Sculpt a 3D printable Skeleton model in Zbrush

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Sculpt a 3D printable Skeleton model in Zbrush
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Sculpt a 3D printable Skeleton model in Zbrush

What you’ll learn

Learn how to digitally sculpt in the industry leading software: zbrush
Learn how to navigate zbrush
Learn how to load reference images into zbrush and create accurate proportions
Learn to use many brushes: what each does and when to use them
Learn how to create an entire human skeleton
Learn how to pose your skeleton
Learn how to optimize your skeleton for 3d printing

Sculpt a 3D printable Skeleton model in Zbrush


You will need access to a computer
You will need access to the internet
An understanding of the English Language
You will need access to Zbrush free 30 day trial is available for first time users
A drawing tablet is highly recommended


Created with the absolute first timer in mind, this course will teach you to become proficient in many of Zbrush’s more complex features – many of which are unknown to more advanced users. By the end of this course, you will have the knowledge and skills to create professional-quality 3D models fit for 3D printing and sales.   Join our lead 3D Modeler Josh O’hala as he recreates the exact same skeleton model that we sell to consumers. You will be guided through our professional production pipeline:You will learn how to become comfortable navigating Zbrush.You will learn how to add simple geometry to your project which will be used later. You will learn how to import reference images into your project. You will learn how to make your “clay” transparent and use your reference images to sculpt more accurately. You will learn how to use many commonly used brushes as well as specialized brushes to create beautiful and accurate sculpts. The lessons learned will be reinforced as Josh guides you through creating the entire skeleton model. You will learn how to pose your skeleton to create many variation models. You will learn how to optimize your model for 3D printing.You will learn the process of making your model 3D printable.and much more! visit us on youtube for examples of our models and tutorials.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What you’ll need.

Section 2: Getting Started

Lecture 3 First steps

Lecture 4 Making the sphere editable

Lecture 5 Adding Reference Images

Section 3: Skull

Lecture 6 Blocking out the Skull

Lecture 7 Dynamesh and Zremesher

Lecture 8 Refining the Skull

Lecture 9 Refining the skull part 2

Lecture 10 Starting the bottom jaw

Lecture 11 Detailing the Jaw

Lecture 12 Making Teeth

Lecture 13 Adding teeth to the skull

Lecture 14 Fine Tuning the upper skull

Lecture 15 Fine Tuning the lower skull

Section 4: Ribcage

Lecture 16 Starting the Ribcage

Lecture 17 Refining the ribcage

Lecture 18 Finishing the Ribcage

Section 5: Pelvis

Lecture 19 Starting the Pelvis

Lecture 20 Refining the Pelvis

Lecture 21 Refining the pelvis Part 2

Lecture 22 Finishing the Pelvis

Section 6: Preparing the Project for the Rest of the Skeleton

Lecture 23 Deformation Tab Scaling

Lecture 24 Adding the Tools Together

Section 7: Arms

Lecture 25 Starting the Arms

Lecture 26 Detailing the Upper Arm

Lecture 27 Forearm

Lecture 28 Subtool Master / Creating Second Arm

Section 8: Legs

Lecture 29 Starting the Legs

Lecture 30 Refining the Legs

Lecture 31 Finishing the Legs

Section 9: Hands

Lecture 32 Starting the Hands

Lecture 33 Refining the Hand

Lecture 34 Refining the Hand part 2

Lecture 35 Posing the Hands

Section 10: Feet

Lecture 36 Starting the Foot

Lecture 37 Refining the Foot

Lecture 38 Finishing the Foot

Section 11: Spine

Lecture 39 Spinal Vertebrae

Lecture 40 Insert Mesh Brush

Lecture 41 Creating the Spine

Section 12: Finishing up the Skeleton

Lecture 42 Finishing up the Skeleton

Section 13: Optimizing for 3D Printing

Lecture 43 Thickening the Skeleton

Lecture 44 Thickening the Skeleton part 2

Lecture 45 Sharpening the Hands and Arms

Lecture 46 Sharpening the Feet and Legs

Lecture 47 Finishing Touches

Section 14: Posing

Lecture 48 Posing

Section 15: Solidifying the Mesh

Lecture 49 Solidifying the Mesh

Section 16: Finishing and Preparing for Print

Lecture 50 Finishing and Preparing for Print

Lecture 51 Repairing the Model for Non – Formlabs 3D Printers

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to create professional quality digital sculptures.,This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own models for 3D printing.,This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to create their own miniatures for tabletop games.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 58m | 9.07 GB
Created by: Christian McNachtan

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