SDLC 2022 Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

Learn Software development life cycle/ Process and methodologies of developing software’s with real life project.
SDLC 2022 Software Development Life Cycle SDLC
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Yogesh Dahake


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SDLC 2022 Software Development Life Cycle SDLC

What you’ll learn

Detail of each phase of Software development Life cycle SDLC
Identify which SDLC model best suit your projects
Plan each phase of SDLC for project with minimizing the risk
Implement the SDLC in Pure form with best practises
Optimize the delivery flow of your software.
Deliver the quality software’s

SDLC 2022 Software Development Life Cycle SDLC


Interest in Software Development


DescriptionMany people i have seen they are working in the software industry and carrying out their day to day operations , and if you asked them which software development model and practices they are following, then they will have very little knowledge about it and they struggle to answer this question. Sometimes for example developer just know about coding ,tester just knows about testing. They will lack that understanding of big picture of END TO END software development life cycle. This limits their ability to contribute towards the quality of overall software.This is the time to learn it thoroughly and implement it in well manner so that you can enhance the quality of your software and optimize your software delivery 10X time.By the end of watching this course, you’ll be able to:Master the Software development life cycle and its various models.Understand END TO END process of software development.Understand the most Used and Popular software development methodologies exist in current time. Experience the Power and Confidence to tune or implement the SDLC in pure form in your already going on ProjectsDetermine how your career in software Industry will progress.You will have end to end visibility on the work getting carried out in Software Industry.Right from the beginning, you’ll jump in and learn what is SDLC, What are the phases of SDLC and how it is actually getting carried out in day to day software industries. Say goodbye to boring tutorials and courses with rambling instructors and useless theories!Over the next 2.5+ hours, you’ll learn, All the SDLC concepts, Process models and methodologiesSDLCAnalysis and Planning PhaseRequirement PhaseDesign and Prototyping phaseSoftware Development PhaseTesting PhaseDeployment PhaseMaintenance PhaseSDLC ModelsWaterfall ModelIncremental ModelIterative ModelV modelSpiral ModelAgile ModelKey Agile concepts (User story ,Burn Down chart)Agile MethodologiesSCRUMKANBANEXTREME ProgrammingAll above things  are covered in just over 2.5+ hours of high-quality content. This is equivalent to a book with more than a thousand pages!  in  very clear and concise manner doesn’t waste a single minute of your precious time!You’re not going to get this information at One Place Anywhere over the Web.And on top of all these, you’ll get:Closed-captions generated by a human, not a computer! Currently only the first few sections have closed-captions but new captions are being added every week.Offline access: if you are traveling or have a slow connection, you can download the videos and watch them offline.Downloadable resourcePREREQUISITESThere is no such Prerequisite for this course anybody who is using google search for finding answers to their personal and professional problem can take up this course. We will learn everything from the scratch in this course.30-DAY FULL MONEY-BACK GUARANTEEThis course comes with a 30-day full money-back guarantee. Take the course, watch every lecture, and do the exercises, and if you are not happy for any reasons, contact Udemy for a full refund within the first 30 days of your enrolment. All your money back, no questions asked.ABOUT YOUR INSTRUCTORHi! My name is Yogesh Dahake ! I’m a passionate Lead Software engineer with a decade of experience and I’ve taught over thousand  of people on self and office productivity  techniques and obviously on Coding as well through my YouTube channels like vibranthinking and CodekrantiMy goal is to enable people not just learn but in Optimal, efficient and effective way and Generate that Spark of learning .That’s why my courses are simple, pragmatic and free of clutterSo, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your time jumping from one tutorial to another. Enroll in the course Acquire the LIFE Changing Skill in just 2.5 hoursWho this course is for:People who are starting their career in the software industry.People who are student of Software Engineering.People who are already working in the software company.Developer, Lead, Technical Architect ,Tester anybody who is directly or indirectly involved in the process of software developmentPeople who wants to develop the quality software’sOn Higher note ,Anybody who has interest in Software’s , From Students to Teacher, From People who are about to start their career to Professionals in software industry.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 What is this course about

Lecture 2 Why this Course?

Lecture 3 How to take up this Course

Section 2: Software Development Life Cycle

Lecture 4 What is SDLC

Lecture 5 Why SDLC?

Lecture 6 Sample Project Usecase

Lecture 7 First Phase : Analysis and Planning

Lecture 8 Sample SDLC Process Timelines and Schedules

Lecture 9 Second Phase : Requirements

Lecture 10 Sample SRS Document-Overview

Lecture 11 Third Phase: Design and Prototyping

Lecture 12 Sample High Level Diagram

Lecture 13 Sample Low Level Diagram

Lecture 14 Sample Data Flow Diagram

Lecture 15 Sample Database Schema Diagram

Lecture 16 Sample Prototype Mockup Wireframe Diagram

Lecture 17 Forth Phase: Software Development

Lecture 18 Fifth Phase: Testing

Lecture 19 Sixth Phase : Deployment

Lecture 20 Seventh Phase : Maintenance and Updates

Section 3: SDLC Models

Lecture 21 Introduction-What are SDLC Model

Section 4: Waterfall Model

Lecture 22 What is Waterfall Model

Lecture 23 When and Where to Use Waterfall Model

Lecture 24 Pros and Cons of Waterfall Model

Section 5: Incremental Model

Lecture 25 What is Incremental Model

Lecture 26 When and Where to Use Incremental Model

Lecture 27 Pros and Cons of Incremental Model

Section 6: Iterative Model

Lecture 28 What is Iterative Model

Lecture 29 When and Where Iterative Model

Lecture 30 Pros and Cons of Iterative Model

Section 7: V-Model

Lecture 31 What is V-Model

Lecture 32 When and Where V-Model

Lecture 33 Pros and Cons of V-Model

Section 8: Spiral Model

Lecture 34 What is Spiral Model

Lecture 35 When & Where Spiral Model

Lecture 36 Pros and Cons of Spiral Model

Section 9: Agile Model

Lecture 37 Traditional vs Agile Model | Problems with Previous Model

Lecture 38 What is Agile Model

Lecture 39 When & Where Agile Model

Lecture 40 Pros and Cons of Agile Model

Lecture 41 Agile Manifesto

Lecture 42 Agile Principles

Section 10: Key Agile Concepts

Lecture 43 Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Lecture 44 User Story

Lecture 45 Burndown Chart

Section 11: Agile Methodology

Lecture 46 SCRUM

Lecture 47 KANBAN

Lecture 48 Extreme Programming (XP)

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 49 Conclusion

Students of Software Engineering,Students of Information Technology ,Computer science,People who are planning to start their career in IT industry or software world,People who are already working in Software projects,Anybody who is directly or indirectly involved in the process of software development

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Created by: Yogesh Dahake

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