SAP DWCDatasphere Masterclass Hands on Training Updated

All SAP DWC/Datasphere Trial Feature | Data Builder | Business Builder | Auth | Connect2Cloud | Connect2Reporting tools
SAP DWCDatasphere Masterclass Hands on Training Updated
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SAP DWCDatasphere Masterclass Hands on Training Updated

What you’ll learn

All SAP DWC trial features from scratch
SPACE creation, Data Builder, Business builder
Connect SAP DWC with cloud (GCP, AWS) and on Prem (SAP)
SAP DWC authorization options
Connect with SAP and non SAP reporting tools (SAC, Power BI, Tableau)

SAP DWCDatasphere Masterclass Hands on Training Updated


Very basic understanding of DATABASE
If you want to practice then Business email address


The products is renamed from SAP DWC to SAP Datasphere.If you want to understand latest SAP Data Warehouse / Datasphere Cloud Trial Features ,  you should subscribe to this course. We will be covering all the listed features in detail and completely hands-on.You would need business email address if you want to practice hands-on in order to register for SAP DWC Trial system.We will be covering below topics :Overview- SAP DWC Overview- Creation of trial account on SAP DWC- Complete walkthrough of SAP DWC consoleSpace – Space Creation- Details on SemanticsData Builder- Table Creation- Graphical View- SQL View- E/R Model- Connect to SAC and create story- Adding label- Adding hierarchy- Time dimensions- Data Access Control (DAC)- Intelligent lookupBusiness Builder- Business Builder concept- Business Builder Dimensions- Business Builder Analytical Dataset- Business Builder Fact Model- Business Builder Perspective- Business Builder Authorization Scenario- Business Builder connection to SACReporting Connect- Connect to SAC, Power BI, TableauCloud and On Pre connection- Connect to Cloud ( GCP, AWS)- Connect to on Premise (DP Agent, S4HANA, SAP BW)Business Content- Activation business content- Loading data to business contentHousekeeping – Transport of objects- Security options- Audit logs creation, monitoring and deletionMore features – Repository Explorer- HANA DB user creationIf you have any Questions, Please ask in QnA section or reach out to us.Thanks You!Tags :  SAP Datawarehouse Cloud, SAP DWC, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud Trial


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 SAP DWC to SAP Datasphere

Lecture 3 Special Gift

Lecture 4 DWC Overview

Lecture 5 [NEW] SAP DWC to SAP Datasphere: What changed?

Lecture 6 Important Message

Lecture 7 [NEW] Type of Trial Access

Lecture 8 Link for Trial Access

Lecture 9 [NEW] Trial Access Via BTP

Lecture 10 Link for Trial

Lecture 11 Create account on Guided DWC/Datasphere

Lecture 12 How to Use this Course

Lecture 13 Resource to Download

Lecture 14 DWC Walkthrough

Section 2: Space Creation

Lecture 15 Space Creation

Lecture 16 Space Creation

Lecture 17 Space Creation II

Lecture 18 Semantics

Lecture 19 Please note

Section 3: Data Builder

Lecture 20 Data Builder : Table Creation

Lecture 21 Data Builder : Table Creation II

Lecture 22 Data Builder : Graphical View

Lecture 23 Data Builder : SQL View

Lecture 24 Data Builder : ER Model

Lecture 25 Request

Section 4: Business Content

Lecture 26 Business Content : Basics

Lecture 27 Business Content : Loading Data

Section 5: Data Builder II

Lecture 28 Data Builder II : Graphical View

Lecture 29 [NEW] SAC Tenant Update

Lecture 30 Data Builder II : Connect to SAC

Lecture 31 SAC Connection

Lecture 32 Data Builder II : Adding Label

Lecture 33 Data Builder II : Moving towards Advance DB

Section 6: Data Builder : Advance

Lecture 34 Data Building Advance part I

Lecture 35 Data Building Advance part II

Lecture 36 Data Building Advance part III

Lecture 37 Data Building Advance : Hierarchy

Lecture 38 Data Building Advance : Time

Lecture 39 Data Building Advance : Parameters

Lecture 40 Data Building Advance : DAC

Lecture 41 Data Building Advance : Intelligent Lookup

Lecture 42 [NEW] Replication

Lecture 43 Code used in next lecture

Lecture 44 [NEW] Data Flow

Lecture 45 [NEW] Task Chain

Section 7: Business Builder

Lecture 46 Business Builder Concepts

Lecture 47 Business Builder : Overview

Lecture 48 Business Builder : Dimensions

Lecture 49 Business Builder : Dimensions II

Lecture 50 Business Builder : AD

Lecture 51 Business Builder : AD II

Lecture 52 Business Builder : Fact Model

Lecture 53 Business Builder : Fact Model II

Lecture 54 Business Builder : Auth Scenario

Lecture 55 [NEW] Analytic Model Details

Lecture 56 [NEW] Analytic Model Demo

Section 8: Connecting DWC with GCP

Lecture 57 GCP Login Creation

Lecture 58 DWC GCP Connection

Lecture 59 DWC GCP Connection : Fetch data from GCP

Section 9: Connecting DWC with AWS

Lecture 60 AWS Login Creation

Lecture 61 DWC AWS Connection

Lecture 62 DWC AWS Connection : Fetch data from AWS

Section 10: Connecting DWC with S4HANA

Lecture 63 DP Agent Creation

Lecture 64 Connecting DWC with S4HANA

Lecture 65 Code in Next lecture

Lecture 66 Connecting DWC with S4HANA II

Section 11: Connecting DWC with BW

Lecture 67 Connecting DWC with BW

Lecture 68 Fetching objects from BW to DWC

Section 12: Connecting 3rd Party Reporting tools

Lecture 69 Task

Lecture 70 Report via Power BI and Tableau

Section 13: More Important Features

Lecture 71 Multi Language Support

Lecture 72 Repository Explorer

Lecture 73 Using SAP HANA DB

Lecture 74 More features with Table Creation

Section 14: Transport, Audit, Security, Marketplace, Data Catalog

Lecture 75 Transport

Lecture 76 Audit Log

Lecture 77 Security

Lecture 78 [NEW] Marketplace

Lecture 79 [NEW] SAP Datasphere Catalog Concept

Lecture 80 [NEW] SAP Datasphere Catalog Demo 1

Lecture 81 [NEW] SAP Datasphere Catalog Demo 2

Lecture 82 Things Not Covered

Lecture 83 Congratulations and Thank You!

Section 15: Bonus

Lecture 84 Bonus Leacture

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