SharePoint 2013 End User

This course provides students with the knowledge and skills that are needed to start using and working with SharePoint.
SharePoint 2013 End User
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SharePoint 2013 End User

What you’ll learn

Become a Master End User of SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 End User


SharePoint 2013


OverviewMicrosoft SharePoint is a network-based way to store and access files, as well as collaborate on projects. This software training course has been designed to introduce students to basic SharePoint navigation and features. Students will use skills to explore file libraries, team sites, and begin using standard fundamental elements of Microsoft SharePoint 2013.Course DetailsLearn iT Anytime master instructor Jim Molle will walk you through a total of 53 lectures and over 5 hours of software training content.TopicsWhat is SharePoint?Understanding SharePoint SitesUsing Information in ListsUsing Documents in LibrariesFinding and Sharing Information in a SiteIntegrating SharePoint and OfficeSocial Features


Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 1: What is SharePoint?

Lecture 2 SharePoint 2013

Lecture 3 Defining SharePoint

Lecture 4 Interacting with SharePoint

Lecture 5 Overview of New Features

Section 2: Understanding SharePoint Sites

Lecture 6 Understanding SharePoint Sites

Lecture 7 Site Hierarchy

Lecture 8 Elements of a Site

Lecture 9 Using a Ribbon

Section 3: Using Information in Lists

Lecture 10 Topics and Defining a List

Lecture 11 Managing Lists – Creating, Viewing, and Editing Items

Lecture 12 Deleting and Restoring Items

Lecture 13 Changing List Views

Lecture 14 Ribbon Controls

Lecture 15 Content Management

Lecture 16 Using the Time Line Web Part

Section 4: Using Documents in Libraries

Lecture 17 Using Documents in Libraries

Lecture 18 Defining a Library

Lecture 19 Create and Upload Documents

Lecture 20 Deleting and Restoring Documents

Lecture 21 Using Document Metadata

Lecture 22 Changing Library Views

Lecture 23 Document Check Out and Check In

Lecture 24 Accessing Document Versions

Lecture 25 Using Folders

Lecture 26 Content Approval

Lecture 27 Workflows

Lecture 28 Alerts

Section 5: Finding and Sharing Information in a Site

Lecture 29 Finding and Sharing Info

Lecture 30 Email Alerts

Lecture 31 RSS Feeds

Lecture 32 Searching in SharePoint

Lecture 33 Using Discussion Lists

Lecture 34 Using Surveys

Lecture 35 Blog Sites

Lecture 36 Using Wiki Pages

Section 6: Integrating SharePoint and Office

Lecture 37 Integrating Sharepoint and Office

Lecture 38 Adding Documents via Office

Lecture 39 Working with Spreadsheets

Lecture 40 InfoPath Forms

Lecture 41 Connecting to Outlook

Lecture 42 Office Web Apps A

Lecture 43 Office Web Apps B

Section 7: Social Features

Lecture 44 Social Networking in SharePoint

Lecture 45 Your Newsfeed A

Lecture 46 Your Newsfeed B

Lecture 47 Editing Your Profile

Lecture 48 Following People, Docs, and Sites

Lecture 49 Tags and Notes

Lecture 50 Microblogging

Lecture 51 Using Your Blog A

Lecture 52 Using Your Blog B

Lecture 53 OneDrive Pro (Formerly Known as SkyDrive Pro)

If your office uses SharePoint, this is for you!

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