Selenium WebDriver with Java Basics to AdvancedFrameworks

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Selenium WebDriver with Java Basics to AdvancedFrameworks
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Selenium WebDriver with Java Basics to AdvancedFrameworks

What you’ll learn

*****By the end of this course,You will be Mastered on Selenium Webdriver with strong Core JAVA basics
****You will gain the ability to design PAGEOBJECT, DATADRIVEN&HYBRID Automation FRAMEWORKS from scratch
*** InDepth understanding of real time Selenium CHALLENGES with 100 + examples
*We have 5 dedicated TRAINERS who can help in answering students queries along with resume,Interview preparation with Job assistance
“Additional knowledge to understand Mobile Testing Database testing and Performance testing with Selenium
You will be in a position to pick any website over internet and can automate it with all the possible test cases
You will improve your coding skills in writing best optmized code for Automating testcases
“Last but not least” you can clear any Interview and can Lead Entire Selenium Automation Project from Design Stage
You should be able to verify Data Integrity with the GUI of the application
You will be able to create GREAT LOOKING REPORTS to impress Clients
Deeper understanding of Automation guidelines and code quality standards
Includes a Practice Website to play around with all available Web driver functions to automate

Selenium WebDriver with Java Basics to AdvancedFrameworks


******You need NOT have java coding experience to start this course********* Even non Programming candidates can follow this course comfortably
You will have Life Time instructor support to get solved all your queries.You can post your doubts in discussion board and we will get back with answer in less than 12 hours
All Installation setup including Java knowledge is taken care as part of course
Course includes real time projects with practical Solutions for the Robust Selenium Framework building
Theoretical Material,Code dump and Interview Guide are available for download
New : JOB ASSISTANCE after completion of course to make your Profile reach to Hundreds of Recruiters in my network.******
Join in our Selenium Training community with (350 + lectures, 5 Million Students) Learning Together which you will not see in any other Selenium online course on Udemy.
We have 5 dedicated Trainers who can help in answering students queries along with resume preparation , Interview preparation and Job assistance
***Honored with BEST SELLER Tag by Udemy for our most trusted commitment to students***
**”40,000+ ratings with an average 4.6/5″** which you will never see for any other course in Udemy


Course last updated on November 12th with Latest Selenium 4 Version +Framework Interview questionsHave a Passion of learning Selenium but have no coding knowledge ? I will fulfill your wish with my easy teaching and life time query support  through QA Forum , Skype and TeamviewerThe one and only Selenium course (350+Lectures) in Udemy which conferred with the ** official BEST SELLER Tag *** and Highest Ratings -90,000+ 5 star Ratings)/ /*******Watchout Lecture 2 which depicts our roaring Success in Udemy with Success stories  *****–Includes: 50+ Hours     lectures with real time projects + OnDemand Skype, Teamviewer sessions  (Life time support)  including Job Assistance    + 5 Million Students learning forum and 100 Pages detailed Material which you will not find in any other online course This course covers Java Basics core + Selenium Webdriver + Advanced Selenium + Interview Preparation + Framework design ( TestNG, ANT, Pageobject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ) + Selenium Grid + DataBase Testing + Performance Testing on Selenium scripts + Mobile testing Basics + Resume Preparation including       ” Life Time Support (On Demand skype sessions) + Material + Job Assistance- (US, India, Canada***** One stop to become an Expert in Selenium from scratch *****I noticed other courses using the same content as our course. Please be aware of themOn course completion You will be Mastered in Selenium Automation Testing and implementing Successfully in your work place or you will land on High Paying Job    ************************************************** **************************************************     So what makes this course Unique in the Market?We assume that students have no experience in automation / coding and start every topic from scratch and basics.Examples are taken from  REAL TIME HOSTED WEB APPLICATIONS  to understand how different components can be automated.  Topics includes:  Complete Core javaSelenium Webdriver- Major focus (20 hours+ content) Live Examples in Automating Web applications in all supported Browsers  Strategy to handle Rich Web UI using Advanced WebDriver  Real time challenges we face in WebDriver and solutions to handle it Selenium GridLive projects on Selenium Interview questions discussion with solutionsTestNGMavenANTJenkinsLog4jTest Execution reportsCucumberData driven frameworkHybrid FrameworkPage object Model FrameworkDataBase testing with SeleniumPerformance testing with SeleniumMobile Automation basics only!CLoud Automation with Sauce labsFramework Design from scratch (       TestNG, ANT, PageObject, Maven, Jenkins, Excel , Datadriven, Cucumber, log4j ,Client html reports) All the Best! Happy Testing 🙂


