Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultants are in demand. Take your Salesforce Career to the Next Level and Become a Consultant.
Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course
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Mike Wheeler


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Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course

What you’ll learn

Understand all of the core concepts found on the Salesforce Sales Cloud Certification Exam
Create multiple Salesforce Sales Processes
Configure Salesforce Lightning pages
Extensive Opportunity Record Types, Stage Customizations and more

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Course


You must hold a current and active Salesforce Administrator Certification
Some Salesforce Experience is Helpful


The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification will help you rise above the competition and become very marketable, especially to Salesforce Partner companies. Salesforce’s most popular cloud solution is the Sales Cloud, and that is why I have selected this particular Consultant certification as the first one that I have created a course for.
NOTE: The Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant Certification has a pre-requisite that you be certified as a Salesforce Administrator. If you do not already have the Administrator certification, I encourage you to enroll in my Administrator Certification course and Administrator Practice Tests Course to attain that certification first, before attempting this one.
This course covers every core concept and fundamental that is on the Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant certification exam.
This course is designed to follow the structure and sequence of Salesforce’s official Exam Guide for this certification. I have devoted a section of the course to correspond with the 10 sections of the exam guide, which include:
Salesforce Industry KnowledgeSalesforce Implementation StrategiesSalesforce Sales Cloud Solution DesignSalesforce Marketing and LeadsSalesforce Account and Contact ManagementSalesforce Opportunity ManagementSalesforce Sales ProductivitySalesforce Communities and Site ManagementSalesforce Sales Cloud AnalyticsSalesforce Integration and Data Management
I have 6 Salesforce Certifications, including this one. This particular certification extends the base knowledge you acquired in the Admin certification and you will become very familiar with the Sales Cloud. This course covers such things as Quotes, CPQ, Orders, Assets, Work, Data, Sites, Quip, Einstein Lead Scoring, Path (formerly Sales Path), and much, much more.
After Thousands of Udemy Survey ratings for my courses, the students have spoken:
“Are you learning valuable information?” 99.6% answered YES
“Are the explanations of the concepts clear?” 99.8% answered YES
“Is the instructor knowledgeable about the topic?” 99.9% answered YESI am also listed as one of the most popular instructors in the entire IT Certification Category on Udemy.
The consultant certifications for Salesforce make you highly marketable and exemplify that you have both a deep and broad understanding of the platform. The consultant certifications are particularly valuable to Salesforce Partner companies and score heavily in these partner companies’ evaluations and metrics with Salesforce, as they themselves strive to progress from Silver to Gold to Platinum status.


Section 1: Introduction and Getting Started

Lecture 1 Introduction and Getting Started

Lecture 2 Signing Up for a Free Salesforce Account – Keep it For Life

Lecture 3 Logging in to Salesforce and Switching Between Lightning and Classic

Lecture 4 Reviewing the Sales Cloud Consultant Exam Guide

Section 2: Industry Knowledge

Lecture 5 Industry Knowledge Introduction

Lecture 6 Sales Metrics and Factors that Influence Them

Lecture 7 KPIs and Business Challenges

Lecture 8 Common Sales Processes and Key Considerations

Lecture 9 Practice Activity – Industry Knowledge Trailhead Units

Section 3: Implementation Strategies

Lecture 10 Implementation Strategies Introduction

Lecture 11 Scenarios and Successful Consulting Engagement Phases

Lecture 12 Planning Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 13 Requirements Gathering Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 14 Designing Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 15 Building Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 16 Testing Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 17 Documentation Phase of Consulting Engagements

Lecture 18 Sales Deployment Considerations

Lecture 19 Measuring the Success of a Sales Cloud Implementation Project

Lecture 20 Practice Activity – Implementation Strategies Trailhead Units

Section 4: Sales Cloud Solution Design

Lecture 21 Sales Cloud Solution Design Introduction

Lecture 22 Designing an End-to-End Sales Process

Lecture 23 It All Begins with a Lead in the Sales Process

Lecture 24 Lead Processes and Lead Qualification Stages

Lecture 25 Lead Field Mapping

Lecture 26 The Lead Conversion Process – an Opportunity is Born (and Contact and Account)

Lecture 27 Analyzing Customer Requirements to Determine Appropriate Solution Design

