SAP for Retail Essentials Learn SAP Retail Introduction

Easy to Follow SAP Retail Introduction: Both Core and Advanced Retail overview in just 6 hours with 4 hours of demos
SAP for Retail Essentials Learn SAP Retail Introduction
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SAP for Retail Essentials Learn SAP Retail Introduction

What you’ll learn

Start with the basic concepts, learn navigation, understand SAP Easy Access and get the work done in SAP Retail.
Learn and understand Core Retail including Retail master data such as sites, articles, merchandise category, article hierarchy and more with demonstration.
Learn and understand Retail business process such as Purchasing, Requirement & Replenishment Planning, Merchandise Distribution and more with demonstration.
Develop an overview on Advanced Retail such as Forecasting & Replenishment, Assortment Planning, Allocation Planning and more.
Short business process explanation.
Short step by step process demonstration.

SAP for Retail Essentials Learn SAP Retail Introduction


Access to SAP IS Retail or SAP S/4HANA Retail is desirable but not required as the course is designed with demonstrations so that you can easily follow with out SAP IS Retail or SAP S/4HANA Retail access.


Jumpstart your SAP Retail learning! Start as a Beginner and develop basic SAP Retail Business Process understanding with this simplified and short SAP Retail Introduction learning course!Welcome to the SAP for Retail Essentials: Step by Step SAP Retail course. This course is designed for anyone who want to start learning and using SAP Retail and looking forward to develop basic business process understanding of SAP Core and Advanced Retail.This course is based on IS RETAIL 6.07 using SAP Easy Access.What is the course goal?The goal of this course is to teach the participants an overview of SAP Core Retail including navigation, basic concepts such as organization structure, retail master data, retail transaction data and various business process such as requirement planning, replenishment planning, merchandise logistics in the SAP Retail system. The course is also intended to provide you an overview of Advanced Retail.What do you get out of this course?In just 5 Hours you will learn all the Essentials of SAP Retail through theory, examples and with around 4 hours of demonstrations. This took me MONTHS to learn through 10+ formal courses and many years of Retail project implementations! Plus you will get a brief overview of the latest advanced software and solutions in Retail area from SAP’s Retail portfolio.This course will help you to get started in SAP Retail and develop an overall understanding of both Core Retail and Advanced Retail. The demonstration included in this course are based on IS RETAIL 6.07 using SAP Easy Access.What is the summary of course content?This course starts with basic navigation, a getting started overall overview and then exploring the basic concepts such as organization structure, customer, vendor master, site, merchandise category hierarchy, article hierarchy, retail article master, assortment management, retail pricing one by one. It then expands to requirement planning from supplier to distribution center, replenishment planning for stores, merchandise distribution, retail promotion, and store operations: all with basic demonstrations.I will then be covering briefly on SAP Forecasting & Replenishment, SAP Customer Activity Repository, SAP Promotion Management for Retail, SAP Replenishment Planning, SAP Merchandise Planning, SAP Assortment Planning, SAP Allocation Planning, SAP Fashion Management and SAP S/4 HANA for Retail: all with out demonstrations to help you to get an overview of the SAP’s Retail portfolio.Is there anything else you should know before you enroll?This is a basic course on SAP Retail and is aimed at anyone who wants to become familiar with SAP Retail. If you’re already familiar with the SAP Retail and want to specialize in one of the various SAP Retail components or a specific advanced Retail solution, or if you’re looking for the very detailed information, that’s beyond the scope of this course and this is probably not the best resource for you.This is not a technical course, neither a configuration course, nor a very detailed process review. The emphasis is to deliver SAP Retail process understanding in an easy to follow format in a short time.This course is going to be continuously updated in response to student suggestions in quarterly revisions, so check back in for free updates!What is SAP Retail?SAP for Retail portfolio includes multiple software products and components generally categorized as core retail and advanced retail. This collectively provides all the functions necessary for running the business processes in a retail company. This includes: Master Data, Strategic Sales, Pricing, Promotions, Purchasing, Merchandise Logistics and Distribution, Sales, Merchandise and Assortment Planning and many more.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 12 Reasons why you should enroll in this course

Lecture 2 Retail Process Overview

Lecture 3 First look at the SAP Easy Access for Retail

Lecture 4 Why SAP Retail

Lecture 5 Course Agenda

Lecture 6 SAP Retail Portfolio

Lecture 7 Note about reviews

Lecture 8 Glossary of Key Terms Used in this Course: 27 page: Downloadable

Lecture 9 Menu Path & Transaction Codes for frequently used transactions

Lecture 10 SAP for Retail Important Links

Section 2: SAP for Retail Navigation

Lecture 11 SAP for Retail Navigation Introduction

Lecture 12 Demonstration: Accessing SAP Retail using SAP GUI and logging off

Lecture 13 Demonstration: Set Up SAP Retail as your Initial Screen and set up default value

Lecture 14 Demonstration: Understanding the structure of SAP Easy Access SAP Retail

Lecture 15 Demonstration: Personalizing SAP: Change Theme, User Menu, and adding Favorites

Lecture 16 Demonstration: Getting the work done in SAP Easy Access SAP Retail using the SAP

Section 3: Getting Started

Lecture 17 Getting Started Introduction

Lecture 18 Getting started with Organization Structure

Lecture 19 Getting started with Master and Transaction Data

Lecture 20 Getting started with Customizing

Section 4: Basic Concepts: Understanding Organization Structure

Lecture 21 Organization Structure Introduction

Lecture 22 Understanding Organization Structure in Financial Accounting/Controlling