Section 1: Selenium Introduction

Lecture 1 ***Course FAQ’s-*** (Must Watch Lecture)

Lecture 2 Social proof for BEST SELLER in Selenium Category?**(Must Watch)**

Lecture 3 Selenium syllabus & How to reach Trainer for Queries?

Lecture 4 Selenium Features- What you need to know

Lecture 5 Selenium WebDriver Architecture Simplified

Lecture 6 Selenium Introductory Notes download

Lecture 7 Video Player Setting tips for Best Experience in viewing course

Section 2: Install Java & Selenium -Get Started with basic Steps of the Selenium WebDriver

Lecture 8 Install Java & Eclipse – Setup Maven Project from Scratch

Lecture 9 How to Set JAVAHOME path in MAC

Lecture 10 Understanding the core concept of Browser driver classes and Webdriver Interface

Lecture 11 How to run tests in Google Chrome & Importance of Chromedriver.exe file

Lecture 12 Troubleshooting steps if you fail to invoke chrome browser with Selenium

Lecture 13 Getting Started with basic Selenium WebDriver methods

Lecture 14 Update with latest Selenium Version – Selenium Manager (Beta)

Lecture 15 How to run tests in Firefox and Edge browser with Gecko and edge drivers

Lecture 16 Running the tests in Microsoft Edge browser- Importance of edge driver

Lecture 17 Code Download

Lecture 18 Important Note about next section

Lecture 19 Important Note on OS compatibility

Section 3: Brush up Java Concepts for Selenium Automation

Lecture 20 Course Strategy to learn Java basics for Selenium Automation

Lecture 21 Introduction to Java variables and Data types with examples

Lecture 22 What are Arrays in Java? How to initialize and retrieve the values of array

Lecture 23 Introduction to For loop to iterate over array of Strings and Integers

Lecture 24 Enhanced for loop declaration & using Conditional statements inside the loops

Lecture 25 Code download

Lecture 26 What is Arraylist and differences between Arraylist and Arrays

Lecture 27 Iterating over Arrays and Arraylists and its related methods

Lecture 28 Strings in Java – How to declare Strings & Important String methods

Lecture 29 How to create methods and access methods using Java class objects

Lecture 30 Code download

Section 4: CORE JAVA In depth for Manual testers and Beginners

Lecture 31 7 hours Indepth Java learning with Interview Ques

Section 5: Locator Techniques& Tools used to identify Objects

Lecture 32 Important Notes

Lecture 33 Importance of locators in Selenium WebDriver to identify the elements

Lecture 34 Identifying the Web elements with id and name locators with example

Lecture 35 Introducing Class name and Css Selector locators to identify elements

Lecture 36 Browser plugins- Selectorshub to identify and validate the elements on the page

Lecture 37 Working with Xpath and linktext locators and different ways of writing xpaths

Lecture 38 Building Customized Xpath and Css Selector locators based on html attributes

Lecture 39 Generating xpaths with parent to child tags traverse techniques

Section 6: Advanced Locators Identification & Interview Questions on Parsing Text

Lecture 40 Generating Css selectors based on regular expressions – Example

Lecture 41 Code download

Lecture 42 Identifying web elements based on unique Tag name locators – example

Lecture 43 Generating xpaths based on the button texts on the page with the example

