sap ale idoc for abap and functional consultant

sap ale idoc configuration
sap ale idoc for abap and functional consultant
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sap ale idoc for abap and functional consultant

What you’ll learn

introduction to idoc and step by step configuration of idoc objects for data transfer

sap ale idoc for abap and functional consultant


basic sap abap knowledge


IDOC : Idoc is a data container which is use for the data transfer from one system to another. The data transfer can be sap to sap system or sap to non sap• What type of data is transferred : • Following type of data is transferred using Idoc container 1. Master Data : Material Master, Vendor master, Customer master etc. 2. Transaction Data : Purchase order, sales order, FI document etc. 3. Custom field data : Custom fields data with idoc extension concept. In this course, students can learn all the basic step, required for the configuration of ale Idoc between 2 sap clients.Idoc Objects :SegmentsIdoc typeMessage TypeLogical systemRFC destinationRFC PortPartner profileData Transfer and data monitoringError analysis and trouble shooting Idoc filteringStatus changeChange Pointer activation


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 sap ale idoc introduction part 1 of 2

Lecture 2 sap ale idoc introduction part 2 of 2

Section 2: ALE Idoc configuration step by step

Lecture 3 Project requirement

Lecture 4 Create and assign logical system

Lecture 5 Create rfc destination

Lecture 6 create port

Lecture 7 create model view

Lecture 8 Create partner profile WE20

Lecture 9 Test idoc by data transfer from sender to receiver

Section 3: Idoc Filter

Lecture 10 filter idoc

Section 4: Idoc conversion rule

Lecture 11 Conversion rule in Idoc

Section 5: Idoc Troubleshooting error analysis

Lecture 12 Error analysis and re process of idoc

Lecture 13 Change idoc status

Section 6: Activate Change Pointer

Lecture 14 Change pointer activation

Section 7: Idoc extension

Lecture 15 Idoc extension

Lecture 16 idoc extension part 2

Lecture 17 idoc extension part 3

Section 8: Custom idoc creation

Lecture 18 Custom idoc creation introduction

Lecture 19 segment idoc type and message type creation

Lecture 20 configuration part

Lecture 21 Creation of outbound program

Lecture 22 creation of inbound program and config and testing

Section 9: Purchase Order and sales order idoc with message control concept

Lecture 23 Trigger and idoc when new purchase order is created

Lecture 24 Create sales order with purchase order inbound idoc data

Lecture 25 Order confirmation when sales order is created

Section 10: Miscellaneous

Lecture 26 LSMW IDOC Method

Lecture 27 Idoc question and Answers

sap abap or functional consultant beginner

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