Salesforce ReleaseDeployment Management A Complete Guide

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Salesforce ReleaseDeployment Management A Complete Guide
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Salesforce ReleaseDeployment Management A Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Discuss the key processes of change management
GIT & GitHub
Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
Jenkins for Salesforce Deployment
GitHub Actions for Salesforce Deployment
BitBucket for Salesforce Deployment
Azure DevOps for Salesforce Deployment

Salesforce ReleaseDeployment Management A Complete Guide


Basic Salesforce Admin Knowledge


Handling Salesforce Deployment is very important these and handling the metadata migration is more crucial these data. Welcome to “Salesforce Release/Deployment Management – A Complete Guide” by Amit Singh a Salesforce MVP and Integration ChampionThis course is over 60+ lecture in length and is probably one of the most complete and comprehensive online courses you will ever get to see covering Salesforce Change and Release management concepts from end to end. And no doubts, at the end of course you will become an expert in handling change and release management activities in Salesforce.A Salesforce deployment is a single, specific activity that takes place at the tail end of a project — typically, the act of moving changes from a sandbox environment over to your production environment and pushing them live to end users and customers alike.The course covers all the following topics necessary for a Release Manager, Salesforce Admin & Salesforce DeveloperHow to approach the best Branching Strategy for your projectSalesforce Release ManagementKey point related to Salesforce Change Management & DeploymentSalesforce Change SetApache ANT DeploymentSFDX DeploymentJenkinsGIT & GITHUBAzure DevOpsGitHub ActionsBit BucketIn addition to all these, you can also access all the Salesforce materials that is uploaded in the starting section.What you will get in this course:- You will get the PPT of each lecturePlenty no of live implementations for every deployment toolCourse Completion Certification by Udemy


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Author

Section 2: How to

Lecture 3 How to Succeed with the course

Lecture 4 How to get Help

Lecture 5 How to Access Salesforce Orgs

Lecture 6 How to Access Git Repo

Lecture 7 How to Access PPT

Section 3: Before You Start : Read Me

Lecture 8 Signup For your own Production Org

Lecture 9 Create Your Sandbox from your Own Production Org

Section 4: Introduction to Deployment

Lecture 10 What is Deployment & Types of Deployments in Salesforce

Lecture 11 Types of Sandbox in Salesforce

Lecture 12 Setup your first salesforce sandbox environment

Section 5: Deployment Using Change Set

Lecture 13 Create your first change set

Lecture 14 Why Code coverage is required to Deploy Change Set

Lecture 15 Deploy Your first changeset

Lecture 16 Deploy Component Permission Using Change Set

Lecture 17 Deploy Automation Tools using Change Set

Section 6: Deployment using Apache Ant

Lecture 18 Resources

Lecture 19 Setup ANT for Windows

Lecture 20 Setup Ant for Mac Machines

Lecture 21 Configure ANT File

Lecture 22 Deploy & Retrieve using Ant

Lecture 23 Retrieve & Deploy Packages Using ANT

Lecture 24 Retrieve & Deploy Change Set Using ANT

Lecture 25 Deploy Profiles, PermissionSet, Reports & Dashboards Using ANT

Lecture 26 ANT Target Dependencies

Lecture 27 Work with Destructive Changes XML

Section 7: Deployment using Package & Workbench

Lecture 28 Deployment using UnManaged Package

Lecture 29 Deployment Using Workbench

Section 8: Deployment using SFDX

Lecture 30 Resources

Lecture 31 Introduction to SFDX

Lecture 32 Setup VS Code & Perform Deployment

Lecture 33 Deployment using SFDX Part 1

Lecture 34 Deployment using SFDX Part 2

Lecture 35 Introduction to DevHub

Lecture 36 Create Scratch Org

Lecture 37 Push & Pull from Scratch Org

Section 9: Introduction to GIT & GitHub

Lecture 38 Introduction to GIT & GitHub

Lecture 39 Get Started with Git & GitHub ( few commands )

Lecture 40 Working with Remote Repository

Lecture 41 Working with Branches in GIT

Lecture 42 Work with Pull Request

Lecture 43 Some Additional useful commands

Section 10: Setup CI/CD using Jenkins with ANT & SFDX

Lecture 44 Resources

Lecture 45 Introduction to Jenkins & Installation

Lecture 46 How to Create Your First Project & PipeLine in Jenkins

Lecture 47 How to Setup Apache CI CD using Apache ANT & Jenkins

Lecture 48 What is Continuous Integration

Lecture 49 What is Pipeline in Salesforce Deployment

Lecture 50 Generate SSL Certificate and Authenticate using JWT

Lecture 51 Create a Sample Pipeline Project using Jenkins

Lecture 52 Setup CI-CD using SFDX with Jenkins

Lecture 53 Setup CI-CD for Sandbox using Jenkins & Sandbox

Section 11: CI/CD using Azure DevOps

Lecture 54 Introduction to AzureDevOps

Lecture 55 Create first pipeline using Classic Editor

Lecture 56 Setup Ant pipeline using Azure DevOps

Lecture 57 Azure DevOps Pipeline using YML file

Lecture 58 Create SFDX Pipeline using Azure DevOps

Section 12: GitHub Actions for Continuous Development & Deployment

Lecture 59 Introduction to GitHub Action

Lecture 60 Prepare Your GitHub Repo to create SFDX GitHub Action

Lecture 61 How to setup GitHub Actions using SFDX

Section 13: Define your Branching Strategy

Lecture 62 Define your Branching Strategy

Section 14: Setup CI-CD for Sandbox using BitBucket

Lecture 63 Introduction to BitBucket

Lecture 64 How to generate and Add SSH key to Bitbucket Account

Lecture 65 Enable 2FA for Bitbucket Account

Lecture 66 Create the first pipeline using Bit Bucket

Lecture 67 Setup Deployment Environments in BitBucket

Lecture 68 Create Branch Specific Pipeline using BitBucket

Lecture 69 Trigger a Bitbucket pipeline from Pull Request

Lecture 70 Develop SFDX Pipeline using BitBucket

Beginners,Intermediate,Salesforce Developers,Salesforce Admin,Salesforce Architect

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 54m | 7.82 GB
Created by: Amit Singh

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