Lecture 44 Parse the String with Java methods to get the password dynamically from the page

Lecture 45 Code Download

Lecture 46 Running the tests in cross browser and how to inspect objects in Edge & Firefox

Lecture 47 Identify locators using Siblings with Xpath traverse – example

Lecture 48 How to Traverse from child element to parent element with xpath – Example

Lecture 49 Automate Browser navigations and window properties with Selenium Webdriver

Lecture 50 Code download

Section 7: Selenium Webdriver->Techniques to automate Web elements

Lecture 51 Important Note

Lecture 52 Handling Static dropdowns with Select webdriver API

Lecture 53 Updated lecture on latest Dropdown looping UI

Lecture 54 Code Snippet download

Lecture 55 Handle Dynamic dropdowns with Webdriver API

Lecture 56 Parent-Child relationship locator to Identify the objects Uniquely

Lecture 57 Code Snippet download

Lecture 58 Handling AutoSuggestive dropdowns using Selenium

Lecture 59 AutoSuggestive code download

Lecture 60 Handling Checkbox and getting the size of them with Selenium

Lecture 61 Importance of Assertions in Automation testing and how to use them

Lecture 62 Code Snippet download

Lecture 63 Handling Calendar UI in travel websites using Selenium

Lecture 64 Validating if UI Elements are disabled or enabled with Attributes

Lecture 65 Code Snippet download

Lecture 66 End to End Automation using all UI Elements with selenium

Lecture 67 Exercise code download

Lecture 68 Handling Java Alerts using Selenium Webdriver

Lecture 69 Alerts code download

Section 8: Deep Dive into Functional testing with Selenium

Lecture 70 Code formatting and Debugging

Lecture 71 Problem – Adding Items into Cart for Ecommerce App

Lecture 72 Sending Array of Products to Cart for checkout

Lecture 73 Building Programming Logic to process items in array for Cart

Lecture 74 Debugging the code to understand how flow is being built

Lecture 75 Fixing the problem of inconsistent locators and making tests clean

Lecture 76 code download

Section 9: Synchronization usage in Selenium webdriver

Lecture 77 What is Implicit wait? Explain with real time scenario

Lecture 78 What is explicit wait? Explain with real time scenario

Lecture 79 Scenario to automate and necessity of waits in the example

Lecture 80 Practical examples on Implicit wait

Lecture 81 Practical examples on explicit waits

Lecture 82 code download

Lecture 83 What is Fluent wait? Its advantages

Lecture 84 Building Customized methods using FLuent wait

Lecture 85 Practise example on Fluent wait

Section 10: Techniques to automate Ajax calls,Child Windows and IFrames

Lecture 86 Handling Ajax/Mouse Interactions

Lecture 87 Actions class-real time example

Lecture 88 Window Handle concepts-real time example

Lecture 89 Live Example on working with Child windows

Lecture 90 Code download

Lecture 91 How to handle Frames?

Lecture 92 Frames Techniques-real time example

Section 11: Real Time Exercises (end to end Programming)

Lecture 93 Practise Exercise- print the links count in the Page

Lecture 94 Exercise 1.1-Limiting Webdriver scope

Lecture 95 How to open the links in Separate Tabs – Optimized solution

Lecture 96 Getting the Titles of child tabs with optimized while loop

Lecture 97 Code for Exercises

Lecture 98 Handling calendar UI in Travel websites

Lecture 99 Generic method to handle calendar with month and date

Lecture 100 Solved example on calendar methods

Lecture 101 code download

Section 12: Practical problems and Methods to Handle them with Selenium

Lecture 102 How to Perform Scrolling with in table and Window level using JavaScriptExecutor

