Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on Oracle Linux

Install OEM 13.3 and starting monitoring your Linux targets, Oracle database and Listeners
Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on Oracle Linux
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Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on Oracle Linux

What you’ll learn

Oracle Database Administrators
Database Architects
Infrastructure Administrators
Cloud Administrators

Setup Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c on Oracle Linux


Be able to administer Oracle database
Be able to work on Linux platform


Think about it How hard it will be to monitor an environment where you have 1000+ server and 4000+ database!It’s humanly impossible to manage such big environment. Even if you are good at shell or batch scripting, still there is 90% chances that monitoring environment will loose control.Learn to manage databases / servers both on premises and on cloud!There are 100s of third party softwares that you can use for monitoring your environment but why not use the best monitoring software in the market! And, that too when it is provided by Oracle.By the end of this course, you will be able to:Setup OEM 13.3 Monitoring Server on Oracle Linux 7.7Know the OEM architectureManage and monitor the Oracle Management RepositoryDeploy management agents on Linux hosts


Section 1: Introduction to Oracle Enterprise Manager

Lecture 1 Why Enterprise Manager

Lecture 2 OEM Architecture

Lecture 3 OEM Configurations

Lecture 4 OEM Compatibility Matrix

Section 2: OEM Lab Setup

Lecture 5 System Requirements

Lecture 6 Install OEL 7.7

Lecture 7 Post Installation Steps

Lecture 8 Create Repository Database

Lecture 9 Install OEM 13.3

Section 3: Getting Familiar with OEM

Lecture 10 Start – Stop OEM

Lecture 11 OEM Console Login

Lecture 12 Disable BI Publisher

Lecture 13 Monitor OMR

Section 4: Add Linux Target to OEM

Lecture 14 Target Setup Overview

Lecture 15 Linux Target Setup

Lecture 0 Add Linux Target

Oracle DBAs who are managing their environment via OEM,Database Leads who are going to implement Enterprise Manager for monitoring purpose,Database Architects who are suggesting OEM to clients to monitor their infrastructure

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Udemy | English | 2h 22m | 2.12 GB
Created by: Arun Kumar

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