Salesforce Lightning Learn about Salesforce Lightning

Learn Salesforce Lightning: Step by Step Guide to Lightning UI. Learn to build a custom App in Salesforce Lightning UI
Salesforce Lightning Learn about Salesforce Lightning
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Salesforce Lightning Learn about Salesforce Lightning

What you’ll learn

Navigate the Salesforce Lightning interface
Learn about Salesforce Lightning UI features
Know where to go in the setup area to make customizations
Create dynamic reports and dashboards
View Lightning on a mobile device
Train other users on common day-to-day activities within Lightning

Salesforce Lightning Learn about Salesforce Lightning


Computer and Internet connection.
Zeal to learn Salesforce Lightning UI interface
No programming experience needed to take this course


### Enroll in the NEW Salesforce Lightning Web Component Development Course ####Refer to this invaluable how-to course for training on Salesforce Lightning. Salespeople and technical users and consultants will no longer have to resort to learning the interface on their own, which is very time consuming. Salesforce Lightning UI course is a step -by-step video course that offers immediate and valuable solutions to the new set of UI tools included in Lightning. In this course we will build a custom Salesforce Application using the Salesforce Lightning UI and through this app, you will learn about the new features of the Lightning UI. In this course, we will walk through the process of managing your daily activities within Salesforce, as well as basic customization and System management.This course explains the primary use case for lightning and simplifies some of the more complex features, such as opportunity Stage management and the new dashboard builder. We will cover the following topics:Sales and service management
Lightning Apps on the AppExchange
Lightning dashboards and reports
Lightning security
Lightning Process Builder and moreBuild a Custom App in LightningData Import WizardPoint and Click Application Development


Section 1: Introduction to Salesforce lightning

Lecture 1 How do I switch from salesforce classic to lightning?

Lecture 2 Salesforce Lightning UI overview

Section 2: Customizing Home Page, App Page and Record Page in Salesforce Lightning

Lecture 3 Salesforce Lightning customize home page

Lecture 4 Assignment :Customizing Home page

Lecture 5 How to customize Home page in Lightning?

Lecture 6 Salesforce lightning kanban listview: Opportunity Kanban view

Lecture 7 Salesforce lightning customize record page: Build a Custom Record Page

Lecture 8 Assignment 2 : Customizing the Record Page for Account object

Lecture 9 Salesforce lightning customize app page: Build an App Home Lightning Page

Section 3: Create a Lightning App

Lecture 10 Saleforce Lightning App overview: Overview of Technology Center Development App

Lecture 11 Create our first custom object : Technology Center Object for our app

Lecture 12 Create our first Lightning App: Technology Center development App

Lecture 13 Create custom fields in Lightning UI: Add fields to Technology Center Object

Lecture 14 Capture Project Status for Technology Center

Lecture 15 Add Start Date and End Date to Technology center Object

Lecture 16 Salesforce Lightning UI: how to create a custom object in salesforce lightning?

Lecture 17 Overview Of Relationships In Salesforce

Lecture 18 Create a Master Detail Relationship between Technology Center and Resources

Lecture 19 How to add a new custom object in Salesforce Lightning?

Lecture 20 Adding fields to the Equipment object

Lecture 21 Formula field in salesforce lightning Experience

Lecture 22 How to edit page layout in salesforce lightning?

Lecture 23 Validation Rules in Salesforce

Lecture 24 Validation Rules with Example: Create Validation Rules

Section 4: Lightning Process Builder

Lecture 25 Lightning process builder salesforce: Create a business process

Lecture 26 Create a Process using Lightning Process Builder

Lecture 27 Validation rule and process builder working together

Lecture 28 Create roll up summary field in salesforce

Section 5: Data import Wizard and Data Loader

Lecture 29 Data import wizard salesforce : how to import data into salesforce from excel ?

Lecture 30 Using Data Import Wizard: Importing data into Technology Center

Lecture 31 Using Data Import Wizard: Importing Data into Equipment object

Lecture 32 Data Import Wizard in Salesforce : Importing data into Resources object

Lecture 33 Create custom list views in salesforce lightning : add fields to list view

Lecture 34 Add utility bar to lightning app: utility bar items salesforce

Section 6: Upgrade Classic App to Lightning

Lecture 35 Upgrade classic app to lightning : Make your Classic App available in Lightning

Section 7: Reports and Dashboards

Lecture 36 Reports and dashboards in lightning experience

Lecture 37 Summary Report: Equipment Cost Per Technology Center

Lecture 38 Salesforce report filter multiple values

Lecture 39 Summary Report: Resource per technology center

Lecture 40 Salesforce bucket field report

Salespeople, managers, and executives who are currently evaluating Salesforce, who recently purchased a license with Salesforce, or recently upgraded to the Lightning user interface.,This course is also for Salesforce administrators, consultants, project managers, and technical users looking for basic training on Salesforce Lightning.,Students who want to learn about Lightning UI interface

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Udemy | English | 5h 15m | 2.82 GB
Created by: Deepika Khanna

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