Scrum Master PSM 1 Scrum Master Certification Agile 2022

Become a professional Scrum Master & prep to take the PSM 1 certification in Agile Scrum. Practice exams & software demo
Scrum Master PSM 1 Scrum Master Certification Agile 2022
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Michael James


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Scrum Master PSM 1 Scrum Master Certification Agile 2022

What you’ll learn

Essential skills to become a great Scrum Master
About the Professional Scrum Master PSM 1 certification with all the preparation necessary to take the assessment
How to get the Scrum team ready for their first Sprint and how to run the first Sprint
Tried and tested advice on applying the Scrum theory in practice
All Scrum theory covering the Scrum Team, Scrum Events, Scrum Artifacts, Empiricism and Evidence-based Management
How to use popular Scrum based software products such as Jira, Trello and Retrospective Boards

Scrum Master PSM 1 Scrum Master Certification Agile 2022


No prior knowledge is necessary, but a backround in project management or software development is useful


Do you want to learn how to become a great Scrum Master?Are you ready to learn about Agile and Scrum?Do you want to take your Professional Scrum Master PSM 1 certification? Great, then this course is for you!This course is for anyone who wants to rapidly improve their career prospects in the booming industry of software development without learning how to code. It is also for anyone that wants to make the most of their Development Team, improve their management skills and create higher-value products for their business.If you are an entrepreneur with an idea, this course will teach you how to manage a team to turn your vision into a reality ready for the marketplace. After taking this course, you will have a good understanding of the skills necessary for effective leadership as a Scrum Master and be well prepared to take the PSM 1 Scrum Master certification. Until now, you might have struggled to manage a team to build the right product or solution…Or, you might have finished a project and the item developed was over budget, delayed and once launched it didn’t get as many users as you hoped.If this sounds familiar, then this course will help!Who is your instructor?Michael James is a UK Business and Leadership Instructor who has over a decade of experience in management and leadership in the corporate environment and has been working in product development for over 10 years as both a private consultant and for one of the largest organizations in the UK. Michael James has also managed and built many private entrepreneurial mobile app and website products with 1000s of downloads and users.This course covers the entire Scrum theory essentials focusing on the Product Owner. It also includes software practicals and advice from tried and tested experience:This course covers the entire Scrum theory essentials focusing on the Scrum Master. It also includes software practicals and advice from tried and tested experience:Agile and Scrum explainedThe PSM 1 certification exam preparationPractice quizzes and tests based on the certification examCertification assessment tipsScrum work management tool demonstrationsThe Product Owner roleThe Scrum Master roleThe Developer roleThe Scrum EventsThe Scrum ArtifactsThe Scrum GuideThe SprintSprint PlanningSprint ReviewSprint RetrospectiveSprint Retrospective software demonstrationBacklog refinementTips requirement gatheringUser StoriesBurndown ChartsEvidence-based managementEmpirical processExample demonstrationsCommon problems and solutionsMaking a start and setting things up…and much more!Anyone who is looking to build a career in Scrum Management must understand the above. If you don’t, then this course is perfect for you.So go ahead and click the enrol button, and we’ll see you in lesson 1!Cheers,Mike


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Legal

Lecture 3 Join the Student Group

Lecture 4 The Dilema

Lecture 5 Interlaced Practicals

Lecture 6 Your Past Example

Lecture 7 The PSM Certification

Lecture 8 Links to the certification and official practice tests

Lecture 9 Essential Reading for this course

Lecture 10 Welcome to the Scrum Guide

Lecture 11 Scrum Glossary

Lecture 12 Purpose of the Scrum Guide

Lecture 13 Scrum Definition

Lecture 14 Scrum’s Free Resources

Lecture 15 Scrum’s Free Videos

Section 2: The Scrum Team

Lecture 16 Scrum Master (basics)

