SEO Primer Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

An introduction to search engine optimization (SEO) and how to go about creating a website that Google will love.
SEO Primer Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
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SEO Primer Search Engine Optimization for Beginners

What you’ll learn

Develop your own “SEO Mindset” to evaluate SEO techniques and opportunities
Know the main ranking factors in Google today, and go about optimizing their own website.
Create search engine optimized content for their website.
Understand the difference between White Hat, Black Hat and Grey Hat, and make the correct choices for their own website.
Create content that looks like it was written by an expert in the field, giving it the best possible chances of ranking in Google.

SEO Primer Search Engine Optimization for Beginners


This course assumes no prior knowledge, but you should probably have a website or web presence (current or planned) that you are interested in optimizing for the search engines.


This “SEO Primer” course will teach you the basics of a sustainable, long-term SEO strategy. However, it is not just about showing you how to optimize your website. I’m sure you have heard the expression “give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him forever”. Well, that is my approach to teaching you SEO in this course. I want you to leave this course with an SEO Mindset, so you understand what Google wants, and how to give it to them. I want you to understand why some SEO techniques are risky, while others are not, and have the ability to evaluate SEO techniques you hear about on-the-fly.This course introduces you to SEO, what it is and why it is necessary. You’ll learn about Black Hat, White Hat and Grey Hat SEO, and how to spot these three different “varieties” of search engine optimization.I’ll show you how SEO used to be done a few short years ago, with real examples of content that used to rank very well, and make good money for me. We’ll look at what those techniques no longer work, and then concentrate on the factors that are the most important today. You will learn the very best place to get your SEO knowledge from – Google itself.In the final section of this primer, you’ll learn how to create high quality content for your site. You’ll also learn all about the importance of backlinking. I’ll show you my “Holy Grail” of backlinks – a checklist of things to look for when you evaluate a backlinking opportunity, as well as the best way to achieve this type of backlink.By the time you finish this primer, you’ll have a good grasp of White Hat SEO which will give you a powerful foundation for your SEO adventures. Most importantly of all, you’ll have an SEO mindset that will act as your compass as you navigate the web and start to improve your web page rankings.


Section 1: Introductions

Lecture 1 Need Help With Udemy Interface?

Lecture 2 About this course

Lecture 3 Introduction to SEO

Section 2: An SEO Mindset

Lecture 4 White Hat, Grey Hat & Black Hat

Lecture 5 SEO – The Old Way

Lecture 6 Top Ranking Factors Today

Lecture 7 Don’t get SEO Advice from Websites, Get it From Google

Lecture 8 Use Webmaster Guidelines

Section 3: SEO Basics

Lecture 9 Main On-Page Factors

Lecture 10 Quality Content

Lecture 11 Backlinks Dos & Don’ts

Lecture 12 10 Things Not to Do & 1 Thing you Must Do

Section 4: Resources

Lecture 13 Bonus Lecture

You should take this course if you are looking for a long-term, sustainable SEO strategy.,You should not take this course if you are looking for the latest Google “Loophole”, or short-term ranking strategy.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 49m | 2.18 GB
Created by: Andrew Williams

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