SAP Learn SAPUI5 Professional Development

Learn SAP UI5 / OpenUI5 In Detail: Basic & Advanced Levels, Step By Step, With The Help of The Best Open UI5 Experts
SAP Learn SAPUI5 Professional Development
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SAP Learn SAPUI5 Professional Development

What you’ll learn

Create their own end to end SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 App
Work as SAP UI5 professional consultants
Make existing SAPUI5 Apps better with responsive and more UX centric development
Understand all the concepts related to SAP UI5/ Open UI5 web app development
Support existing SAPUI5 or SAP Fiori projects

SAP Learn SAPUI5 Professional Development


You should have a very basic understanding of Javascript and HTML.


SAPUI5 / OpenUI5 is the top trend in the SAP Technical marketplace and almost all the major projects now require this skill-set.
The development with SAP UI5 / Open UI5 involves new and cutting edge technologies, responsible for bringing a lot of aspects related to web app development, which makes it difficult to learn.
This course is the final result of months of preparation and planning to compile all the details in making the learning process easy, complete and fast.
What are benefits of this course :
If you want to learn SAPUI5/Open UI5 then this course will be for you: it comes with rich content that takes you from writing a simple “Hello World” app to building your own responsive SAP UI5 complex app.The majority of the content is hands-on, which involves a lot of challenges and exercises and makes the course interesting and engaging.The course covers not only individual topics but also describes real world scenarios where the concepts are used.The course also shares SAPUI5 best practices of implementing a concept to a real SAP global project.The course also shares a bunch of code snippets and examples in a cloud based IDE, where students can have 24*7 access and which is going to be crucial during the development phase of the project. The students will have the best SAPUI5 tutorial examples they can find.The course examples were carefully selected to make the course fun, interesting and engaging to learn.The development scenarios include simulating common mistakes that UI5 developers frequently make, so they can learn exactly how to fix fast.The course also has a UI5 final project to put all the learning into practice.The final project was carefully crafted to make students understand real world scenarios and the roles they will have to perform in team.The course gives importance to all aspects of SAPUI5/OpenUI5 development, may it be wire-framing, design and analysis, development or styling and theming.The course shares information about lots of tools and plugins, which will boost the developers’ productivity and efficiency.


Section 1: Introduction To Course

Lecture 1 Introduction to the course

Section 2: Prerequisites For Using This Course and Links

Lecture 2 ***Important – Links to Code Resources ****

Lecture 3 Prerequisite

Section 3: Resources and Exercise Files

Lecture 4 All Development Code and Exercise Files

Section 4: SAP UI5 Basics

Lecture 5 What Is SAPUI5

Lecture 6 UI5 Libraries

Lecture 7 SAP UI5 App and Fiori

Lecture 8 Setting Up The Development Environment

Lecture 9 Create Hello World App In UI5

Section 5: Use Of Wireframe and Control Flow In App

Lecture 10 Create a Simple App

Lecture 11 Simple App Creation

Lecture 12 Simple Application Control Flow

Lecture 13 Usage of MVC and Extending the Application

Lecture 14 Two Page App Wireframe and Coding in Eclipse

Section 6: Major UI5 Components and Databinding

Lecture 15 Designing a Simple Form With UI5 Elements – Part 1

Lecture 16 Designing a Simple Form With UI5 Elements – Part 2

Lecture 17 Concept of Data Binding

Lecture 18 Binding Modes

Lecture 19 Data Binding Using Simple App

Lecture 20 Basic List

Lecture 21 List Aggregation Binding

Lecture 22 sap.m Table

Lecture 23 sap.ui Table

Lecture 24 Tiles Basic

Lecture 25 Tiles With Binding

Lecture 26 Data Binding Factory Function Using List

Lecture 27 Named Model

Section 7: Using Chrome Development Toolkit

Lecture 28 Chrome Dev Tolkit Part1- Element Tab and Style Tab

Lecture 29 Chrome dev toolkit Part2 – Console Tab, Source Tab and Network Tab

Lecture 30 Browser Compatibility

Section 8: Styling And Theming For UI5 App

Lecture 31 Styling Exercise with our Simple App

Lecture 32 Deep Dive in Styling for Form Element – Part 1

Lecture 33 Deep dive in Styling for Form Element – Part 2

Lecture 34 Theme Designer

Section 9: Using Events and Handling Events

Lecture 35 Basic Events

Lecture 36 Using event case study for real project part 1 – List

Lecture 37 Using event case study for real project part 2 – List

Lecture 38 Calling Event Listener Function

Lecture 39 Event in Table

Lecture 40 Advanced Event Handling

Lecture 41 Event Capturing and Bubbling

Section 10: Miscellaneous Controls In UI5

Lecture 42 Use of UX3(Shell) Control

Lecture 43 Use of Fragments

Lecture 44 Use of Split Screen Application

Section 11: App Improvement Elements

Lecture 45 Formatters

Lecture 46 Localization and Internationalization

Section 12: Data Visualization using UI5

Lecture 47 VizFrame Bar Chart

Lecture 48 Pie Charts

Lecture 49 KPI Tiles

Section 13: Final Project and Goodbye

Lecture 50 Final Assignment

Lecture 51 Final Assignment Solution

Lecture 52 Good Bye

Section 14: Bonus: Integrating SAP Gateway with SAP UI5 – deploying services live scenario

Lecture 53 Basic setup for SAPUI5 CRUD App

Lecture 54 Running App to see how delete, create, update works

Lecture 55 Sharing SAPUI5 Project into SAP

Lecture 56 Summary

Section 15: Update 2019 – SAPUI5 With Web IDE, Git and Fiori Launchpad

Lecture 57 Instructions for this course

Lecture 58 Setting up Personal Version of Web IDE

Lecture 59 Creating a Basic App Using Web IDE Template and Backend Services

Lecture 60 Deploying the App into SAP® System and Executing the App from it

Lecture 61 Deploying the App to Fiori® Launchpad

Lecture 62 Deploying a Basic UI5 App into Github – Basic of Git Setting

Section 16: About UI5CN and Your Instructor

Lecture 63 About UI5CN and Your Instructor

This course is for SAP Technical consultants who want to learn SAPUI5/OpenUI5 development.,This course will help an SAP job aspirant to get a good hold in SAPUI5 and become an SAP UI5 consultant.,This course will help SAP Functional consultants to learn SAPUI5/OpenUI5 library better and make them more independent.,This course will help existing SAPUI5 developers to understand the framework in depth and better.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 8h 16m | 4.98 GB
Created by: UI5 Community Network

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