SharePoint Online Beginners Course

Learn to get started using SharePoint Online with this comprehensive course from Microsoft experts, Simon Sez IT
SharePoint Online Beginners Course
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SharePoint Online Beginners Course

What you’ll learn

What SharePoint is and why it’s useful
How to navigate the SharePoint interface
How to create a SharePoint site
How to create and manage lists and libraries
How to create a discussion board
How to create and manage workflows with Power Automate
How to create and manage web pages
How to integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft applications
How to create a subsite
How to customize user roles and permissions
How to create a SharePoint Communication site from scratch

SharePoint Online Beginners Course


Access to SharePoint Online (365) is beneficial but not required


In this SharePoint Online Beginners course, we show you how to get the most out of this web-based and collaborative storage platform.We start at the very beginning and show you how to create a SharePoint site and access and navigate the SharePoint Online interface. You’ll then learn how to build lists and libraries in SharePoint Online – an essential SharePoint skill!We’ll walk you through how to expand the content you host in SharePoint by integrating with other Microsoft Office applications and automating workflows.SharePoint is SO much more than just a document management system. We’ll then show you how you can use SharePoint as an intranet site by creating web pages that include SharePoint apps, web apps, and other types of content.After all that we dive into user access and permissions, creating subsites, and customizing your site.We finish with a SharePoint Workshop that has you creating your own communications site in SharePoint Online. You’ll create the site, add documents, create a discussion board, add webpages, assemble a wiki and add different feeds!This course is ideal for those seeking to effectively set up and administer a simple, content-rich SharePoint site.In this course, you will learn:What SharePoint is and why it’s usefulHow to navigate the SharePoint interfaceHow to create a SharePoint siteHow to create and manage lists and librariesHow to create a discussion boardHow to create and manage workflows with Power AutomateHow to create and manage web pagesHow to use app parts and web partsHow to integrate SharePoint with other Microsoft applicationsHow to customize user roles and permissionsHow to create a subsiteHow to customize a site’s themeThis course includes:5 hours of video tutorials58 individual video lecturesHere’s what our students are saying…”Excellent course, very thorough content in every aspect. I am watching at double speed so you are able to soak in the content if you have a little prior experience in SharePoint.”- Jared”Excellent and detailed course for absolute SharePoint beginners.”- Deepak”Very methodical approach and easy to follow.”- Claudia


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 READ ME: Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience

Lecture 3 DOWNLOAD ME: Course Transcript

Lecture 4 Creating a Practice Site

Section 2: Getting Started with SharePoint Online

Lecture 5 Why Use SharePoint?

Lecture 6 Accessing a SharePoint Site

Lecture 7 Exploring the SharePoint Online Interface

Lecture 8 Understanding Roles and Permissions

Section 3: SharePoint Lists

Lecture 9 Working with Lists

Lecture 10 Creating a Task List

Lecture 11 Adding and Modifying Lists

Lecture 12 Deleting List Items

Lecture 13 Sorting and Filtering Lists

Lecture 14 Understanding List Views

Lecture 15 Creating and Modifying List Views

Lecture 16 Creating Custom Lists

Lecture 17 Importing List Data from Excel

Section 4: SharePoint Libraries

Lecture 18 Creating a Document Library

Lecture 19 Uploading Documents

Lecture 20 Modifying and Editing Documents

Lecture 21 Working with Metadata

Lecture 22 Creating Custom Library Views

Lecture 23 Version Control

Section 5: Expanding SharePoint Content

Lecture 24 SharePoint Notifications: Alert Me

Lecture 25 Creating a Discussion Board

Lecture 26 Exporting SharePoint Lists to Excel

Lecture 27 Connecting SharePoint to Outlook

Section 6: Workflows with Power Automate

Lecture 28 Workflows Explained

Lecture 29 Triggering a Manual Workflow

Lecture 30 Creating Automated Workflows

Section 7: SharePoint Web Pages

Lecture 31 SharePoint Web Pages Explained

Lecture 32 Working with the Wiki

Lecture 33 Adding Content to a Webpage

Lecture 34 Using App Parts

Lecture 35 Using Web Parts

Lecture 36 Adding Other Content

Section 8: SharePoint Navigation and Links

Lecture 37 Editing the Navigation Menu

Lecture 38 Creating a Links List

Lecture 39 Adding Hyperlinks

Section 9: Permissions

Lecture 40 Customizing SharePoint Permissions’

Lecture 41 Managing Permissions Groups and Levels

Section 10: Subsites

Lecture 42 Exploring Site Collections

Lecture 43 Creating a Subsite

Lecture 44 Changing the Look and Feel

Section 11: Workshop: Creating a Communications Site

Lecture 45 An Example of a Communications Site

Lecture 46 Creating a Communications Site

Lecture 47 Uploading Documents to the Document Library

Lecture 48 Creating a Picture Library

Lecture 49 Importing Lists and Alert Me

Lecture 50 Creating a Discussion Board

Lecture 51 Adding Web Pages

Lecture 52 Assembling a Wiki Page

Lecture 53 Adding News Items

Lecture 54 Adding YouTube Videos

Lecture 55 Adding a Twitter Feed

Lecture 56 Adding and Formatting Text

Lecture 57 Displaying Links as Buttons and Lists

Lecture 58 Adding Weather and a World Clock

Lecture 59 Finishing Touches

Section 12: Course Close

Lecture 60 Course Close

Users and admins of SharePoint Online

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 9m | 2.23 GB
Created by: Simon Sez IT

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