SAP Analysis for Office

Learn Analysis Office from the scratch.
SAP Analysis for Office
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Tobias Meyer


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SAP Analysis for Office

What you’ll learn

Use Analysis for Office and create reports with it.
How to use filters and display data
How to use VBA in Analysis for Office workbooks
Display Information and data in your reports

SAP Analysis for Office


No knowledge about SAP Analysis for Office needed


In this course, you will learn SAP Analysis for Office from scratch. I explain every single function of Analysis for Office to you. So you can start with no knowledge about Analysis for Office. And if you have already some knowledge about Analysis for Office, you can look into the advanced section and see what you can do with Analysis for Office.You will learn how to filter data in different ways like in hierarchies, by members or via the background filter. How to customize the user interface and use the Analysis for Office options and technical settings to configure the behavior of Analysis for Office. If three is a setting to change the behavior, I will point it out to you. I show you the different context menus you get on each function and how you can use it. You learn about the variable prompt and also about variables in Analysis for Office. If you want to rank your data or display information about your data in your reports, you find information how to do so.You will create hierarchies on the fly and create own calculated and restricted key figures. Furthermore, you will learn how to create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation with your data and how to use Excel formulas in your report. I teach you how to format and display your data in your report with conditional formatting, Microsoft Excel styles and charts which are linked to your data. You also get an overview about the Analysis for Office API and Microsoft VBA.


Section 1: Installation & Configuration

Lecture 1 Installation

Lecture 2 Authorizations

Lecture 3 Shortcut Properties

Section 2: Customize Analysis for Office

Lecture 4 Options

Lecture 5 Technical Configuration

Lecture 6 Customize User Interface

Lecture 7 Company and Embedded Profile

Section 3: Basic Functionality

Lecture 8 The Analysis for Office Addin

Lecture 9 The Ribbon menu

Lecture 10 Your first Crosstab

Lecture 11 Open and Save a workbook

Lecture 12 Different context menus

Lecture 13 Sorting your data

Lecture 14 Filter your data by member

Lecture 15 Filter your data within hierarchies

Lecture 16 Filter your data directly on the Crosstab

Lecture 17 Filter your data via background filter

Lecture 18 Filter your data by measure

Lecture 19 Use BEx Conditions in Analysis Office

Lecture 20 Ranking

Lecture 21 Access mode for filtering

Lecture 22 Prompting and Variables

Lecture 23 Allowed and forbidden areas

Lecture 24 Swap Axes

Lecture 25 Charts

Lecture 26 How to use Infofields

Lecture 27 Totals

Lecture 28 How to display Members

Lecture 29 Number Format/Currency Conversion/Scaling Factor/Zeros and Negative Values

Lecture 30 Creating New Cells

Lecture 31 Format Cells

Lecture 32 Crosstab Configuration

Lecture 33 Styles

Lecture 34 How to use Conditional Formatting

Section 4: Advanced Functions

Lecture 35 Hierarchies

Lecture 36 SAP Excel Formulas

Lecture 37 Use Standard Calculations

Lecture 38 How to use Dynamic Calculations

Lecture 39 Create Advanced Calculations

Lecture 40 Create Restrictions

Lecture 41 Work with Query Views

Lecture 42 Use the Filter Panel

Lecture 43 Creating PowerPoint Slides

Lecture 44 Use Excel Formulas in your Crosstab

Lecture 45 Report-Report-Interface

Lecture 46 Prompt Variants

Lecture 47 Contains Pattern

Lecture 48 Convert to formula

Lecture 49 Create a Web Application

Lecture 50 Launch the Query Designer

Lecture 51 Use Smart Copy and Paste

Lecture 52 Group your Crosstab and Link Dimensions

Lecture 53 Build Hierarchies on the fly

Lecture 54 Work with the formula-optimized mode

Lecture 55 Create a default workbook

Section 5: Reporting with Analysis Office API and VBA

Lecture 56 Overview

Lecture 57 Information

Lecture 58 Working

This course is for employees in companys which have to use the Analysis for Office as reporting tool

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Udemy | English | 4h 18m | 1.85 GB
Created by: Tobias Meyer

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