SAT Reading 800 Guaranteed Results Paper Test

A proven way to ace the SAT Reading section.
SAT Reading 800 Guaranteed Results Paper Test
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SAT Reading 800 Guaranteed Results Paper Test

What you’ll learn

Understand the components of the reading test.
Know where to look for an answer in the passage.
Pick the correct answer from given choices.

SAT Reading 800 Guaranteed Results Paper Test


You should download a copy of the official practice tests from the College Board website or Khan Academy.


This is a comprehensive course that will teach you how to score perfectly on the reading section of the paper based SAT. You will learn how to connect the passage, questions, and answers in order to pick the right answer every time. I have helped students who have tried expensive prep courses but been unable to improve on their reading – even some of my 9th grade students have scored perfectly on the SAT.All you need to complete this course is a determination to succeed and a copy of the official practice tests from the College Board website. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than helping my students achieve their goals. Let me help you achieve yours!Note, this course is for the paper based SAT. If you are an international student, you will probably be taking the Digital SAT from March 2023 onwards. If you are preparing for the PSAT, you will also be taking the Digital SAT in 2023. Please take my digital SAT course instead by searching for “Digital SAT”. My Digital SAT course includes lessons for the entire new verbal section, including the reading, vocabulary, and grammar sections.This course should only be taken by people taking the SAT in the United States in 2023.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Section 2: Answer selection

Lecture 2 Direct Details

Lecture 3 Implied Ideas

Lecture 4 Vague Viewpoints

Lecture 5 Analogies & Assumptions

Section 3: Reading skills

Lecture 6 Expository passages

Lecture 7 Narrative passages

Lecture 8 2 Passage analysis

Lecture 9 Key vocabulary

Section 4: Macro questions

Lecture 10 Main ideas

Lecture 11 Logical structure

Section 5: Micro questions

Lecture 12 Detail search

Lecture 13 Support your answer

Lecture 14 Purpose

Lecture 15 2 Passage connection

Section 6: Data questions

Lecture 16 Interpreting data

Lecture 17 Connecting data

Section 7: Language questions

Lecture 18 Vocabulary in context

Lecture 19 Rhetoric

Section 8: Next steps

Lecture 20 Next steps

This course is for students willing to practice the skills learned in this course on the official practice tests.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 54m | 2.48 GB
Created by: Philip Lee

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