Set Yourself Up For Success with Salesforce Skills

Make Salesforce Work for You: Advance Your Career with Salesforce Efficiency
Set Yourself Up For Success with Salesforce Skills
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Roxanne Fry


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Set Yourself Up For Success with Salesforce Skills

What you’ll learn

How standard objects work together in Salesforce to help sales professionals like you do their work more effectively
How to identify your Salesforce pain points and brainstorm related solutions
How to use Salesforce data to sell your skills
How to customize the platform to align with (and enhance) your personal work style.
How to create Email Templates and Quick Text snippets to increase your efficiency and impact
How to leverage Tasks to enhance client engagement
How to talk to your Salesforce Administrator about customizing your Home page, integrating your email and calendar with Salesforce, and rolling out new features

Set Yourself Up For Success with Salesforce Skills


A Salesforce user account
Experience logging into the Salesforce platform
Basic creating and editing permissions for Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Tasks, and Reports.


Welcome to Set Yourself Up For Success with Salesforce Skills, where together we’ll make Salesforce work for you.Are there actions that you take in Salesforce every week or every month that you wish could be automated?Would you like to resolve your Salesforce pain points and wave your magic wand to make your work in the platform more productive?Are you ready to find 3 full work weeks this year — 15 work days — by streamlining your Salesforce workflows and becoming more efficient?Throughout this course, I’ll serve as your coach and strategic partner to take your Salesforce game to the next level. When you complete the course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to:Customize the primary Salesforce Objects to support and improve your workflowsLeverage the platform to more effectively engage and track your customers and prospectsUtilize best practices for working with your Salesforce administratorTake your career to the next level by using Salesforce data to make your case for that promotion, new job, or other professional growthAnd much more!We’ll accomplish these goals through videos, screencasts, and even hands-on activities that we’ll walk through together so that you can put your knowledge to use right away. Let’s get started!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Salesforce is not static

Lecture 2 Time is your greatest asset

Lecture 3 Activity: Pain points and magic wands

Section 2: Salesforce Overview and Customizations

Lecture 4 Accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities

Lecture 5 Customize your user settings

Lecture 6 Customize your navigation bar

Lecture 7 Customize your home page

Lecture 8 Activity: Customize your navigation bar

Section 3: Deep Dive Into Standard Objects

Lecture 9 Accounts

Lecture 10 Contacts

Lecture 11 Leads

Lecture 12 Opportunities

Lecture 13 Activities and tasks

Lecture 14 Reports and dashboards

Lecture 15 Activity: Solutions to your pain points

Section 4: Productivity and Efficiencies

Lecture 16 Integrate your email and calendar with Salesforce

Lecture 17 Leverage list views

Lecture 18 Create email templates and “quick text” snippets

Lecture 19 Access data on the go

Lecture 20 Activity: Download the mobile app

Section 5: Prospect and Customer Engagement

Lecture 21 Send an email to a list of leads or contacts

Lecture 22 Leverage campaigns to track engagement

Lecture 23 Activity: Create and analyze a campaign

Section 6: Next Steps

Lecture 24 Use data to sell your skills

Lecture 25 Thank you!

Lecture 26 Welcome!

Sales professionals with basic Salesforce experience who want to become more confident and efficient within the platform and leverage Salesforce skills to grow in their career.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 909.34 MB
Created by: Roxanne Fry

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