SAP Supply Chain Logistics in R3

Everything you need to know about SAP Supply Chain Logistics and Transportation in one easy place
SAP Supply Chain Logistics in R3
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SAP Supply Chain Logistics in R3

What you’ll learn

Understand the core concepts of Supply Chain Logistic & Transportation
Execute the SAP Logistic & Transportation processes and transactions in SAP R/3
Configure the Logistic process in SAP covering the modules such as SD, WM, MM, HU and Transportation
Apply the SAP Best Practices into the Logistic Processes & Transportation
Build a complete, end to end, integrated Supply Chain solution in SAP
The integration points in the SAP Supply Chain process
The skills requried to be a SAP SCM Solution Architect
Prepare for interviews related to SAP

SAP Supply Chain Logistics in R3


Have access to a SAP client


Why this course?Included as part of “Udemy for Business”, this course covers the SAP Supply Chain process and covers the topics of sales, logistics execution, transportation, warehouse and much, much, more. Unlike other SAP course that just covers a single module, this course covers SD, MM, IM, WM, LE and much more.That is why I am excited about this course. This course covers BOTH the business context how the process should work and how it is to be configured in SAP R/3, across all the different modules in SAP. No other course will integrate all these modules and explain how the SAP Supply Chain works.This is based on my 25 years of experience as a SAP management consultant transforming businesses using SAP. This is usually the role of SAP SCM Solution Architect and it takes years of industrial experience.The course is designed so that after taking the course, you will be able toUnderstand the end to end supply chain solution for logistic and transportationIdentify the different requirements and scenarios in different industriesDesign and configure these solutions in SAPExecute the solution in SAPThe course will cover Supply Chain Logistic Execution and Transportation topics such as : Inbound deliveries, when and how they are to be used.How to create and use Outbound deliveries effectively. Picking strategies and how they are executed in SAP Warehouse ManagementPacking in the SAP Handling Unit Management What are shipments and how to use SAP shipmentsKey Performance Indicators (KPI). MM transactions such as Stock Transport Orders & SAP SubcontractingUsing EDI and SAP Idocs in the Supply Chain. Learn about the returns and SAP new Advance Returns process (in S/4 HANA)This cover modules such as Sales and Distribution (SD), Material Management (MM) , Purchasing, Handling Unit Management and Warehouse Management (WM) and Shipping (LE-TRE).It is not just SAP details that this course will be covering, the business topics such as  The process from the perspective of the business and users.The integration and context of Supply Chain Management .How to run these processes in SAP and why do we execute them in a particular way.SAP “Best Practice”.Future proof your career by expanding your knowledge into SAP Supply Chain, one of the most in demand skills in today’s SAP market.Updated in 2021 :Enterprise Services : Lectures addedUpdated in 2020 :Using SE16HIntroduction to Supply Chain EDI added.  SAP S/4 trail video updated as to include Azure serviceUpdated visual and sound for better quality, replaced (most) of the “blackboard” written graphics with cleaner ppt & animationsEnd to End SAP demonstration added.Updated in 2019 : Shipment cost FTL and LTL introduction added.Various business process for SCM added.Updated in 2018 : Introduction to Shipment Cost added to the courseUpdated in 2017 : Course updated to reflect new business partners concept in S/4 HANA.Course updated with real life business case to test your knowledge and understanding of the course.


Section 1: Introduction to the Supply Chain

Lecture 1 Course content

Lecture 2 Maximise your learning : How to get the most from this course

Lecture 3 Approach of the course

Lecture 4 Introduction to Supply Chain Management

Lecture 5 Using the SAP GUI

Section 2: Getting access to SAP for Practice

Lecture 6 Plan your learning

Lecture 7 Way of getting access to a SAP Client

Lecture 8 Should I get access to R/3 or S/4 HANA?

Lecture 9 Getting access to the SAP S/4 HANA Trial Client

Lecture 10 Getting access from a SAP provider

Lecture 11 Connecting to a system from a provider

Lecture 12 Quick start up guide for a new system

Section 3: Using SE16H – New transaction for HANA

Lecture 13 Using SE16H – Aggregate and sum function

Lecture 14 Using SE16H – Table join

Section 4: SAP S/4 HANA

Lecture 15 SAP R/3 and SAP S/4 HANA solution roadmap

Section 5: SAP Enterprise Strucure

Lecture 16 Introduction to the Enterprise Structure

Lecture 17 Configuring the Enterprise Structure in SAP

Section 6: Workstreams in the Supply Chain

Lecture 18 Introduction to the Supply Chain and the Order to Cash (OTC) workstream

