Sampling Plan Masters ANSI Z14 Z19 C0 With Minitab

Become a Sampling Plan Expert and Use Minitab to Reduce the number of samples needed for Process Control
Sampling Plan Masters ANSI Z14 Z19 C0 With Minitab
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Sampling Plan Masters ANSI Z14 Z19 C0 With Minitab

What you’ll learn

Learn How to Create Sampling plans for Industrial Process Control with ANSI Z1.4, Z1.9 and C=0
Use Minitab to Calculate Sampling Plan AQL, RQL, Alpha and Beta Values
Identify Which Sampling Plans to use based on the Manufacturing Process
Create Statistical Rationales justifying how many samples to take for process validation and process quality control


No Previous Minitab Experience Required.
No Previous Statistical Experience Required


Quality Engineers and Manufacturing Engineers rejoice Sampling Plan Masters is now Available on UDEMY!This latest Course from CusumAcademy focuses on teaching you everything you need to implement Statistically valid sampling plans for Variable and Attribute Based Quality Characteristics.Using our straight forward, easy to follow, step by step lessons we take you from a complete beginner in Sampling Plans to a confident Process Control Engineer that can calculate the exact amount of samples needed to demonstrate with statistical evidence that the process meets quality requirements.This course teaches you the three main international standards:- ANSI Z1.4 for Attribute Based Sampling Plans – The Modern C=0 Attribute Based Sampling Plan- ANSI Z1.9 for Variable Based Sampling PlansIt also teaches you Advanced Switching Rules for Normal, Tightened and Reduced Inspection as well as Single Based and Double Based Sampling Plans.Additionally, we use Minitab extensively during the course to show you how to reduce the number of samples required by these international standards while providing the same quality level to our end customer.Even if you’ve never used Minitab, our step-by-step video lessons will get you up to speed quickly!This Course includes:- 30 Video Lessons in total [3 Hours of Video Instruction]- 1 Downloadable Minitab Exercise File for PracticingSo, Come Join the CusumAcademy Revolution and learn from the Minitab Master himself QE NPI Andres Ruelas Today!Note: This Course does not provide 1-1 consulting. However, we have made it using our easy to follow, step-by-step video lessons, as such it can be completed by anyone interested in learning Sampling Plans without prior experience. We are so sure everyone can learn that this course includes a free 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked!


Section 1: Introduction to Sampling Plans In Industrial Manufacturing

Lecture 1 Course Introduction, Table of Contents and Verified Vs Validated Processes

Lecture 2 Sampling by Attributes and Variables

Lecture 3 Exercise: Variable or Attribute Sampling?

Section 2: Attribute Based Sampling Plan ANSI Z1.4 and MIL-STD-105

Lecture 4 Attribute Based Sampling with Z1.4 and MIL-STD-105

Lecture 5 Exercise: How many samples to take following Z1.4?

Lecture 6 Calculating AQL Values using Minitab and Understanding Producer Risk Alpha

Lecture 7 Exercise: Sampling with Minitab using Z1.4

Lecture 8 Introduction to RQL and Beta: Rejectable Quality Levels

Lecture 9 Exercise: Identifying RQL, AQL, Alpha and Beta Values

Lecture 10 Calculating RQL values of Z1.4 Sampling Plans using Minitab

Lecture 11 Conclusion: Calculating RQL Values of Z1.4 using Minitab

Lecture 12 Exercise: Calculate RQL values of Z1.4 Sampling plans using Minitab

Lecture 13 ANSI Z1.4 Single Based Sampling and Double Based Sampling Plans

Lecture 14 Calculating RQL Values with Minitab for Double Based Sampling Plans

Lecture 15 Exercise: How Many samples for Double Based Sampling Plans?

Lecture 16 ANSI Z1.4 Normal, Tightened and Reduced Inspection Rules

Lecture 17 Analyzing Normal, Tightened and Reduced Inspection Plans with Minitab

Lecture 18 Exercise: How many samples to take for Normal, Tightened and Reduced Inspection

Section 3: Modern Attribute Based Sampling Plan C=0

Lecture 19 Introduction to C=0 Attribute Sampling Plans

Lecture 20 Exercise: Create C=0 Sampling plans that are equivalent to ANSI Z1.4 Plans

Lecture 21 Analyzing the difference between ANSI Z1.4 and C=0 sampling plans

Lecture 22 Why Don’t all companies use C=0 Sampling plans?

Lecture 23 Exercise: Creating C=0 Sampling plans that are equivalent to ANSI Z1.4 Minitab

Lecture 24 CRITICAL LESSON: Don’t Simply Switch from ANSI Z1.4 to C=0!

Section 4: Variable Based Sampling ANSI Z1.9

Lecture 25 Introduction to Variable Based Sampling Plans using ANSI Z1.9

Lecture 26 Exercise: How many samples to take for ANSI Z1.9 Variable Sampling?

Lecture 27 ANSI Z1.9 Double Specification Sampling Plans

Lecture 28 Reducing the Number of Samples from ANSI Z1.9 using Minitab

Lecture 29 Exercise: Reducing the Number of Samples from ANSI Z1.9 using Minitab

Lecture 30 Congratulations on Finishing this course. Closing Comments

Recommended for Quality Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers and Process Engineers,Engineers who need to create sampling plans following international standards,General Quality Staff Managers unfamiliar with process sampling in regulated industries,New Product Engineers who need to design inspection procedures

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Udemy | English | 3h 18m | 2.11 GB
Created by: Andres Ruelas

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