Lecture 103 How to handle table Grids in webpage

Lecture 104 Parsing String and comparing with Generated Sum value -Exercise

Section 13: Miscellaneous topics in Selenium WebDriver

Lecture 105 Handling HTTPS certifications in Automated browsers

Lecture 106 Explore Chrome options to set proxies,plugins & paths on Chrome browser

Lecture 107 Code download

Lecture 108 Maximizing window and deleting cookies

Lecture 109 How to take Screenshots in Selenium

Lecture 110 Strategy to automate the broken Links with Selenium

Lecture 111 Open Connection method to identify status codes of the links

Lecture 112 Iterate over all links in the page to validate broken Links mechanism

Lecture 113 Importance of Soft Assertions in Selenium WebDriver

Lecture 114 Code download

Section 14: Selenium Java Streams – Automate Sort, Pagination, Filtering the Web Tables

Lecture 115 Important Note – Plan of learning this Section

Lecture 116 Learn everything about Java Streams

Lecture 117 Perform Web Table Sorting using Selenium Java Streams

Lecture 118 Build Custom Selenium methods using Streams Mapper

Lecture 119 Automating Pagination Scenarios to search the data using do while loop

Lecture 120 Code Download

Lecture 121 Filter the web table using Selenium Java streams

Lecture 122 Code download

Section 15: Selenium 4.0 – Latest Features

Lecture 123 Introduction to Relative Locators – Part 1

Lecture 124 Relative locators with real time examples

Lecture 125 Code Download

Lecture 126 Invoking Multiple Windows/Tabs from Selenium

Lecture 127 Taking WebElement Partial Screenshot with Selenium

Lecture 128 -Capturing Height and Width of WebElement for UX validation

Lecture 129 Code Download

Section 16: Framework Part -1 – TestNG

Lecture 130 Why TestNG and Its Advantages

Lecture 131 Running testcases in TestNG with out Java compiler

Lecture 132 Importance of xml file in Testng configuration

Lecture 133 Prioritizing the Testcases with TestNG

Lecture 134 Include and Exclude Mechanism to control testcases

Lecture 135 Executing the Testcases at Package level with regex

Lecture 136 TestNg Annotations part – 1

Lecture 137 TestNG Annotations part – 2

Lecture 138 Usage of Groups functionality in TestNG

Lecture 139 Annotations helper attributes with examples

Lecture 140 Parameterising from TestNG xml file

Lecture 141 DataProvider Annotation -Parameterizing Testcases – 1

Lecture 142 DataProvider Annotation -Parameterizing Testcases-2

Lecture 143 Listeners Interface in TestNG framework

Lecture 144 Running Tests in parallel and generating Reports

Lecture 145 TestNg code download

Section 17: Framework Part 1 – Create Maven Project and Prepare Functional End to end Test

Lecture 146 FAQs about Framework design – (MUST WATCH)

Lecture 147 Complete Framework Code download

Lecture 148 Create new Maven Project and all Framework dependencies

Lecture 149 Ecommerce Application Demo which will be used in the Framework

Lecture 150 Selenium Program on WebDriverManager – Login- Get Products List

Lecture 151 Selenium Program to retrieve product and Add to Cart based on Java Streams

Lecture 152 Implementation of explicit wait to handle application synchronously on loading

Lecture 153 Logic to verify items in the cart with Streams and Checkout

Lecture 154 Wrapping up end to end automation Script on Purchasing Order in Ecommerce App

Section 18: Framework Part 2 – Design Pattern – Page Object & factory Implementation

Lecture 155 What is Page object model? Advantages of its implementation

Lecture 156 Creating Page object Classes for Login Screen and migrate the test

Lecture 157 Implementing Action methods for Page factory web elements to implement logic

Lecture 158 Creating Abstract Components to reuse the common methods/code in framework

Lecture 159 Page object Class implementation for Product catalogue page and update test

Lecture 160 Speed up your test execution – Fix for Application slowness in the backend

Lecture 161 Creating common methods to Abstract component and extending it in Page classes