Lecture 19 Introduction to the Purchase to Pay (P2P) workstream

Lecture 20 The Order to Cash Business case

Section 7: Core Concept : Manufacturing

Lecture 21 Stock Transport Order

Lecture 22 Toll Manufacturing & Subcontracting

Lecture 23 Transfer Pricing

Section 8: SAP Master Data

Lecture 24 Introduction to SAP master data

Lecture 25 SAP Customer Master – Concept and Introduction

Lecture 26 SAP Customer Master – Demonstration

Lecture 27 SAP Customer Master – Partner determination

Lecture 28 SAP Material Master – Introduction

Lecture 29 SAP Vendor master – Introduction

Section 9: SAP S/4 HANA update

Lecture 30 Business Partners – Introduction

Lecture 31 Business Partners – Concept

Lecture 32 Business Partners – Demo

Lecture 33 S/4 HANA Foreign Trade

Section 10: Course Exercise : Business Cases

Lecture 34 Introduction

Lecture 35 Business Case 1

Lecture 36 Business Case 2

Section 11: SAP Order Managment

Lecture 37 Introduction to the SAP sales order

Lecture 38 SAP Sales Order Demonstration

Lecture 39 Delivery Block in the Sales Order – Deepdive

Lecture 40 The Incomplete Procedure in the Sales Order

Lecture 41 Plant and Shipping Point Determination in the SO Part1

Lecture 42 Plant and Shipping Point Determination in the SO – Part 2

Lecture 43 Sales Order Item Category Determination – DeepDive

Lecture 44 SAP Sales Order Configuration – DeepDive

Lecture 45 Sales Order – The Business Case

Section 12: Material Requirement Planning (MRP) in SAP

Lecture 46 MRP & ATP : 2 sides of the same Coin

Lecture 47 Procurement Type

Lecture 48 Procurement Roadmap for S/4 HANA

Lecture 49 Procurement Lifecycle

Lecture 50 Material Requirement Planning in SAP – Core Concept

Section 13: Available To Promise (ATP)