Lecture 28 Implementing Quotes

Lecture 29 Validation Rules and the Sales Process

Lecture 30 Automation Tools and the Sales Process

Lecture 31 Exam Guide Sample Test Question #2

Lecture 32 Configure, Price, Quote

Lecture 33 Account Teams

Lecture 34 Opportunity Teams

Lecture 35 Enterprise Territory Management Capabilities and Use Cases

Lecture 36 Implementing Orders in Salesforce

Lecture 37 Sales Process Capabilities of Salesforce Mobile

Lecture 38 Sales Process Use Cases of Salesforce Mobile

Lecture 39 Sales Process Design Considerations of Salesforce Mobile

Lecture 40 Practice Activity – Sales Cloud Solution Design Trailhead Units

Section 5: Marketing and Leads

Lecture 41 Marketing and Leads Introduction

Lecture 42 Marketing Capabilities in the Sales Process

Lecture 43 Lead Scoring and Lead Qualification

Lecture 44 Managing Lead Data Quality

Lecture 45 Practice Activity – Marketing and Leads Trailhead Units

Section 6: Account and Contact Management

Lecture 46 Account and Contact Management Introduction

Lecture 47 Activating Social Accounts and Contacts

Lecture 48 Account and Contact Ownership and Visibility Considerations

Lecture 49 Sharing Rules – When To Use Them, and Why

Lecture 50 Exam Guide Sample Test Question #3

Lecture 51 Associating a Contact to Multiple Accounts, Contact Roles, and Duplicate Rules

Lecture 52 Implementing Account Hierarchy and Its Impact

Lecture 53 for Data Enrichment

Lecture 54 Implementing Person Accounts

Lecture 55 Practice Activity – Account and Contact Management Trailhead Units

Section 7: Opportunity Management

Lecture 56 Opportunity Management Introduction

Lecture 57 Implementing Multiple Sales Processes

Lecture 58 Sales Stages, Forecasts and Pipeline

Lecture 59 Exam Guide Sample Test Question #1

Lecture 60 Introducing Assets

Lecture 61 Price Books and Opportunities

Lecture 62 Opportunity Product Line Items

Lecture 63 Product Scheduling and Opportunities

Lecture 64 Quotes and Opportunities

Lecture 65 Contracts

Lecture 66 Campaigns and Opportunities

Lecture 67 Setting Up Campaign Influence and Adding Influential Campaigns to Opportunities

Lecture 68 Collaborative Forecasting

Lecture 69 Multiple-Currency Impact on Opportunities

Lecture 70 Exam Guide Sample Test Question #4

Lecture 71 Practice Activity – Opportunity Management Trailhead Units

Section 8: Sales Productivity

Lecture 72 Sales Productivity Introduction

Lecture 73 Enabling and Measuring Sales Productivity and Adoption

Lecture 74 Email Tools for Salesforce

Lecture 75 Enabling and Setting Up a Path on Opportunities

Lecture 76 Collaborating in the Sales Process Using Chatter

Lecture 77 Salesforce CRM Content and Chatter Files in the Sales Process

Lecture 78 and Sales Productivity

Lecture 79 Quip

Lecture 80 Einstein in Sales Cloud

Lecture 81 Mobile Solutions for Sales Productivity

Lecture 82 Practice Activity – Sales Productivity Trailhead Units

Section 9: Communities and Site Management

Lecture 83 Communities and Site Management Introduction

Lecture 84 Implementing Communities

Lecture 85 Exam Guide Sample Test Question #5

Lecture 86 Implementing Ideas

Lecture 87 Sites

Lecture 88 Practice Activity – Communities and Site Management Trailhead Units

Section 10: Sales Cloud Analytics

Lecture 89 Sales Cloud Analytics Introduction

Lecture 90 Sales Reports

Lecture 91 Report Filters, Sharing Rules, Teams and Visibility

Lecture 92 Sales Dashboards

Lecture 93 Sales Reporting Snapshots

Lecture 94 Practice Activity – Sales Cloud Analytics Trailhead Units

Section 11: Integration and Data Management

Lecture 95 Integration and Data Management Introduction

Lecture 96 Common Sales Cloud Integrations

Lecture 97 Sales Cloud Data Migration

Lecture 98 Enabling Deferred Sharing

Lecture 99 Large Data and Transaction Volumes

Lecture 100 Practice Activity – Integration and Data Management Trailhead Units

Section 12: Next Steps

Lecture 101 Next Steps Introduction

Lecture 102 Registering for the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification Exam

Lecture 103 Taking the Exam – Online vs. On-site

Lecture 104 Test Taking Strategies – Improve Your Odds of Passing the First Time

Lecture 105 Final Thoughts and a Word of Thanks

Lecture 106 Bonus Lesson

Anyone who is a Certified Salesforce Administrator, seeking to gain the Sales Cloud Consultant Certification,Anyone who wishes to advance their career as a consultant on the Salesforce platform,Anyone who wishes to learn how to extend the Salesforce platform and become more familiar with the Salesforce Sales Cloud

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 12m | 5.22 GB
Created by: Mike Wheeler

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