Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners

Selenium WebDriver with Java and TestNG. Tutorial designed for complete beginners in Selenium testing and automation
Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners
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Dmitry Shyshkin


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Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners

What you’ll learn

Set up test automation framework with Selenium WebDriver
Automate your first Selenium WebDriver test
Learn basics of Java for testers
Execute Selenium tests on different browsers
Use TestNG features for better test structure and easy selenium framework maintenance
Recognize different selenium test failures and exceptions and know how to fix and avoid them

Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners


Basic or NO Java programming knowledge
Software Testing experience
Desire to learn automation testing with Selenium WebDriver


Double your QA salary with Selenium Webdriver!Selenium WebDriver testing tutorial is created for Manual Software Testers that want to learn automation testing from scratch with Selenium WebDriver using Java.Every step is explained in detail from the WebDriver set up to running your first automated selenium test. No prior test automation, selenium webdriver, or java knowledge is required. This course is specifically designed for complete beginners in test automation and Selenium WebDriver.Some of the basic Java is explained and should be enough for the complete beginners to start.More and more Software QA positions require some test automation, and in many cases, Selenium WebDriver experience, it’s important to be able to automate at least simple tests with Selenium. And Java is the most popular language to write tests with Selenium WebDriver.At the end of this course, students will be able to automate software tests with Selenium WebDriver using Java and TestNG framework. Execute Selenium tests in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. Recognize different Selenium WebDriver test failures and exceptions and know how to fix and avoid them. Use TestNG features for better test structure and easy test automation framework maintenance.And most importantly, be able to receive a promotion at the current job, or get a new job that requires selenium webdriver or other test automation experience.This “Selenium WebDriver with Java for beginners” course is being constantly monitored and updated with new content.All your Selenium related questions are being answered within a few hours. Don’t wait, start learning Selenium WebDriver today!


Section 1: Introduction | Selenium WebDriver with Java

Lecture 1 What we need to know

Lecture 2 Helpful tips before we start

Section 2: Environment preparation | Selenium WebDriver with Java

Lecture 3 What is Selenium WebDriver

Lecture 4 Java and Maven

Lecture 5 Eclipse IDE

Lecture 6 Creating New Maven Project

Lecture 7 Configuring Maven Project

Lecture 8 Troubleshooting Project Issues

Lecture 9 GitHub

Section 3: Creating first basic Selenium WebDriver test | Selenium WebDriver with Java

Lecture 10 Application under test

Lecture 11 Creating first Selenium test class

Lecture 12 Working on first test method

Lecture 13 Running TestNG test

Lecture 14 Debugging test problems

Lecture 15 Page elements and locators for Selenium

Lecture 16 WebElement

Lecture 17 WebDriver commands

Lecture 18 Invalid locators

Lecture 19 Verifications and assertions

Section 4: Creating and running TestNG Test Suites for Selenium WebDriver tests

Lecture 20 TestNG eclipse plugin

Lecture 21 Homework

Lecture 22 Incorrect username test

Lecture 23 Incorrect password test

Lecture 24 Creating TestNG Test Suite

Lecture 25 Running TestNG Test Suite

Section 5: Benefits of TestNG framework | Selenium WebDriver with Java

Lecture 26 TestNG documentation

Lecture 27 TestNG Groups

Lecture 28 Parameters from Test Suite

Lecture 29 Combining Login tests

Lecture 30 TestNG Before and After Annotations

Lecture 31 Cross Browser testing support

Section 6: Debugging common Selenium WebDriver test failures

Lecture 32 Debugging tests

Lecture 33 Exceptions in Selenium WebDriver

Lecture 34 Homework

Lecture 35 Homework resolution

Lecture 36 NoSuchElementException

Lecture 37 WebDriver Waits

Lecture 38 Using Implicit Wait

Lecture 39 Using Explicit Wait

Lecture 40 ElementNotInteractableException

Lecture 41 InvalidElementStateException

Lecture 42 StaleElementReferenceException

Lecture 43 TimeoutException

Lecture 44 Selenium Manager

Section 7: Outro | Selenium WebDriver with Java

Lecture 45 Outro

Lecture 46 Bonus Lecture: Discount coupons

Anyone who wants to move from manual testing to test automation,Software Developers that want to learn Selenium WebDriver

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 6h 42m | 3.84 GB
Created by: Dmitry Shyshkin

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