SAP for Beginners course SAP ERP with practice

SAP ERP practical training with business examples and practice on the newest SAP HANA system
SAP for Beginners course SAP ERP with practice
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Artur Paziewski


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SAP for Beginners course SAP ERP with practice

What you’ll learn

You will digest the basic concepts from SAP as delicious ice-creams
You will understand that working on SAP system in the office is not a nightmare
You will know that architecture of the SAP system is a piece of cake
You will tame SD process like a wild animal

SAP for Beginners course SAP ERP with practice


Nothing more than passion to learning and self-development.


This is SAP online training for beginners. The ideal course for people who want to start working on SAP systems in offices and develop their professional career in the SAP field. You already know that the demand for SAP is growing. So it is worth a try!I will guide you in simple words from basic concepts used in SAP (master and transaction data and more) to working on the real system. And you will see it is not difficult at all.The training begins with an explanation of what is an SAP system and what are ERP systems based on the development of a simple business – a florist’s.  After the first lectures, you will understand the SAP menu. You will be able to navigate through an SAP menu tree, edit Settings and what is most important you will be able to use SAP software at work. If you are lost I will show you how to find help in the SAP menu.On the SAP live system, you will see how to create basic documents such as Material, Customer, Inquiry, Sales Order, Quotation, Invoice, Delivery, and Goods issues. You will understand how the SD process works in real business operations, all explained in the example of the florist.I hope I will give you the knowledge you need to start and fly into the space of SAP!


Section 1: Introduction to the SAP world

Lecture 1 What is SAP

Lecture 2 Free GIFT that costs $200

Lecture 3 What are ERP systems

Lecture 4 Key features and benefits of ERP

Section 2: The system and everything you need to know about SAP

Lecture 5 Evolution of SAP system

Lecture 6 SAP Architecture – Layers

Lecture 7 How to get access to SAP

Lecture 8 How to log in to SAP

Lecture 9 SAP menu, transactions

Lecture 10 SAP Navigations

Lecture 11 Where are our modules

Lecture 12 Favorites

Lecture 13 Master and transaction data

Lecture 14 Organizational structure

Lecture 15 SAP configuration

Section 3: SAP system in practice

Lecture 16 Material creation

Lecture 17 Material price

Lecture 18 Material movements

Lecture 19 Customer creation

Lecture 20 Order to Cash (OTC) process

Lecture 21 Inquiry

Lecture 22 Quotation

Lecture 23 Sales order

Lecture 24 Outbound delivery

Lecture 25 Goods issue

Lecture 26 Invoice

Lecture 27 Thank you !

Everyone who wants to start their adventure with the SAP system,Everyone who wants to get to know SAP from scratch,SAP end-users,Anyone who wants to become a SAP specialist

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Udemy | English | 3h 57m | 1.08 GB
Created by: Artur Paziewski

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