SAS MACRO Programming Advanced Programming for Beginners

The Most Complete Course on SAS MACRO Programming : Theory and a lot of Practice
SAS MACRO Programming Advanced Programming for Beginners
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SAS MACRO Programming Advanced Programming for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Each student will be able to immediately apply the knowledge acquired in the course
Programming level of each student will increase significantly
Each student will know to make more efficient code

SAS MACRO Programming Advanced Programming for Beginners


Basic knowledge of SAS (SAS Base)
Basic knowledge of most useful SAS Procedures, such as proc means, proc print, proc sort, prot ttest and et cetera.


Welcome to the course “SAS Macro Programming – Advanced Programming for Beginners”. Macro facility is an important feature of SAS Language. This course will help the novice SAS user bridge the gap between beginner and advanced programmer.My goal is that at the end of the course, you will not only know and understand Macro Language, but also know to implement it in your programs. Therefore this course includes a lot of assignments. This will allow you to practice and to gain experience. I put a strong emphasis on practice.All the code programmed during the course can be downloaded. However, i recommend and suggest you to write the code independently, so you can understand it in depthI divided the course into four sections. First section is Introduction. It includes lectures such as Installation & Familiarity with SAS University Edition and Introduction to SAS Macro. As you will see, SAS Macro consist of two basic elements : macro variables and macros. So in the second section, we will learn macro variables and n the third section we will learn macros. The last section is Conclusions.If you have any questions about the material, suggestions or ideas how to improve the course, i would be very happy to hear them. Guys, don’t hesitate to ask the questions. I will answer any of them.I sincerely hope you will enjoy the course, and i promise that your programming level will increase significantly!Your Instructor


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Sas University edition – Download & Installation

Lecture 3 Getting Started with SAS Studio

Lecture 4 Introduction to SAS Macro programming language

Section 2: Macro Variables

Lecture 5 Creating macro variables – let statement

Lecture 6 Put statement and dynamic change of macro variable value

Lecture 7 Creating macro variables – call symput

Lecture 8 System defined macro variables and Concatenation

Lecture 9 Concatenation of macro variables and double versus single quotes

Lecture 10 Referencing macro variables indirectly – Part1

Lecture 11 Referencing macro variables indirectly – Part2

Lecture 12 Macro Functions

Section 3: Macros

Lecture 13 Introduction to Macros

Lecture 14 Macro parameters

Lecture 15 Global versus Local variables

Lecture 16 Condition statement : If – Else

Lecture 17 Assignment Solution

Lecture 18 Loops

Lecture 19 SYSFUNC function

Section 4: Conclusions

Lecture 20 What’s next ? + Discounts on my other courses

SAS Macro programming course for those who want to become an expert in SAS,The course is intended for those students who wish to significantly increase programming level

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Udemy | English | 2h 38m | 889.80 MB
Created by: KDD Expert

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