Lecture 51 Available To Promise (ATP) – Introduction

Lecture 52 Available To Promise and Scheduling – Introduction

Lecture 53 Available To Promise (ATP) – SAP Configuration DeepDive

Lecture 54 Available To Promise (ATP) – SAP Configuration Part 2 – DeepDive

Lecture 55 SAP Route Determination – Part 1 Deepdive

Lecture 56 SAP Route Determination – Part 2 Deepdive

Lecture 57 SAP Route Determination – Part 3 Deepdive

Lecture 58 SAP Schedule Line – Deepdive part 1

Lecture 59 SAP Schedule Line – Deepdive part 2

Lecture 60 SAP Replenishment Lead Time Calculation

Lecture 61 Rescheduling – Core Concept

Lecture 62 Rescheduling – SAP Demonstration

Lecture 63 ATP scheduling Chapter Ending

Lecture 64 S4 HANA – Update to ATP

Lecture 65 SAP multiple plant senario

Section 14: Using MRP & ATP

Lecture 66 MRP and ATP : SAP Demo Part 1

Lecture 67 MRP & ATP : SAP Demo Part 2

Section 15: SAP Delivery Creation

Lecture 68 Outbound Delivery – Introduction

Lecture 69 Outbound Delivery – SAP Demonstration

Lecture 70 SAP Outbound Delivery Creation – Deepdive

Lecture 71 Outbound Delivery Configuration Deepdive part 1

Lecture 72 Outbound Delivery Configuration Deepdive Part 2

Lecture 73 SAP Outbound Delivery – Background Job

Lecture 74 SAP Outbound Delivery Processing list – Transaction VL06

Lecture 75 Outbound Delivery – Business Case

Section 16: Picking and Packing

Lecture 76 Picking – Introduction and Core Concept

Lecture 77 Introduction to Inventory Management

Lecture 78 Concept : IM and WM

Lecture 79 SAP Inventory Management and Warehouse Management – Core Concept

Lecture 80 SAP Storage Location Determination – Deepdive

Lecture 81 Picking in SAP Inventory Management – Demonstration

Lecture 82 Picking in SAP Warehouse Management – Demonstration and Config

Lecture 83 Packing – Introduction and Core Concept

Lecture 84 Packing – Introduction to SAP Handling Unit Management

Lecture 85 Packing – SSCC and Packing Label – Practical Example

Lecture 86 Picking and Packing – Business Case

Lecture 87 Packing – Demonstration and Configuration

Lecture 88 SAP Post Goods Issue

Section 17: Transportation in SAP R/3

Lecture 89 Transportation – Introduction and Core Concept Part 1

Lecture 90 Transportation – Introduction and Core Concept Part 2

Lecture 91 SAP Shipment – Demonstration Part 1

Lecture 92 SAP Shipment – Demonstration Part 2

Lecture 93 SAP Shipment – Mass Creation Demonstration : VT04N

Lecture 94 SAP Shipment – Configuration and Deepdive

Lecture 95 SAP Shipment – Using Status

Lecture 96 SAP Shipment – Configuration the Shipment Status – Deepdive

Lecture 97 SAP Shipment – Forwarding Agent Tendering

Lecture 98 SAP Shipment – Business Case

Lecture 99 SAP Shipments – Multi Leg Journey

Section 18: Supply Chain : SAP EDI

Lecture 100 What Is the Supply Chain EDI Architecture Part 1

Lecture 101 What Is the Supply Chain EDI Architecture Part 2

Lecture 102 End to End process for EDI

Section 19: Supply Chain : Enterprise Services

Lecture 103 Enterprise Services : Introduction

Lecture 104 Enterprise Services : Use Case

Lecture 105 Enterprise Services : Demonstration part 1

Lecture 106 Enterprise Services : Demonstration part 2

Section 20: Business Case

Lecture 107 Fill Or Kill – Introduction to the Business Scenario

Lecture 108 Fill Or Kill – Process

Lecture 109 Backorder – Business Scenario

Lecture 110 Backorder – Process

Lecture 111 3rd Party Sales – Business Scenario

Lecture 112 3rd Party Sales – Process

Section 21: SAP Returns

Lecture 113 SAP Return & Advance Returns – Concept

Lecture 114 Customer Returns – Business Scenario

Lecture 115 Customer Returns – Process (old) unpublish

Lecture 116 SAP Normal Return – Demonstration

Lecture 117 SAP Advance Return – Introduction

Lecture 118 SAP Advance Return – Demonstration

Lecture 119 SAP Advance Return – Configuration

Section 22: Shipment Costing

Lecture 120 Shipment Costing : Introduction 1

Lecture 121 Shipment Costing : Introduction 2

Lecture 122 Full Truck Load – Concept

Lecture 123 Less Than Full Truck – Core Concept

Section 23: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain – Inbound Delivery

Lecture 124 SAP Inbound Delivery – Introduction

Lecture 125 SAP inbound Delivery – Demonstration

Section 24: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain – Key Performance Indicator

Lecture 126 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Introduction, Core Concept

Lecture 127 Key Performance Indicator (KPI) – Example

Section 25: Supply Chain – End to End Process

Lecture 128 End to End process for the Supply Chain

Lecture 129 SAP Best Practice – Introduction and Core Concept

Section 26: End to End Demonstration in SAP

Lecture 130 E2E Logistic and Transportation Demo Part 1: Purchase & Sales Order

Lecture 131 E2E Logistic and Transportation Demo Part 2: Logistics (delivery and picking)

Lecture 132 E2E Logistic and Transportation Demo Part 2: Transportation

Section 27: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain – Stock Transport Order

Lecture 133 SAP Stock Transport Order – Introduction

Lecture 134 SAP Stock Transport Order Demonstration

Lecture 135 SAP Stock Transport Order – Configuration

Section 28: Logistic Process in the Supply Chain – Subcontracting

Lecture 136 SAP Subcontracting – Introduction

Lecture 137 SAP Subcontracting – Demonstration and Configuration

Section 29: Synergy in the Logistic Process in the Supply Chain

Lecture 138 Logistic Synergies in the Supply Chain

Section 30: Documentation

Lecture 139 Documentation

Lecture 140 Thank you from the author

Section 31: Business case : Answers

Lecture 141 Business Case 1 : Answer

Lecture 142 Business Case 2 : Answer

Anyone that wants further expand their knowledge into the Supply Chain area, SAP or other wise.,SAP consultants that want to expand their knowledge from a “single” module to the Supply Chain space.,Anyone that wants to understand the core concepts of the logistics & transportation in the Supply Chain, especially in SAP,Anyone that wants to learn how to integrate the various SAP modules into one coherent Supply Chain process.,SAP consultants wanting to be Solution Architects. Being able to integration the various SAP modules is key to this role.,Anyone applying for a SAP role or interview. Employees want to see end to end integration and business process knowledge in their candidates.

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Udemy | English | 20h 26m | 6.69 GB
Created by: Abdul Maulud

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