SAP EWM SAP Extended Warehouse management

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (Decentralized EWM & S4HANA Embedded EWM)
SAP EWM SAP Extended Warehouse management
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SAP EWM SAP Extended Warehouse management

What you’ll learn

This Course will Cover Core syllabus for Decentral & Embedded Extended Warehouse Management
We will cover EWM Functionalities such as POSC & LOSC , Handling Unit, Packaging Specification, Warehouse Monitor, Putaway Strategies, Removal Strategies,
Post Processing Framework (PPF), Radio Frequency Framework (RF), Wave Management, Replenishment, Physical Inventory,Queue, Resources, Auto Pick HU
VAS(Value Added Services), WOCR(Warehouse Order creation Rule), Kit, Cartonization Planning, Pick-Pack-Pass, Yard Management, Opportunistic Cross Docking,

SAP EWM SAP Extended Warehouse management


Basic SAP & Computer Knowledge


SAP Extended Warehouse Management .In This Course , You will learn about both Decentralized & Embedded EWM. We will Cover each topic from scratch. In this course EWM core plus some advance topic will be cover.Course content will be – EWM Functionalities- Deployment Options-ERP & EWM Org elements & Master Data-Warehouse Process Type-Warehouse Monitor-Availability Groups-Putaway Strategies- Handling Unit (HU) Management-Packaging Specification-Inbound POSC + LOSC-Stock Removal Startegies-Outbound POSC-WOCR(Warehouse order Creation Rule)-Replenishment-Physical Inventory-Resourse & Queues-Wave management-Yard management-Opportunistic Cross Docking Process-Kit-Cartonisation Planning-PPF-Pick-Pack-Pass Process-Quality Inspection Engine -PP-EWM -Expected Goods Receipt This course is suitable for all those who wants to excel their career as EWM functional consultant as well as for those who have exposure to SAP either as consultant in different module or Super user or an end user. After completing this course, you will able to understand entire EWM process Flow , Configurations in multiple functionalities of SAP EWM.Since SAP EWM is latest release by SAP for Warehouse management functionalities , so it is highly recommended to have knowledge  about this module. We will be covering same lecture series on SAP S4HANA Extended Warehouse management in upcoming days. It is highly recommended to complete Decentralized EWM first & then go for SAP S4HANA EWM. It will be beneficial for us to work on both environment during real time projects. Keep learning….


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to EWM & Its Functionality

Lecture 2 Deployment Options in EWM

Lecture 3 ERP ORG structure & master Data elements

Lecture 4 EWM Org Structure Part1

Lecture 5 EWM-Org-Structure-Part-2

Lecture 6 EWM-Org-Structure-Part-3


Lecture 8 ERP – EWM Documents mapping

Lecture 9 Warehouse Process Type

Lecture 10 GR Reversal,Partial GR,Process Code,Warehouse-Monitor

Lecture 11 Availability-Group-Part-1

Lecture 12 Availability Group Part 2

Lecture 13 Handling Unit Part 1

Lecture 14 Handling Unit Part 2

Lecture 15 Packaging-Specification-Part-1

Lecture 16 Packaging Specification Part 2

Lecture 17 Putaway Strategy Part 1 (Storage Type Level)

Lecture 18 Putaway Strategy Part 2

Lecture 19 Putaway Strategy Part 3

Lecture 20 Putaway Strategy Part 4

Lecture 21 Inbound POSC (Simple)

Lecture 22 Inbound POSC (Deconsolidation)

Lecture 23 Inbound POSC (VAS)

Lecture 24 Simple Outbound Process

Lecture 25 Stock-Removal-Strategies

Lecture 26 Outbound POSC + VAS

Lecture 27 WOCR(Warehouse Order Creation Rule)

Lecture 28 Replenishment Strategies 1

Lecture 29 Replenishment Strategies 2

Lecture 30 Physical Inventory-part-1

Lecture 31 Physical Inventory-Part-2

Lecture 32 Wave Management

SAP Consultant, SAP End User, Graduates, SAP EWM Consultant

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Created by: Sunil M

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