Lecture 162 Wrapping up the whole test with complete refactor into Page object model

Section 19: Framework Part 3 -Test Configuration Methods & Global Properties & Parallel Runs

Lecture 163 Creating Base Test which holds Common Test configuration methods

Lecture 164 Initialize Driver and create utility to launch App with BeforeMethod annotation

Lecture 165 Create new Error Validation Test as per framework Standards developed until now

Lecture 166 Implement Test Strategy for Framework on how tests are divided based on modules

Lecture 167 Create new Test methods with Dependency attribute based on Test Strategy design

Lecture 168 How to run tests/classes in Parallel & apply Groups using TestNG.xml

Section 20: Framework Part 4 – Test Strategy- Control Tests Execution- Run Parallel Tests

Lecture 169 Agenda of implementing Parameterization into tests with TestNG Data provider

Lecture 170 Integration of Hashmap to Data provider to send the data as one Hash object

Lecture 171 How to read the data from Json files and create the list of Hashmaps for testing

Lecture 172 How to Create Screenshot Utility in Base Test class for catching Failed tests

Section 21: Framework Part 5 -Extent HTML reports & TestNG Listeners & Thread Safe execution

Lecture 173 What are Extent reports? Quick 30 minutes Tutorial

Lecture 174 Integrating Extent reports to existing framework with help of TestNG listeners

Lecture 175 Attaching Screenshot to reports from Listeners on automatic Test failures

Lecture 176 concurrency problem -Implement ThreadLocal class to avoid sync issues in Tests

Lecture 177 IRetry Analyzer to rerun the flaky failed Selenium tests in the framework

Section 22: Framework Part 6 – Test Execution from Maven & Integration with Jenkins CI/CD

Lecture 178 How to run tests in the framework from terminal using Maven commands

Lecture 179 Set Global Parameters using Maven commands and Update tests at run time

Lecture 180 Install Jenkins in the local System for CI/CD

Lecture 181 Integrate the Selenium framework with Jenkins and Parameterize jenkin job

Lecture 182 How to Run tests in headless mode and integrate the parameter in Jenkins

Lecture 183 Schedule Jenkin Jobs with regular expression and trigger nightly Automation jobs

Section 23: Framework Part 7 – Integrating Cucumber Wrapper into Selenium Framework

Lecture 184 Important Note – How much Cucumber does this course cover?

Lecture 185 Introduction to cucumber and its terminologies with examples

Lecture 186 Setting up cucumber dependencies into Framework and create feature files

Lecture 187 Implement Step definitions for features and understand regular expressions

Lecture 188 Inject Selenium code in Step definition and introduction to Tidy Gherkin Plugin

Lecture 189 Introduction to TestNG Test Runner to run Cucumber feature files

Lecture 190 Control the Cucumber feature files execution with Tags and Background keywords

Section 24: Framework Part 8- Common Selenium Framework OOPS Interview Questions

Lecture 191 Selenium Framework Interview Questions – Part 1

Lecture 192 Selenium Framework Interview Questions – Part 2

Lecture 193 Selenium Framework Architecture Diagram – Explained

Lecture 194 Job openings USA Selenium testers

Lecture 195 How to showcase Selenium experience to recruiters?

Section 25: Understand Excel Data Driven Testing Functions with examples

Lecture 196 what is Apache POI API & Download Instructions

Lecture 197 Strategy to Access Excel Data

Lecture 198 Getting rows and its cells from Sheet

Lecture 199 Retrieving Data from Excel based on condition

Lecture 200 Practise Exercise- Excel Driven testing -1

Lecture 201 Practise Exercise- Excel Driven testing -2

Lecture 202 Practise Exercise- Excel Driven testing -3

Lecture 203 Importance of Data Provider and Excel Integration for better Data driven

Lecture 204 Understand Dataprovider and how it sends data in Multidimensional array

