Selling Salesmanship for Job Interviews

Master the art of selling and framing your answers in job interviews to obtain highest impact
Selling Salesmanship for Job Interviews
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Selling Salesmanship for Job Interviews

What you’ll learn

Learning the art of Selling & Salesmanship for Job Interviews
How to match Level of Seniority
How to match Industry Background
How to match Functional Experience
How to match Leadership Experience
How to match Company Culture

Selling Salesmanship for Job Interviews


There are no prerequisites other than a desire to improve your market value as a business professional


Every candidate has their own style when it comes to selling their skills at job interviews. But there are some core principles that every candidate needs to employ, in order to be successful.Interviewers expect you to sell your skills to them, but they don’t  appreciate when you come across as boastful or arrogant. There is an art to selling and navigating that fine balance. This section of the JobWinner course will help you to master those skills and show you how to best prepare for interviews, armed with effective selling tactics and the right information to make an employer want you to be part of their team.How you frame your answers in a job interview is critical. There’s so much you can say, but you need to learn which aspects of your career are most relevant for any given position. In other words, you need to know what content should be included (or framed) in your answers. This section of the JobWinner course on ‘Framing your interview answers’ will demonstrate how you can have the highest level of impact, to get you ever closer to securing a job offer.JobWinner is a 4 hour self-paced video training course designed to help you navigate the employment landscape like a pro. To complete the entire course you can visit our Australian website: JobWinner


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to JobWinner Course

Lecture 2 Introduction to Framing your answers to job interview questions

Lecture 3 Matching Company Culture

Lecture 4 Matching Level of Seniority

Lecture 5 Matching Industry Background

Lecture 6 Matching Functional Experience

Lecture 7 Matching Leadership Experience

Lecture 8 How to Interpret & Communicate variations between experience vs requirements

Lecture 9 Summary of Framing your answers to Job Interview questions

Lecture 10 Mastering the Art of Selling & Salesmanship for Job Interviews

Business professionals or anyone wanting to enter the corporate sector

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Created by: Philip Calodoukas

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