SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and earlier versions

How to create reports quickly and easily. For SAP Crystal Reports 2008, 2011, 2013, 2016 and 2020
SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and earlier versions
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SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and earlier versions

What you’ll learn

Have a good knowledge of Crystal Reports, having installed it on your laptop.
Know about the different types of data sources, and how to create a report from scratch, including grouping, sorting and filtering/selecting.
Be able to format dates, numbers, text and other fields, insert and format graphics and other objects, and know when and why to insert additional sections.
Find out why hard-coded figures do not give the best interaction to the end-user, and use parameters to overcome this problem.
Add all manner of graphs, from bar charts to pie charts, radar charts and more.
Create subreports and drill-down reports, including using Cross-tab (PivotTables) in these reports.
Know what types of formulas are available, and how they can be used.

SAP Crystal Reports 2020 and earlier versions


You just need a positive attitude for this course – nothing else!
It would be helpful if you had a computer on which you could download the free trial of Crystal Reports, but it is not essential.


Reviews:”I’ve recently started a new job and need to use Crystal Reports 2016 which is software I’d not previously used at my old organization. I feel much more comfortable now working out what my predecessor did when putting her reports together, and will be able to more effectively roll-forward and update the previous reports.” — John”Despite having some empirical experience of CR use, I was at the total beginners’ level when starting this course. I can use SAP CR much more consciously now. Especially enjoyed the Formulas section. Thank you, Phillip!” – Julius”Neatly articulated and presented with full of joy. Felt very good all the way till end with his friendly teaching method. Feel good learning experience. Thank You!” – ParthasarathiHello, and welcome to Crystal Reports 2008 to 2020. This course has been completely re-recorded using SAP Crystal Reports 2020In this course we’ll be looking at SAP Crystal Reports, and how to use it.This course starts right at the beginning, and so is good for absolute beginners, but would also be useful for you if you have previously used it, perhaps viewing reports or making basic reports, and would like to improve your skills.You don’t need to have Crystal Reports on your computer, as first of all we will install a trial version of Crystal Reports for free, so that you can use it on your computer free for 30 days. This way, you can practice with your new skills, experiment with your own data and create your own reports.This course is separated into 7 levels, each getting progressively more deeper into Crystal Reports. They are:Creating your first report,Adding grouping, sorting and filtering, also known as Selecting.Formatting,Adding user interaction through parameters,Graphs and charts,Subreports, andFormulas.All of this will be taken at a fairly leisurely pace, so you can really get familiar with the menus and icons.By the end, you will be able to develop your own reports, and start to explore other people’s. And there’s a Certificate of Completion available if you complete the course.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Hello

Lecture 2 Welcome to Udemy

Lecture 3 Introduction to Udemy

Lecture 4 Do you want auto-translated subtitles in more languages?

Lecture 5 Curriculum

Section 2: Level 1: Creating our first report

Lecture 6 Installing Crystal Reports

Lecture 7 Source Data, and some problems with recent versions of Crystal Reports

Lecture 8 Running Crystal Reports, and adding a Data Source

Lecture 9 Creating our first report

Lecture 10 Altering our report, and saving it.

Section 3: Level 2: Diving in deeper

Lecture 11 Saving data with report, and updating data source

Lecture 12 Other Data sources

Lecture 13 Using the Xtreme database source?

Lecture 14 Creating a report from scratch – adding fields

Lecture 15 Sorting results

Lecture 16 Grouping

Lecture 17 Filtering (or Select Expert)

Lecture 18 Practice Activity

Lecture 19 Exercise – Creating a detailed, filtered, sorted, grouped report

Section 4: Level 3: Formatting

Lecture 20 Formatting font and font colors

Lecture 21 Formatting – borders and background color

Lecture 22 Common formatting, including Can Grow, suppress, and hyperlinks

Lecture 23 Formatting text and boolean fields

Lecture 24 Formatting numbers

Lecture 25 Formatting dates and times

Lecture 26 Adding and formatting text boxes, boxes, graphics and lines

Lecture 27 Aligning and resizing objects

Lecture 28 Adding and formatting additional sections

Section 5: Level 4: Parameters

Lecture 29 Adding user interaction by using a parameter

Lecture 30 Parameter Options

Section 6: Level 5: Graphs, charts and all manner of diagrams

Lecture 31 Let’s insert a chart and chart options

Lecture 32 Different types of charts 1 – bar, area, line and pie charts

Lecture 33 Different Types of Charts 2 – from doughnut (donut) charts to histogram charts

Lecture 34 Context of charts

Section 7: Level 6: Subreports

Lecture 35 Creating a drill down report

Lecture 36 Designing a subreport using a Cross-tab

Lecture 37 Creating linked subreports

Section 8: Level 7: Formulas

Lecture 38 Creating formulas

Lecture 39 Special fields

Lecture 40 If and Iif, Boolean logic and other Control Structures

Lecture 41 Text functions

Lecture 42 Mathematical functions

Lecture 43 Summary functions

Lecture 44 Date formulas

Lecture 45 Solving our subreport problem

Lecture 46 Using parameters for conditional formatting and selecting

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 47 Congratulations

Lecture 48 Bonus Lecture

You should take this if you want to learn about Crystal Reports 2008, Crystal Reports 2011, Crystal Reports 2013, or the new Crystal Reports 2016,No prior experience in reporting programs is required, although it would be helpful if you have previously created reports in other reporting tools.,If you already have some significant experience in Crystal Reports, this introductory course is probably not for you. However, there may be some things, such as subreports and drill-down reports, that you might help you.

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Created by: Phillip Burton

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