Security Awareness Training Internet Security for Employees

Basic security awareness guide on Internet security and privacy to help keep you, your home, and your employer safe.
Security Awareness Training Internet Security for Employees
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Security Awareness Training Internet Security for Employees

What you’ll learn

Discover the WHY behind security awareness. This will help make things stick!
How to build up your resilience to attacks and why this is more important than you currently think.
Learn about social engineering, what makes it work, and how to spot the red flags before you get duped.
Learn the fast and easy process to spot a fake email.
Hear password best practices you can actually follow.
How to create security questions that aren’t easily guessed.
Learn about ransomware, why it’s popular, and what you can do to prevent it.
How to browse the Internet safely and learn about typosquatting, malicious websites, and more.
Discover safe mobile device usage and how to stay safe even while traveling.
Determine which data is regulated and how to avoid accidental disclosure (basically data leaking).
Why securing your desk or computer is important.
Be able to communicate securely and effectively. And how to talk to your IT friends or co-workers.

Security Awareness Training Internet Security for Employees


Pick your favorite web browser and be willing to learn security awareness topics!
Understand that this is a security awareness training course which means it involves the “what,” the “why,” and basic behavior tips.


Why Security Awareness?Data breaches are rising, and it’s becoming more dangerous to function online. This is where a good security awareness program is essential. Most importantly, we (the nerds) need YOU to help keep things secure.That’s right. Security is more than an IT or Security department function, and we haven’t been as good at communicating that to you in the past.You may hear professionals claim that everyone is getting compromised over simple attacks that have been around for decades. It starts as something easy to prevent and then launches into an intelligence war. “It’s easy to protect yourself,” some may claim. “All you need to do is be careful what you download, who you talk to, and what you allow to happen.” They give off the vibe that people don’t care.If you boil everything down to its barest essence, that could be true. Why do we continue to get hammered with news of more breaches if it’s so easy?Unfortunately, even the best security awareness programs out there are missing one key part. The WHY.Making Security Awareness BetterThis security awareness training course will not only give you the “what” to look out for but also the “why” and how the “what” works. After taking this course, you’ll be armed with knowledge on better protecting yourself and your organization from threats.Surprisingly, the most significant change will probably not be to start doing but rather to stop doing. You’ll be surprised at how some of your behavior is super risky, even without realizing it.And the best part is, I won’t twist your arm or shame you into changing. I sincerely want you to succeed, so there’s no victim shaming here. I believe there’s a better way to modify your behavior than vehemently shove security terms and nerd speak down your throat.This Security Awareness Course IS:a security awareness course meaning it’s information and awareness based. We will look at the “what,” the “why,” and some behaviors.Essentially a computer and Internet safety training course.For anyone at work who has a security awareness training requirement.For home users who want to learn more about internet security and privacy.This Security Awareness Course is NOT:A technical or operational security guide.A technically charged course with jargon that only your IT or Security department would understand.Since this course is NOT technical, beginners ranging from your co-worker that barely knows how to turn a computer on to your Grandma that uses Facebook too much can take and understand this course. We’re simply looking at threats, attack vectors, and behaviors to help reduce the sting of attacks.Genuine Reviews From Amazing StudentsThe instructor was knowledgeable and presented security awareness a bit different than I’ve seen before… – Rob…I learned quite a lot of stuff I didn’t know. – JulieSmall course. Easy to understand for everybody. – ReyThe course is well organized and provides helpful tips on how to be aware of and prevent security issues. – CarlsonMore fun than I expected! – ScotJoin Me Today!I appreciate your interest in this security awareness training course. It means a lot to all the other security professionals and me that you care about your online safety.If you’re here because your company requires security awareness training and you’re considering choosing this course – awesome. Let me know if you have any questions. If you don’t have a security program in place, this course will help get you started. To move forward, please click on the Buy Now button on the right side of the page to enroll in this course. I can’t wait to see you on the inside, and I look forward to serving you. Thanks!All the best,RoyCOURSE UPDATESI believe in continuous improvement in all my courses and products! Here’s the list of updates to this Beginner Security Awareness Training course since its release:Added resource links from the course to lectures on 4/4/2019.Added the Security Awareness Training Course Slides (48 page PDF) resource to the new Security Awareness Training Course Resources lecture on 4/4/2019.Added a Security Awareness Training Course Companion (38 page PDF) resource to the new Security Awareness Training Course Resources lecture on 4/4/2019.Added 2 new lectures on 4/2/2019.Added U.S. English captions to all videos on 3/29/2019. The auto-generated captions were terrible.Updated lecture descriptions and fixed a few wording issues on 3/7/2018.Updated quizzes to fix wording issues, spelling, grammar, and some blank answers on 2/21/2018.Added a short quiz at the end of every section on 1/15/2018. Have you been paying attention? :)Course was released in November 2017.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Security Awareness Training Course Resources

Lecture 2 Welcome! The “What” and the “Why” of Security Awareness

Lecture 3 Example of Why Security Awareness is Important

Section 2: User and Device Accountability

Lecture 4 It Happens. No need to Be Ashamed.

Lecture 5 Keeping Your Curiosity in Check

Lecture 6 Open the Lines of Communication

Lecture 7 Keep Your Desk Clear and Computer Locked

Section 3: Phishing and Other Malicious Emails

Lecture 8 Brief Intro to Spam Protection

Lecture 9 Beware of Phishing

Lecture 10 Scammy Email Example

Section 4: Social Engineering

Lecture 11 Intro to Social Engineering

Lecture 12 How to Spot Social Engineering Attempts

Lecture 13 Social Engineering Example

Section 5: Handling of Data (Data Leakage)

Lecture 14 Transmitting Data

Lecture 15 Keeping Information in the Right Hands

Lecture 16 Use of Cloud Storage

Lecture 17 Overview of Protected Data Sets

Section 6: Passwords and Security Questions

Lecture 18 Why Good Passwords are Important and Common Passwords

Lecture 19 Best Practices for Creating Passwords

Lecture 20 Security Questions

Section 7: Safe Browsing

Lecture 21 Ads and Sponsored Content

Lecture 22 Typosquatting and Malicious Websites

Lecture 23 Malicious Websites and Dangerous Things to Search Online

Section 8: Mobile Devices and Traveling

Lecture 24 Personal App safety on Android and iOS

Lecture 25 Connecting to Public Wi-Fi

Lecture 26 Your Personal Device in the Workplace

Section 9: Ransomware

Lecture 27 What Ransomware Does and How it Spreads

Lecture 28 You’ve Been Hit, Should You Pay the Ransom?

Lecture 29 How to Protect Against Ransomware

Section 10: Conclusion

Lecture 30 If You See Something, Say Something

Lecture 31 Thank You for Viewing this Security Awareness Training Course!

Anyone who wants to learn about security awareness and privacy online for personal development or to help protect their family.,Employees who use a computer and the Internet to do their jobs.,Those who want to learn more about protecting themselves against basic attacks such as phishing, social engineering, malicious websites, etc.,Anyone who’s looking for a basic security awareness course.,IT folks who need ideas on how to reach their users.,Anyone who wants a peek into the state of information security.,This course is NOT meant for people looking for advanced knowledge by way of technical guidance or operational security.

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Created by: Roy Davis

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