Scala Functional Programming Essentials Rock the JVM

Become a Scala programmer and get the skills you need to work with Spark, Akka, and any Scala framework!
Scala Functional Programming Essentials Rock the JVM
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Scala Functional Programming Essentials Rock the JVM

What you’ll learn

understand Scala code in production environments or open-source projects
think code differently with functional programming
write applications in Scala from scratch
contribute to products and open-source projects written in Scala
skills to start developing with powerful tools on top of Scala: Spark, Akka, Play

Scala Functional Programming Essentials Rock the JVM


some experience with some other programming language – you’ve built something useful that works
computer science fundamentals: memory, running time, how programs compile and run
some Java knowledge is a plus, but not required


Updated for Scala 3! This course is now fully compatible with both Scala 2 and Scala 3.In this course, we will learn the basics of Scala and functional programming, two highly in-demand topics in software industry today. Write 3000+ lines of Scala code yourself, with guidance, through 100+ examples and exercises.Why Scala:it’s currently the hottest language based on the Java Virtual Machine – the number of Scala jobs has exploded, but demand is even higherScala offers significantly higher pay (> 20%) than same-level Java positionsit’s incredibly fun – if you learn Scala, you’ll hardly want to get backit unlocks the doors to some of the latest technologies – Spark, Akka and moreI like to get to the point and get things done. This coursedeconstructs Scala – which is otherwise hard to learn – into the critical pieces you needselects the most important Scala concepts and separates them into what’s simple but critical and what’s powerfulsequences ideas in a way that “clicks” and makes sense throughout the process of learningapplies everything in live Scala codeThe end benefits are still much greater:significant bump in salary when you switch to Scala – return on investment for this course >100x in the first year alone!more enjoyable work – Scala is fun!future-proof skills – you’ll be able to work with some of the cutting edge technologies (Spark, Akka etc)This course is for established programmers with otherwise no experience with Scala language or little to no experience with functional programming. I already assume a solid understanding of general programming fundamentals. If you’ve never coded before, this course is likely not for you.The course is comprehensive, but you’ll always see me get straight to the point. So make sure you have a good level of focus and commitment to become a badass programmer.I believe both theory and practice are important. That’s why you’ll get lectures with code examples, real life Scala code demos and assignments, plus additional resources, instructions, exercises and solutions.I’ve seen that my students are most successful – and my best students work at Google-class companies – when they’re guided, but not being told what to do. I have assignments waiting for you, where I offer my (opinionated) guidance but otherwise freedom to experiment and improve upon your Scala code.Definitely not least, my students are most successful when they have fun along the way!So join me in this course and let’s rock the JVM with Scala!


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Getting Started!

Section 2: The Absolute Scala Basics

Lecture 2 Values, Variables and Types

Lecture 3 Expressions

Lecture 4 Functions

Lecture 5 Type Inference

Lecture 6 Recursion

Lecture 7 Call-by-Name and Call-by-Value

Lecture 8 Default and Named Arguments

Lecture 9 Smart Operations on Strings

Section 3: Object-Oriented Programming in Scala

Lecture 10 Object-Oriented Basics

Lecture 11 Object-Oriented Basics (exercises)

Lecture 12 Syntactic Sugar: Method Notations

Lecture 13 Method Notations (Exercises)

Lecture 14 Scala Objects

Lecture 15 Inheritance

Lecture 16 Inheritance, Continued: Abstract Classes and Traits

Lecture 17 Inheritance Exercises: Implementing Our Own Collection

Lecture 18 Generics

Lecture 19 Anonymous Classes

Lecture 20 Object-Oriented Exercises: Expanding Our Collection

Lecture 21 Case Classes

Lecture 22 Scala 3: Enums

Lecture 23 Exceptions

Lecture 24 Packaging and Imports

Section 4: Functional Programming in Scala

Lecture 25 What’s a Function, Really?

Lecture 26 Anonymous Functions

Lecture 27 Higher-Order-Functions and Curries

Lecture 28 HOFs and Curries (Exercises)

Lecture 29 map, flatMap, filter and for-comprehensions

Lecture 30 A Collections Overview

Lecture 31 Sequences: List, Array, Vector

Lecture 32 Tuples and Maps

Lecture 33 Tuples and Maps (Exercises)

Lecture 34 Options

Lecture 35 Handling Failure

Section 5: Pattern Matching

Lecture 36 Pattern Matching

Lecture 37 ALL the Patterns!

Lecture 38 Patterns Everywhere

Lecture 39 Scala 3: Braceless Syntax

Section 6: You rock!

Lecture 40 What’s next

programmers with little or no experience with Scala or functional programming

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 21m | 3.23 GB
Created by: Daniel Ciocîrlan

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