SharePoint 365 for Power Users

Create and Configure SharePoint Online Sites
SharePoint 365 for Power Users
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SharePoint 365 for Power Users

What you’ll learn

Plan, Build, and Design a Team Site or Collaboration Site using SharePoint Online
Learn about how to the fundamental concepts of SharePoint Online including terminology and how it fits with Microsoft 365
Explore basic Enterprise Content Management capabilities
Implement End-User Based Security Features in SharePoint Online
Discover how SharePoint Online Search works and how to tailor it for your Sites and Subsites
Integrate PowerApps, Power BI, and Power Automate into your SharePoint Online environment

SharePoint 365 for Power Users


Have access to SharePoint Online
Be familiar with Microsoft Online


This course explores the key features of SharePoint Online, now commonly referred to as SharePoint 365, the online version of SharePoint. The course is intended for the End User, Business Analysts, and Content Manager who may have limited administrative access but may still control designing and deploying content in an enterprise SharePoint environment.You’ll begin by learning common SharePoint terminology and themes. Then, you’ll transition into planning and designing your SharePoint 365 sites through an in-depth review of requirements analysis, information architecture, and content planning. Afterward, your instructor walks you through the building blocks of building the Site Collection, Sites, Subsites, Site Branding, Webparts, Pages, and Site Assets to create a working corporate Intranet solution. This is done throughout four units, which include hands-on exercises and quizzes.In the second half of the course, you are introduced to advanced topics, including application integration with Power Platform (Power BI, Power Apps, and Power Automate) and how to begin incorporating Enterprise Content Management, Security, and Search into your SharePoint 365 using best practices and the tools that an end-user has access to within SharePoint 365.The instructional content has 5.5 hours of video. You are also provided in-depth exercises and short quizzes to build a hands-on deliverable so that by the time the course is complete, you are well on your way to being a SharePoint Pro.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to SharePoint for Power Users

Lecture 2 What is SharePoint Exactly?

Lecture 3 SharePoint Lingo

Section 2: Planning SItes

Lecture 4 Planning Your SharePoint Site: Overview

Lecture 5 Audience Identification

Lecture 6 Content Requirements & Content Types

Lecture 7 Information Architecture

Lecture 8 Writing a Requirement Specification for SharePoint 365

Section 3: An Introduction to Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Lecture 9 Microsoft 365 + SharePoint: Overview, History, & Versions

Lecture 10 Microsoft 365 Global Features that Impact SharePoint

Lecture 11 SharePoint Specific Settings

Lecture 12 Microsoft 365 Groups, Ownership, and Security Framework

Lecture 13 One Drive and SharePoint 365

Section 4: Creating Sites

Lecture 14 The SharePoint URL and Site Collection Design

Lecture 15 Creating a New Site: Team Site

Lecture 16 Reviewing the Features: Team Site Creation

Lecture 17 Creating and Reviewing Features: Communication Site Creation

Lecture 18 Creating and Managing Quick Launch

Lecture 19 Creating Global Navigation Menus using Top Link Bar

Lecture 20 Drop Down Navigation Menus

Lecture 21 Implementing Site Content and the Classic vs. Modern Experience

Lecture 22 Subsites in SharePoint 365

Section 5: Site Branding

Lecture 23 From Classic to Modern: The Overview

Lecture 24 Demonstrating How To Configure Theme Settings: Classic and Modern

Lecture 25 Color Themes and Site Templates

Lecture 26 The Modern Experience and the Header (Logo, Background, and Themes)

Section 6: Site Management

Lecture 27 Introduction to Site Management

Lecture 28 Creating Webpages in Team Sites and Collaboration Sites

Lecture 29 Creating and Uploading Files and Folder in SharePoint 365

Lecture 30 Check Out and Check-In

Lecture 31 Managing Documents in Depth in SharePoint

Lecture 32 Deleting and Restoring Sites

Lecture 33 Hub Sites

Section 7: SharePoint Apps and WebParts

Lecture 34 An Introduction to Apps and Webparts

Lecture 35 Libraries

Lecture 36 Lists

Lecture 37 Adding Webparts to a Site

Lecture 38 Column Management

Lecture 39 Public and Personal Views

Section 8: Enterprise Content Management

Lecture 40 An Overview of ECM in SharePoint 365

Lecture 41 Managed Metadata

Lecture 42 Content Types

Lecture 43 Records Management & Information Management Policy

Section 9: Security

Lecture 44 An Introduction to Security in SharePoint 365

Lecture 45 Permissions and Group Access

Lecture 46 Inheritance

Section 10: Search

Lecture 47 An Introduction to Search

Lecture 48 Searching for Content in SharePoint

Lecture 49 Refining and Reviewing Research Output in SharePoint

Lecture 50 Promoted Search Results

Section 11: SharePoint and Power Platform Integration

Lecture 51 Introduction to Power Platform

Lecture 52 Power Automate and SharePoint 365

Lecture 53 Power Apps and SharePoint 365

Lecture 54 Power BI and SharePoint 365

Section 12: Conclusion

Lecture 55 SharePoint 365 Success Tips

Lecture 56 Concluding Remarks

SharePoint Users and Content Developers,SharePoint Administrators wanting to refresh their skills on SharePoint 365,SharePoint 2013 – 2019 users looking to transition to SharePoint 365 Online,Learners preparing for the Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate Exam

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Created by: Jack Hyman

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