Sea Magic Mother Oceans Seashells Aquatic Life Deities

A Shamanic Journey to Connect with the Magick, Symbolism and Energy of the Sea and Beach
Sea Magic Mother Oceans Seashells Aquatic Life Deities
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Sea Magic Mother Oceans Seashells Aquatic Life Deities

What you’ll learn

Symbolism of Seashells and other treasures found on the beach
sea elementals
working with the tides
creating a sea spirit doll
sea mammals
atlantis leumuria

Sea Magic Mother Oceans Seashells Aquatic Life Deities


A love for oceans, the sea, its magic and creatures


Sea Magic, Mother Ocean, Seashells, Aquatic Life &  Deities:  A Shamanic Journey to Connect with the Magick, Symbolism and Energy of the Sea & BeachThis 3 hour online class covers:Learn how to connect with Mother OceanBasic information about Waves and CurrentSeashellsSeashell Divination and Aquatic Animal Messages made simple.Basic Seashell information: Gastropods vs BivalvesLearn about 23 popular Seashells used in divination with their symbolism and messages.Seashells Included are:Abalone Shell, Angel Wing Clam, Auger Shell , Cockle Shell , Clam Shell, Conch Shell , Cone Snail ShellCowry aka Cowrie Shell, Horseshoe Crab, Limpet Seashell, Moon Snail aka Necklace ShellMurex Shell , Mussels, Nautilus Seashell, Oyster Shell , Periwinkle Seashell , Sand Dollar, Scallop ShellAtlantic Slipper Shell, Spindle Shell aka Tulip Shells, Top Shell, Whelk ShellAquatic Sea Animals & CreaturesLearn about various Aquatic Animals, Birds, and Fish and their habitats, symbolism & messages.Dolphins, Whales, Manatee, Otter, Seal, Turtle or Tortoise and SeagullOther Sea Creatures, their habitats, and their meanings: Crab, Jellyfish, Salmon, Seahorse, Starfish, Mermaid’s PurseAncient Saints & Deities of the Sea that are still honored today.A special section on Mythical Beings & Water Elementals, Undines, Selkies, Sprites, Kelpies, Mermaids and MermenSea Art: Inspirational ideas for art to make with your seashells and treasures. Seashell jewelry, Home and Garden décor ideas.Sea Altar: Suggestions for creating your own Sea Magic Altar with the seashells and treasures you found.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Sea Magic Class Guidelines

Section 2: Connecting With Mother Ocean

Lecture 3 Connecting With Mother Ocean

Lecture 4 Ocean Currents

Lecture 5 Waves

Section 3: Aquatic Sea Life

Lecture 6 Introduction to Whales & Dolphins

Lecture 7 Whales

Lecture 8 Dolphin

Lecture 9 Manatee

Lecture 10 Otter

Lecture 11 Seal

Lecture 12 Turtle Tortoise

Lecture 13 Seagull aka Gulls

Section 4: More Sea Creatures Found in the Sea and Beaches

Lecture 14 Crab

Lecture 15 Jellyfish

Lecture 16 Salmon

Lecture 17 Seahorse

Lecture 18 Starfish

Lecture 19 Mermaid’s Purse

Section 5: Seashell Symbolism, Messages & Magic

Lecture 20 Introduction to Seashell Symbolism, Messages and Magic

Lecture 21 Seashell Divination Made Easy

Lecture 22 Seashell 101 Basic Information

Lecture 23 Abalone Seashell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 24 Angel Wing Clam Seashell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 25 Auger Shells Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 26 Clam Seashell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 27 Cockle Shells Heart Clam Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 28 Conch Shell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 29 Cone Snail Shell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 30 Cowrie Cowry Seashell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 31 Horseshoe Crab

Lecture 32 Limpet Seashell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 33 Moon Snail aka Necklace Shells Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 34 Murex Shell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 35 Mussels Symbolism and Messages

Lecture 36 Nautilus Shell Symbolism and Messages

Lecture 37 Oyster Shell Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 38 Periwinkle or Winkle Shells Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 39 Sand Dollar Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 40 Scallop Shell Symbolism and Messages

Lecture 41 Slipper Snail Shells Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 42 Spindle Shells aka Tulip Shells Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 43 Top Shells Top Snails Symbolism & Messages

Lecture 44 Whelk Symbolism & Messages

Section 6: Deities & Saints of the Sea

Lecture 45 Poseidon Greek God of the Sea

Lecture 46 Neptune Roman God of the Sea

Lecture 47 Aphrodite Greek Goddess

Lecture 48 Venus Roman Goddess

Lecture 49 Deities and Saints of the Sea

Section 7: Mythical Sea Beings, Water Elementals and Undines

Lecture 50 Mythical Sea Beings, Water Elementals and Undines Introduction

Lecture 51 Water Elementals

Lecture 52 Introduction to Undines

Lecture 53 Undines Water Elementals Part Two

Lecture 54 Water Sprites

Lecture 55 Mermaids Merman Part One

Lecture 56 Mermaids Mermen Part Two

Lecture 57 Selkies

Lecture 58 Kelpies

Section 8: Sea Magic Art & Inspiration

Lecture 59 Create Your Own Sea Magic Altar

Lecture 60 Seashell Décor, Jewelry and Inspiration

Lecture 61 Create A Sea Spirit Art Doll

Section 9: Congratulations!

Lecture 62 Thank you!

mermaids,those who love the sea, the beach and it’s marine life

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Created by: jeanie mossa

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