SAP Ariba SLP Sourcing Practical Guide

SAP Ariba SLP & Sourcing Module
SAP Ariba SLP Sourcing Practical Guide
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SAP Ariba SLP Sourcing Practical Guide

What you’ll learn

Walkaround of SAP dashboard and SLP
How to onboard Suppliers
What is SAP Ariba Sourcing
How Sourcing can be done
How Sourcing Request can be created
How Auction Are done in SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba SLP Sourcing Practical Guide


SAP Ariba Working Professional


SAP Ariba Sourcing is an e-sourcing solution that enables companies to manage their sourcing activities, including supplier identification and selection, negotiation, and contract management. This course is designed to provide learners with an in-depth understanding of SAP Ariba Sourcing and how to use it effectively to manage the sourcing process.A sourcing request is created when a company or organization is looking to purchase goods or services from a supplier or vendor. This request outlines the specific requirements for the goods or services needed, such as the quantity, quality, and delivery timeframe.Sourcing requests are created for a variety of reasons, including:To find the best supplier: A company may create a sourcing request to identify potential suppliers who can meet their specific requirements and provide the best value for their needs.To ensure compliance: Sourcing requests can help ensure that the company is adhering to their internal procurement policies, as well as any legal or regulatory requirements.To streamline the procurement process: By creating a sourcing request, a company can streamline the procurement process by clearly defining their requirements and allowing suppliers to submit proposals that meet those requirements.Overall, the goal of a sourcing request is to find the best supplier to meet the company’s needs, while ensuring compliance and efficiency in the procurement process.


Section 1: What is SAP Ariba?

Lecture 1 What is SAP Ariba

Section 2: Why it is Important to learn?

Section 3: Supplier Management

Lecture 3 SAP SLP Course and Ariba Dashboard walkaround

Section 4: How to create a Sourcing Request

Lecture 4 What is SAP Ariba Sourcing and How to create Sourcing Request in SAP Ariba

Section 5: What is Auctions? How to Start with creating Auctions

Lecture 5 How Auction are done in SAP Ariba. And how supplier submit bids in SAP Ariba

Section 6: Auction Part 2

Lecture 6 Bidding Rules of Auction

Section 7: Auction part 3

Lecture 7 How to add Supplier in the event and create a line item

Section 8: Auction Part 4

Lecture 8 How to bid from the supplier side and supplier submitting bid in the event

Section 9: Auction Part 5

Lecture 9 Monitoring the event and creating an award for the supplier

Section 10: Question For Practice

Section 11: Auction

Section 12: Auction

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