Lecture 205 Get Excel dependencies and connect from java code to excel

Lecture 206 Live demo on integrating Excel to Dataprovider to parameterize data

Lecture 207 Code download

Section 26: Cross Browser Testing with Selenium Grid

Lecture 208 Important Note & Code Download

Lecture 209 What is Selenium Grid? Its advantages on bringing down execution time

Lecture 210 Getting Started with Grid Infrastructure Setup – Create Components

Lecture 211 Create Node Physical machines and register with Grid-Check Grid health

Lecture 212 Create Selenium TestNG tests with Desired capabilities & remote webdriver class

Lecture 213 Demo on executing the Selenium scripts in Node machines from Grid Hub

Section 27: Selenium 4 Chrome Dev tools Protocol (CDP) Integration Concepts

Lecture 214 Important Note

Lecture 215 What are Chrome Dev tools? Why do we need this for Selenium testing?

Lecture 216 Understand Device metrics override function to simulate browser as mobile

Lecture 217 Importance of executeCDP Command to construct the own CDP functions

Lecture 218 Localization Testing with Selenium 4 using ChromeDevTools Protocols

Lecture 219 How to extract Network Responses and status codes with Selenium CDP Listeners

Lecture 220 Intercept Network /API Responses with Selenium Chrome dev tools

Lecture 221 How to test failed Network request calls with Selenium CDP Commands

Lecture 222 Blocking unwanted Network request calls to speed up the execution with Selenium

Lecture 223 How to emulate network speed with Selenium Chromedevtools Integration

Lecture 224 Working with Basic Authentication using Selenium uriPredicate function

Lecture 225 How to log javascript errors from Selenium Script to console for debugging

Section 28: DataBase connection to Selenium Testcases

Lecture 226 Steps to connect Database to Selenium Testcases

Lecture 227 mysql download instructions

Lecture 228 mySQL server connection procedure

Lecture 229 Creating Database in mysql server

Lecture 230 Creating Tables in Databases

Lecture 231 Inserting records into table

Lecture 232 Integration of Database with JDBC API

Lecture 233 Steps to conect Database info to Selenium – 1

Lecture 234 Program code download

Lecture 235 Steps to connect Database info to Selenium – 2

Section 29: File Uploading (AUTO IT) & Downloading with Selenium

Lecture 236 Handling Window Authentication pop ups with Selenium

Lecture 237 Examples on handling pop ups with modified webdriver url

Lecture 238 What is AutoIT? Installation details

Lecture 239 Inspecting the window objects and converting into AutoIT code

Lecture 240 End to End example on uploading File with AutoIT Selenium

Lecture 241 Reference Material for AutoIT

Lecture 242 Steps to complete the flow to download file from Application with Selenium

Lecture 243 Chrome driver options to configure download path of browser

Lecture 244 Full Code download

Section 30: Cross Browser Testing on Cloud using third Party Vendors

Lecture 245 What is Cross browser Testing on Cloud? BrowserStack Support to run tests

Lecture 246 End to end Test execution on Cloud with BrowserStack (Browser/OS Combinations)

Lecture 247 code download

Section 31: GIT- Version Control Tutorial

Lecture 248 Introduction to GIT

Lecture 249 Importance of Github and its uses

Lecture 250 Creating Git config and repositories

Lecture 251 How to push code to remote repository

Lecture 252 Understanding Staging and commit in git

Lecture 253 Add remote repository and push the committed code

Lecture 254 End to end working example on Git commands -1

Lecture 255 End to end working example on Git commands -2

Lecture 256 Importance of Branching in GIT

Lecture 257 How to resolve Merge conflicts with GIT

Section 32: (OPTIONAL) Maven- Build Management tool InDepth Information

Lecture 258 Important Note

Lecture 259 Importance of Maven in Framework development

Lecture 260 Installing and configuring Maven

Lecture 261 Creating Maven Project and Understanding its Terminologies

Lecture 262 Understanding POM.xml file and its dependencies

Lecture 263 Importance of surefirePlugin in executing Tests

Lecture 264 Integration of Testng with Maven

Lecture 265 Switching the Tests with Maven profiling

Lecture 266 code download

Section 33: Java OOPS Basics for Selenium Part -1

Lecture 267 IMportant Note

Lecture 268 When should I use While loop?