Lecture 23 Demonstration: Understanding Organization Structure in Financial Accounting/Cont

Lecture 24 Understanding Organization Structure in Purchasing

Lecture 25 Demonstration: Understanding Organization Structure in Purchasing

Lecture 26 Understanding Organization Structure in Inventory Management

Lecture 27 Demonstration: Understanding Organization Structure in Inventory Management

Lecture 28 Understanding Organization Structure in Sales

Lecture 29 Demonstration: Understanding Organization Structure in Sales

Lecture 30 Organizational Structures Example in Retail and Wholesale

Section 5: Basic Concepts: Understanding Customer and Vendor Master

Lecture 31 Customer and Vendor Master Introduction

Lecture 32 Understanding Customer and Vendor Master

Lecture 33 Demonstration: Customer Master

Lecture 34 Demonstration: Vendor Master

Section 6: Basic Concepts: Understanding Site

Lecture 35 Site Introduction

Lecture 36 Understanding Site

Lecture 37 Demonstration: Review a Distribution Center

Lecture 38 Demonstration: Review a Store

Lecture 39 Demonstration: Creating a Site Profile

Lecture 40 Demonstration: Creating a Store

Section 7: Basic Concepts: Understanding Merchandise Category Hierarchy

Lecture 41 Merchandise Category Hierarchy Introduction

Lecture 42 Understanding Merchandise Category Hierarchy

Lecture 43 Demonstration: Display Merchandise Category Hierarchy

Lecture 44 Demonstration: Create New Merchandise Category Hierarchy

Lecture 45 Demonstration: Create new Merchandise Categories

Lecture 46 Demonstration: Assign Merchandise Categories and Hierarchy Levels

Section 8: Basic Concepts: Understanding Article Hierarchy

Lecture 47 Article Hierarchy Introduction

Lecture 48 Understanding Article Hierarchy

Lecture 49 Demonstration: Create an Article Hierarchy

Lecture 50 Demonstration: Enhance and assign Articles to Article Hierarchy

Section 9: Basic Concepts: Understanding Retail Article Master

Lecture 51 Retail Article Master Introduction

Lecture 52 Understanding Retail Article Master

Lecture 53 Demonstration: Create a Single Article

Section 10: Basic Concepts: Understanding Assortment Management

Lecture 54 Assortment Management Introduction

Lecture 55 Understanding Assortment Management

Lecture 56 Demonstration: Create General Assortments and Assign Assortment users

Lecture 57 Demonstration: Assign Articles to Assortment

Section 11: Basic Concepts: Understanding Retail Pricing

Lecture 58 Retail Pricing Introduction

Lecture 59 Understanding Retail Pricing

Lecture 60 Demonstration: Using Price Points

Section 12: Requirement Planning from Supplier to Distribution Center

Lecture 61 Requirement Planning Introduction

Lecture 62 Understanding Requirements Planning

Lecture 63 Demonstration: Master data for Requirement Planning

Lecture 64 Demonstration: Review Planning List and Stock/Requirement List

Lecture 65 Demonstration: Requirements Planning

Lecture 66 Demonstration: Review Planning List and Stock/Requirement List after planning

Lecture 67 Demonstration: Review set up for Auto Purchase Order

Lecture 68 Demonstration: Convert Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order

Section 13: Replenishment Planning for Stores

Lecture 69 Replenishment Planning Introduction

Lecture 70 Understanding Replenishment Planning

Lecture 71 Demonstration: Master data for Replenishment Planning

Lecture 72 Demonstration: Replenishment Planning

Section 14: Merchandise Distribution

Lecture 73 Merchandise Distribution Introduction

Lecture 74 Understanding Merchandise Distribution

Lecture 75 Demonstration: Allocation rule types, rules and table types

Lecture 76 Demonstration: Creating an allocation table

Section 15: Retail Promotion

Lecture 77 Understanding Retail Promotion

Lecture 78 Demonstration: Retail Promotion Customizing

Lecture 79 Demonstration: Creating Promotion and Subsequent processing

Section 16: Store Operations

Lecture 80 Understanding Store Operations

Lecture 81 Demonstration: Simulate a POS Sale

Section 17: SAP Forecasting & Replenishment

Lecture 82 Understanding SAP Forecasting & Replenishment

Section 18: SAP Customer Activity Repository

Lecture 83 Understanding SAP Customer Activity Repository

Section 19: SAP Promotion Management for Retail (SAP PMR)

Lecture 84 Understanding SAP Promotion Management for Retail (SAP PMR)

Section 20: SAP Replenishment Planning

Lecture 85 Understanding SAP Replenishment Planning

Section 21: SAP Merchandise Planning

Lecture 86 Understanding SAP Merchandise Planning

Section 22: SAP Assortment Planning

Lecture 87 Understanding SAP Assortment Planning

Section 23: SAP Allocation Planning

Lecture 88 Understanding SAP Allocation Planning

Section 24: SAP Fashion Management

Lecture 89 Understanding SAP Fashion Management

Section 25: SAP S/4 HANA for Retail

Lecture 90 Understanding SAP S/4 HANA Retail

Section 26: Conclusion

Lecture 91 Thank you

Lecture 92 FAQ

For anyone who wish to expand their career with SAP knowledge.,For any business user who uses SAP system.,For anyone who are part of a project team or who is going to be a new user in a new implementation.,For anyone else who has interest in learning SAP.

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