SAP S4HANA Learn ABAP Programming model for SAP S4 HANA

Create custom S/4HANA Application using Core Data services (CDS), BOPF and OData
SAP S4HANA Learn ABAP Programming model for SAP S4 HANA
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SAP S4HANA Learn ABAP Programming model for SAP S4 HANA

What you’ll learn

ABAP Development for S/4HANA
Installation of ABAP Development Tools
Core Data Services (CDS)
Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF)
Building an end-to-end application in S/4HANA

SAP S4HANA Learn ABAP Programming model for SAP S4 HANA


Some experience in basic SAP ABAP


ABAP Development in S/4HANA is a path into the New ABAP programming world. The course covers the major building blocks of S/4 HANA:Core Data Services (CDS Views)OData and Netweaver GatewayBOPF (Business Object Processing Framework)Course Structure:The Course is structured into Theory and Demos. This course serves as a complete guide for an ABAPer looking forward to learning and building new Application on S/4 HANA. It also has a dedicated lecture which provides step-by-step guide to building a new S/4HANA application from scratch.The step-by-step guide covers the following:Creation of Base tables for storing dataCreation of Interface CDS viewsCreation of Transnational Processing CDS ViewsTesting of generated BOPF object in BOBT trasactionCreation of Consumption CDS ViewsCreation of OData service for the consumption view from Gateway Project Builder (SEGW)Creation of UI project and hence the generation of the UI for the applicationWho is this course for?All ABAP Developers/Consultants/Architects who code in ABAP and want to learn how to develop in S/4HANA.This course is recommended for all SAP Consultants or Architects who work in ABAP.At the close of the course you will have a good understanding of the key components of S/4HANA. You will be able to create new transactional and list view applications using CDS view, OData, BOPF.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction and Course Structure

Section 2: Installation of ADT and creation of Artifacts in Hana Studio

Lecture 2 HANA Studio and ADT Introduction

Lecture 3 Installation of ABAP Development Tools (ADT)

Lecture 4 Creating a Domain and Data Element in HANA Studio

Lecture 5 Creating an ABAP Structure in HANA Studio

Lecture 6 Creating an ABAP Class in HANA Studio

Lecture 7 HANA Studio helpful functions

Lecture 8 Summary

Section 3: ABAP Core Data Services

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 Defining ABAP CDS Views

Lecture 11 Creating your first ABAP CDS View

Lecture 12 CDS View Associations

Lecture 13 Data Modelling Concepts and Syntax Introduction

Lecture 14 CASE and CAST Statements

Lecture 15 Support of SQL Functions: Numeric and String functions

Lecture 16 Arithmetic Expressions and Session Variables

Lecture 17 Demo: String functions, Arithmeti expressions And Session Variables

Lecture 18 Client Handling

Lecture 19 Currency and Quantity Conversion

Lecture 20 Demo: Client Handling and Currency Conversion

Lecture 21 CDS Aggregate Functions, Group By and Having Clause

Lecture 22 Annotations Overview

Lecture 23 Demo: Annotations

Lecture 24 Summary

Section 4: OData

Lecture 25 Introduction to OData

Lecture 26 What is REST?

Lecture 27 OData CRUD and Query Operations

Lecture 28 Create an SAP Gateway project using T-Code SEGW

Lecture 29 Create Entity Type, Entity Set and Generate Runtime artifacts

Lecture 30 Implement GET EntitySet and Register & Activate service

Lecture 31 Implement GET Entity and Test

Lecture 32 Implement POST Operation ( Create entity ) and Test

Lecture 33 Implement Order BY Query Operation

Lecture 34 Summary and What Next?

Section 5: Business Object Processing Framework

Lecture 35 What is BOPF?

Lecture 36 BOPF Meta Model

Section 6: Creating an end-to-end S/4HANA application from scratch

Lecture 37 Introduction

Lecture 38 Create base Tables

Lecture 39 Create Interface CDS Views

Lecture 40 Create Transaction Processing CDS Views

Lecture 41 Test generated BOPF Object

Lecture 42 Create Consumption CDS views for the Transaction processing CDS views

Lecture 43 Create and Activate OData service

Lecture 44 Test OData service in Gateway Client

Lecture 45 Create Smart Template based UI5 for the custom application

Section 7: Summary

Lecture 46 Summary

ABAP Developers, Development Architects, Team Leads, Solution Architects

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Created by: Anshuman Singh

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