SAP Smart Forms for beginners

Learn SmartForms step by step (Hands-on approach) | 17 practice examples | All nodes in SmartForms are discussed
SAP Smart Forms for beginners
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SAP Smart Forms for beginners

What you’ll learn

Understand all the concepts related to Smart Forms
Learn SAP Smart Form in easy steps
Enhance your existing SAP Skill-set
Get ready for new job in SAP
Project based learning
17 + practice examples
All nodes in Smartforms such as Windows, table, templates, text, graphics etc

SAP Smart Forms for beginners


The instructor tried to make the course flow very simple and step by step, so even if you have no or very little knowledge of SAP ABAP, you will be able to follow through.


Course features1. Course focus on learning through a hands-on approach2. Straight-to-the-point explanation.3. Get Source code on every program discussed5. Get certification of completion.6. Full lifetime accessTo make the best of this course Get access to an ABAP system and practice on itFollow the order in which lectures are arrangedBased on the title, feel free to skip certain partsUse the given code for fast and correct resultsThis training course will give you a thorough insight into how SAP Smart Forms works. The course makes it so easy to learn SAP  SmartForms, you will be building and testing out your own SmartForms and driver programs in no time. The course is delivered in such a way that any functional consultant and technical consultant, who takes the course will have absolutely no problem understanding all the topics discussed. This course focuses on learning through a hands-on approach and is packed full of practical step-by-step examples so that you are building SmartForms from day one.The instructor believes that doing practically without knowing the theory is half learning. Hence In this course, he will cover all necessary theories related to  SmartForm before starting doing the hands-on session. You will learn by watching the author actually perform the operation he is instructing on, as he explains step by step how to create smart forms and driver programs.The instructor knows your time is precious and hence delivers information straight to the point. The complexity of projects will gradually increase hence it is advised to watch videos the way they are arranged. This course covers 8 theory sessions and 17 practical projects. You will be provided with the presentations of all topics covered in this course and driver program codes as study material.In this course, you will find answers to the questions like what is SmartForm, its architecture, and how it works. Then in the hands-on session, you will learn step by step about SAP form builder, style builder, table painter, etc. This course covers hand-on sessions on the working of all nodes in  SmartForms such as form Interface, pages, windows, loop, table, command,  folder, and many others. In this course you will also learn to write driver program/report program/application program to call SmartForm,  barcode printing, printing several forms in one print request and saving  SmartForm in PDF format, etc. After completion of this course, you will be able to work with SmartForms on commercial projects.
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Section 1: SAP SmartForm Introduction

Lecture 1 SAP SmartForm Architecture

Lecture 2 SmartForms Initial Screen and SAP Form Builder

Lecture 3 SmartForm Pages and Windows

Lecture 4 SmartForm Flow Logic, Nodes under Pages and Node under Windows

Lecture 5 SmartForm Field Syntax and System Fields

Section 2: SmartForm Projects

Lecture 6 Project 1 : Simple Smartform to display TEXT

Lecture 7 Project 2 : Simple Smartform to display FIELD VALUE

Lecture 8 Project 3 : Simple Smartform to display GRAPHICS

Lecture 9 Project 4 : Simple Smartform to Display ADDRESS

Lecture 10 Project 5 : Simple SmartForm to display TABLE

Lecture 11 Project 6 : Simple SmartForm to display TEMPLATE

Lecture 12 Project 7 : Simple SmartForm to print copies of form using COPY WINDOW

Lecture 13 Project 8 Part 1 : Simple SmartForm to achieve page break using COMMAND

Lecture 14 Project 8 Part 2 : Simple SmartForm to achieve page break using COMMAND

Lecture 15 Project 9 : Simple SmartForm to use ALTERNATIVE

Lecture 16 Project 10 : Simple SmartForm to use FOLDER

Lecture 17 Project 11 Theory : Calling SmartForm using Driver Program

Lecture 18 Project 11 Part 1: Calling SmartForm using Driver Program

Lecture 19 Project 11 Part 2: Calling SmartForm using Driver Program

Lecture 20 Project 13 Theory : Saving SmartForm in PDF format

Lecture 21 Project 13 Part 1 : Saving SMARTFORMS output in PDF format

Lecture 22 Project 13 Part 2 : Saving SMARTFORMS output in PDF format

Lecture 23 Project 14 Theory : STYLE Builder

Lecture 24 Project 14 : Simple SMARTFORMS to use STYLE

Lecture 25 Project 15 Theory : BAR CODE Reader

Lecture 26 Project 15 : Simple SMARTFORMS to display BAR CODE

Lecture 27 Project 16 : Simple SMARTFORMS to use TEXT MODULE

Lecture 28 Project 17 Theory 1 : SAP Print Architecture

Lecture 29 Project 17 Theory 2 : Printing Several Forms in One Print Request

Lecture 30 Project 17 : Printing Several Forms in One Print Request

Lecture 31 How to debug SAP SmartForms ?

Section 3: Other courses

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Lecture 33 Get course on “ABAP for HANA”

Lecture 34 Get course on “SAP HANA certification Practice test”

Any SAP functional consultant and technical consultant

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Udemy | English | 4h 19m | 2.66 GB
Created by: Smart Logic Academy

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