Lecture 269 How do while loop works?

Lecture 270 loops,Conditions code download

Lecture 271 Explanation on Nested for loops

Lecture 272 Practise Exercise on loops -1 { printing pyramid triangle)

Lecture 273 Practise Exercise – 2- Yahoo Ques : ( Inverted sequence pyramid logic program)

Lecture 274 Nested loops code download

Lecture 275 What is interface?

Lecture 276 How java classes can take advantage of interfaces

Lecture 277 Interface code download

Lecture 278 What are Abstract classes and how different they are from Interfaces

Lecture 279 Usage of inheritance in java

Lecture 280 Practical examples on types of inheritances

Lecture 281 Inheritance code download

Lecture 282 Explaining function overloading in java with example

Lecture 283 How different function overriding from overloading?-Explain

Lecture 284 Demonstration code download

Lecture 285 What are Arrays and their usage in Java programmes

Lecture 286 Ways of initializing arrays and assigning objects

Lecture 287 Arrays code download

Lecture 288 Logic Program on Multi Dimensional arrays

Lecture 289 Practise exercise – Print smallest number in 3*3 matrix

Lecture 290 Practise Exercise – Cisco Interview question on Arrays

Lecture 291 programming code download

Section 34: Core Java Tutorial – Part 2

Lecture 292 Date class concepts

Lecture 293 working with calendar objects in java

Lecture 294 How constructor play a crucial role

Lecture 295 Types of constructors and their usage

Lecture 296 Constrructor code download

Lecture 297 What is super keyword ?

Lecture 298 super keyword practical usage

Lecture 299 importance of this keyword

Lecture 300 Static and Non Static Importance in Java

Lecture 301 Final keyword in Java

Lecture 302 Packages and their usage in OOPS

Lecture 303 Types of packages and how they will help in real time

Lecture 304 Importance of access modifiers

Lecture 305 Difference between public and private modifers-With Examples

Lecture 306 Different kind of exceptions

Lecture 307 Try catch Mechanism to handle exceptions

Lecture 308 Importance of finally block in java

Lecture 309 Exception code download

Section 35: Core Java Tutorial – Part 3- Collections API

Lecture 310 What are Java collections

Lecture 311 Implementation of Arrays List

Lecture 312 Examples of ArrayList

Lecture 313 Array List Code download

Lecture 314 Implementation of Set interface

Lecture 315 Examples of HashSet using Iterator

Lecture 316 Implementation of Map interface

Lecture 317 Code explaining hashset and hashmap

Lecture 318 Difference between HashMap and HashTable (Interview )

Lecture 319 Practise Exercise : Priniting unique number- Amazon interview ques

Lecture 320 programming code download

Lecture 321 OOPS Interview questions

Lecture 322 Java interview questions

Section 36: Cucumber Behaviour Driven Data -Framework

Lecture 323 Advantages of BDD, Why it is getting popular

Section 37: Selenium Multiple Choice Question for Interview

Section 38: Bonus Lectures – Defect tracking tool

Lecture 324 Sample Application to derive Test Cases

Lecture 325 TestCases continued for the ecommerce App

Lecture 326 Test Execution for all test cases and update the result status

Lecture 327 Introduction to Bugzilla tool and how to create a bug

Lecture 328 Adding More details to bug with understanding of all the fields


Lecture 329 Bonus lecture

Manual testers, Non-programming aware testers interested in learning Automation,Freshers/Graudates who want to kick start their Carrier in IT World

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Udemy | English | 54h 7m | 33.11 GB
Created by: Rahul Shetty

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