Lecture 17 Product Owner

Lecture 18 Developers

Lecture 19 Scrum Team

Lecture 20 Scrum Roles Exercise

Section 3: Getting Started on Sprint 1

Lecture 21 Project Brief

Lecture 22 The Sprint

Lecture 23 Setting up the Scrum Events

Section 4: Putting the events into the calendar

Lecture 24 Practical – Putting Pre-Sprint Events into the Calander

Lecture 25 Practical – Putting Sprint Planning into the Calander

Lecture 26 Practical – Putting Daily Scrums into the Calander

Lecture 27 Practical – Putting Sprint Review into the Calander

Lecture 28 Practical – Putting Sprint Retrospective into the Calander

Lecture 29 Practical – Putting Backlog Refinement into the Calander

Section 5: Sprint 1 continued

Lecture 30 A closer look at the Sprint

Lecture 31 Bullet points you need to remember

Section 6: The Scrum Artifacts

Lecture 32 Artifact Introduction

Lecture 33 Product Backlog – Artifact

Lecture 34 Backlog Refinement

Lecture 35 Please see the practical demonstrations for Backlog Refinement

Section 7: Practicals – Product Backlog creation and refinement

Lecture 36 Practical – Gathering Requirements

Lecture 37 Practical – Stakeholders and User Stories

Lecture 38 Practical – Brainstorming to Product Backlog

Lecture 39 Practical – First Backlog Refinement

Lecture 40 Practical – First Backlog Refinement continued

Section 8: Scrum Artifacts continued

Lecture 41 Sprint Backlog – Artifact

Lecture 42 Increment – Artifact

Section 9: Practicals – Increment Definition of Done

Lecture 43 Practical – Defo of Done for the Increment

Lecture 44 Practical Definition of Done – Sprint End

Section 10: Starting the Sprint. Sprint Planning

Lecture 45 Sprint Planning

Lecture 46 Please see the Sprint Planning demonstration

Lecture 47 Practical – First Sprint Planning

Section 11: The Daily Scrum

Lecture 48 Daily Scrum

Lecture 49 Please see the Daily Scrum demonstrations

Lecture 50 Practical – Daily Scrum 1

Lecture 51 Practical – Negotiation on scope

Lecture 52 Practical – Daily Scrum 2

Lecture 53 Practical – Daily Scrum 3

Lecture 54 Practical – Daily Scrum 4

Lecture 55 Practical – Daily Scrum 5

Section 12: Ending the Sprint – Sprint Review

Lecture 56 Sprint Review

Lecture 57 Sprint Review practical demonstrations

Lecture 58 Practical – Sprint Review Stakeholder Management

Lecture 59 Practical – Sprint Review Agenda

Lecture 60 Practical – Sprint Review RAID

Lecture 61 Practical – Sprint Review more good points

Lecture 62 Practical Sprint Review Demonstration

Section 13: Sprint Retrospective

Lecture 63 Sprint Retrospective

Lecture 64 Sprint Retrospective practical demonstration

Lecture 65 Practical – Sprint Retrospective

Section 14: Sprint Events conclusion and moving into the next Sprint

Lecture 66 Scrum Events Exercise

Lecture 67 Practical – Second Backlog Refinement

Lecture 68 Practical – Setting up the next Sprint Board

Section 15: Scrum Master role in more detail

Lecture 69 Scrum Master Advanced

Lecture 70 Serve the Scrum Team

Lecture 71 Serve the Product Owner

Lecture 72 Serve the Organization

Section 16: Scrum Theory

Lecture 73 Scrum Theory Advanced

Lecture 74 Transparency Inspect Adapt

Lecture 75 Scrum Definition

Lecture 76 Scrum Values

Lecture 77 Agile Manifesto

Lecture 78 Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles

Lecture 79 How Scrum was founded

Lecture 80 Agile Principles Exercise

Lecture 81 Empiricism

Lecture 82 Evidence-Based Management

Lecture 83 The cone of uncertainty

Section 17: Mock Exams

Lecture 84 Exam Tips Introduction

Lecture 85 Exam Tips

Section 18: Other Work Management Software

Lecture 86 Work management tools to consider using

Lecture 87 asana Intro and setup

Lecture 88 asana adding tasks

Lecture 89 asana layouts and adding rules

Lecture 90 asana your profile and forms to make

Lecture 91 asana messages and attaching

Lecture 92 asana looking at dashboards

Section 19: Last Section

Lecture 93 Thanks for watching

Lecture 94 Bonus Lecture: Learn more from Michael James & Management Made Simple

People wanting to progress their career in management and product development,Former Project Managers looking to reskill with the Scrum Framework,Entrepreneurs looking to get the most value out of their Developers and developed products,Anyone interested in Agile or Scrum,Developers looking for a side ways move into Scrum Management,Anyone looking obtain a certification in Scrum as a Scrum Master,People wanting to take Professional Scrum Master PSM 1 certification

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Created by: Michael James

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