SharePoint Online for Administrators

Fundamentals to Planning, Designing, Configuring, and Administration of SharePoint Online
SharePoint Online for Administrators
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SharePoint Online for Administrators

What you’ll learn

Learn how to support SharePoint Online using the Microsoft 365 Administrative Tools
Gain deep insights on how to deploy SharePoint Online Collaboration Site Collections and Sites
Configure and Design SharePoint Online Solutions following best practices for Enterprise Content Management, Search, Security, and Data Integration capabilities
Implement best practices for policies and governance in SharePoint Online across the enterprise, including using Power Platform integration capabilities

SharePoint Online for Administrators


Learners should be Microsoft 365 Administrators
Learners should have access to SharePoint 365 with Administrative Priveleges
Learners should have access to their Azure Portal
Learners may want to have access to Power Platform solutions (Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI)
Learners must have access to the Internet to complete all exercises


SharePoint Online for Administrators introduce the audience to SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s premiere collaborative platform that is included in the Microsoft 365 suite of products. You step inside the role of Administrator of Microsoft 365, and SharePoint, to explain and demonstrate the configuration options for SharePoint Online. SharePoint Online for Administrator is appropriate for existing SharePoint on-premises administrators using versions 2016 onwards. If you are new to Office 365/Microsoft 365 and need to understand how to properly setup SharePoint Online for your organization, you’ll find this course extremely helpful as well. The course offers users insight into the difference between on-premises and online use cases of SharePoint with hands-on exercises. Skills you’ll learn in this course more specifically include:Understand the business and technical architecture of SharePoint Online.Expose you to the front and back-end capabilities of SharePoint Online.Learn how to configure SharePoint Online components.Work with Site Collections, Sites, Subsites, and SharePoint storage optionsManage User Profile and Social Activity in SharePoint Online with MySites and DelveUnderstand and Configure External Data Connectivity and 3rd Party Applications in SharePoint OnlineLearn in-depth configuration and administration capabilities for Enterprise Content Management, Security, and Search in SharePoint OnlineConfigure and Deploy Apps to and from SharePoint online to other Microsoft Platforms using Power Platform capabilities.Establish business best practices related to Information Rights Management and Governance.


Section 1: Introduction to SharePoint Online Administration

Lecture 1 Course Introduction

Lecture 2 SharePoint Online vs. SharePoint 2019 Server (On-Premises)

Lecture 3 Microsoft 365 and SharePoint

Lecture 4 SharePoint Online and Collaboration

Lecture 5 SharePoint vs. OneDrive vs. Teams

Section 2: Publishing Principles as a SharePoint Administrator

Lecture 6 Site Types

Lecture 7 Webparts

Lecture 8 Libraries

Lecture 9 Lists

Lecture 10 Workflow Concepts

Section 3: Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online Administration Foundations

Lecture 11 Microsoft 365 Administration Center

Lecture 12 Accessing SharePoint Management Tool Console

Lecture 13 Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance with SharePoint Online

Lecture 14 SharePoint Online with PowerShell

Lecture 15 Identity Management Basics: User identity in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Online

Lecture 16 Managing the SharePoint Domain Name

Lecture 17 Sites, Storage, and Social: Bringing It Together

Section 4: Information Architecture and Governance

Lecture 18 Organizing Data Into A Meaningful Structure

Lecture 19 Information Taxonomy and Metadata: Your Information Architecture Roadmap

Lecture 20 Executing Governance in SharePoint Online

Section 5: Site Collection Administration

Lecture 21 Classic and Modern Experiences Nuances, Site Collection, and Hubsites

Lecture 22 SharePoint Online Site Permission Management

Lecture 23 Configuring Storage

Lecture 24 External Access and Sharing in SharePoint Online

Lecture 25 Site Collection Deletion & Recovery

Section 6: Profiles and Audience Targeting

Lecture 26 The Profile Service

Lecture 27 Custom Profile Properties, User Properties, and Policies

Lecture 28 Audience Targeting

Lecture 29 My Site Settings

Section 7: Data Connections & Power Platform

Lecture 30 SharePoint Online, Power Apps, and Data Connectors

Lecture 31 Overview of Power Apps and SharePoint Online

Lecture 32 Overview of Power BI and SharePoint Online

Lecture 33 Overview of Power Automate and SharePoint Online

Lecture 34 Connecting to Cloud Services

Lecture 35 External Data Sources and SharePoint Online

Section 8: Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint Online

Lecture 36 An Introduction to ECM in SharePoint Online

Lecture 37 In-Place Records Management & The Records Center

Lecture 38 Compliance & Policy Management in SharePoint Online

Lecture 39 eDiscovery Center and Case Management

Lecture 40 Data Loss Prevention in SharePoint Online

Lecture 41 Classification and Data Governance: Overview

Lecture 42 Classification and Data Governance: DLP Expanded, IRM, and AIP

Lecture 43 Classification and Sensitivity Labels

Section 9: Term Stores & Content Types

Lecture 44 Overview of the SharePoint Term Store

Lecture 45 Creating and Configuring the Term Store

Lecture 46 Content Type Fundamentals

Lecture 47 Creating and Configuring Content Types

Section 10: Search in SharePoint Online

Lecture 48 Introduction to Search in SharePoint Online

Lecture 49 Access Search Configuration Options

Lecture 50 Manage Search Schema

Lecture 51 Query Rules & Suggestion Settings

Lecture 52 Manage Result Sources

Lecture 53 Remove Search Results

Lecture 54 Search Center Settings

Lecture 55 Import and Export Search Configuration

Lecture 56 Crawl Log Permissions

Section 11: Security, Compliance, and Sharing in SharePoint

Lecture 57 Global vs. Local Security, Permissions, and Controls

Lecture 58 Global SharePoint Online Site Configurations

Lecture 59 Site-Based Security & Permission Configurations

Lecture 60 Global Sharing Policies and Access Control Settings

Lecture 61 Notification Management

Section 12: Final Thoughts

Lecture 62 SharePoint Online Administration Best Practices

Lecture 63 Concluding Thoughts

Microsoft 365 Administrators,Microsoft 365 Professionals taking one or more certifications,SharePoint 365 End-Users who want to learn how to administer SharePoint Online,SharePoint On-Premises Users transitioning to SharePoint Online,SharePoint Online Users who want to learn more about SharePoint Online Administration

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