resulted in increase of job opportunities for  Salesforce Developers, Salesforce Administrators, and Salesforce Business Analysts.  Huge increase in demand for Salesforce Professionals!!Increased number of businesses are signing contracts every day for using Salesforce which is why there is a huge demand for Salesforce skills, knowledge and expertise . Even smaller companies are investing in Salesforce and larger companies are upgrading their Salesforce systems to fulfil their requirements for customized applications.This has in turn increased the number of people attending interviews for Salesforce. Why do you need this course?We don’t have enough of resources available for Salesforce interview questions. An open discussion with a Salesforce expert will definitely help you understand what questions do we expect in a Salesforce interview.  Interview questions are not straightforward. These days employers are asking lot of scenario-based questions which is difficult to answer if you don’t have real-time experience. That’s why this course will be very helpful!!I would highly recommend you to start with our Interview Preparation course which covers all the important interview questions related to Out-of-the-box features of Salesforce, Apex and Visualforce. This course has plenty of scenario based questions as well.  If you are fresher and want to get a feel of interview,then this course is for you. If you are a experienced salesforce developer and looking to brush up your skills, then this course is also for you. This course covers all the important topics which interviewer loves to ask!!Take our Salesforce Interview Questions Course and prepare yourself for your next interview. You never know, you might come across the same questions. Hopefully this helps you land a top-notch job in the domain of your passion. In case you recently attended a Salesforce interview,  we request you to post any question you have faced. We will be happy to answer them for you.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is an Object in Salesforce?

Section 2: Interview Questions related to Relationships in Salesforce

Lecture 2 Resume Preparation : How to get Job as Salesforce Adminstrator or Developer?

Lecture 3 Master Detail Relationship in Salesforce

Lecture 4 Can I create a Master detail relationship on a object if Object contains records

Lecture 5 How to get a job as Salesforce Adminstrator or Developer? Resume Building

Lecture 6 How to add custom logo for your custom application?

Lecture 7 Relationships in Salesforce? What is Lookup Relationship?

Lecture 8 Difference between Master Detail and Lookup Relationship ?

Lecture 9 What are rollup summary fields? Why are they important?

Lecture 10 Many to Many Relationship in Salesforce and junction object

Lecture 11 Points to Remember!!!

Section 3: Interview Questions related to Profiles, OWD, Permission Sets and Roles

Lecture 12 Secure organization data using OWD: When OWD is Private?

Lecture 13 OWD in Salesforce: Organization-wide access and their description

Lecture 14 Grant access using hierarchies checkbox

Lecture 15 Role hierarchy in salesforce: When OWD is private, how to open access?

Lecture 16 difference between role and profile in salesforce

Lecture 17 Different types of profiles in salesforce

Lecture 18 Difference between profile and permission set in salesforce

Lecture 19 Setup audit trail salesforce: salesforce field history tracking

Lecture 20 Points to Remember!!

Lecture 21 How to make a field required in salesforce?

Lecture 22 Difference between workflow and approval process in salesforce?

Lecture 23 Sandbox in salesforce : Different types of Sandbox

Lecture 24 Validation rules in salesforce : Create Validation rule in Salesforce

Lecture 25 Types of email templates in salesforce

Lecture 26 Reports in Salesforce: Different types of reports

Lecture 27 Assignment rules in salesforce: Lead Assignment rule and Case assignment rule

Lecture 28 External id in salesforce

Section 4: Visualforce Related Interview Questions

Lecture 29 Difference between standard and custom controller

Lecture 30 Pagination in Salesforce: How to implement pagination in vF?

Lecture 31 How to implement pagination in Visualforce with Example

Lecture 32 View state in visualforce

Lecture 33 How to call a visualforce page from another visualforce page

Lecture 34 How to embed a flow in visualforce page?

Lecture 35 How to call a method in vf page?

Section 5: Interview Questions related to Apex

Lecture 36 Different types of Collections: Set , List and Map

Lecture 37 Types of Collections with Example

Lecture 38 Can you put a list inside of a Map?

Lecture 39 SObject in salesforce: What is an Sobject?

Lecture 40 Difference between SOSL and SOQL ?

Lecture 41 How to write SOSL and SOQL queries in Salesforce?

Lecture 42 Apex transaction in salesforce: Salesforce transaction management

Lecture 43 Apex transaction with example: Transaction control in Salesforce

Lecture 44 Batch apex in salesforce: What are the methods in batch apex ?

Lecture 45 How to process more than 50000 records in Salesforce?

Lecture 46 Stateful and Stateless in Batch Apex

Lecture 47 Difference between Trigger.New and Trigger.old context variables

Lecture 48 Trigger.New with Example

Lecture 49 Trigger.Old with Example

Lecture 50 Salesforce Web Services: REST and SOAP webservices

Lecture 51 Rest web services in salesforce

Lecture 52 APEX REST methods

Lecture 53 Apex Rest Methods Part 2

Lecture 54 Apex Unit test: why do we need test classes in salesforce?

Lecture 55 How to write test classes in Apex Salesforce?

Lecture 56 Apex Test Class Example

Lecture 57 How to increase code coverage in salesforce?

Lecture 58 Code coverage from one sandbox to another

Lecture 59 Trigger events in salesforce

Lecture 60 Best practices in salesforce development

If you are preparing for your Salesforce Interview, this course is for you!!,If you are a experienced Salesforce developer and want to brush up your Salesforce skils, this course is for you!!,If you are a fresh graduate and looking to get a job in Salesforce, this course is for you!!,If you are looking for scenario based questions, this course is for you!!,If you are looking for interview questions related to Salesforce Admin, Apex and Visualforce, this course is for you!!

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Created by: Deepika Khanna

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