Shiny for Python Ultimate Web Development with Python

Learn to Develop Interactive Web Applications with Python, and how to Deploy it for Free
Shiny for Python Ultimate Web Development with Python
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Shiny for Python Ultimate Web Development with Python

What you’ll learn

learn to develop web projects with Python
deploy your web application via shinylive
deploy your web application via GitHub Pages
all necessary ingredients like User Interface, widgets

Shiny for Python Ultimate Web Development with Python


basic Python knowledge


With Shiny for Python you can create dynamic and interactive web applications using only Python! This comprehensive course is designed specifically for beginners who want to dive into the world of web development using Python as their main tool.The course will cover everything from the basics of web development (covering user input, creating outputs) with the Python package Shiny for Python to advanced topics such as interactive maps or progress bars. You will also learn how to deploy your web applications via different options.Throughout the course, you’ll work on real-world projects that will give you hands-on experience and help you put your new skills into practice. Whether you’re looking to start a new career in web development or simply want to build your own personal projects, this course is the perfect starting point.With expert instructors, small exercises, and practical projects, this online course is the ultimate guide to building web applications with Python. Sign up today and take the first step towards becoming a skilled Python web developer!ContentUnderstand how to develop a web application with ShinyApp StructureLayoutControl WidgetsReactivityDevelop an app on Popular Programming Languagesfetching user inputcreate an interactive appDevelop an app on Climate Changeincl. progress barinteractive mapstatic content like iconsstyling the appadding imagesLearn about different deployment options, e.g. shinylive and GitHub GistWebAssemblyGitHub PagesPosit Connectshinyapps


Section 1: Introduction & Setup

Lecture 1 What is Shiny? (101)

Lecture 2 Course Scope (101)

Lecture 3 Self Presentation (101)

Lecture 4 System Setup (101)

Lecture 5 Get Material &Local Environment (Coding)

Section 2: Shiny for Python

Lecture 6 High-Level App Structure (101)

Lecture 7 Our first app (Coding)

Lecture 8 How to run the webserver (Coding)

Lecture 9 Layout (101)

Lecture 10 Control Widgets (101)

Lecture 11 Control Widgets (Coding)

Lecture 12 Reactivity (101)

Lecture 13 Reactivity (Coding)

Section 3: 1st App: Most popular languages

Lecture 14 App Overview (101)

Lecture 15 Data Preparation (Coding)

Lecture 16 Frontend (Coding)

Lecture 17 Backend (Coding)

Section 4: 2nd App: Climate Change

Lecture 18 App Overview (101)

Lecture 19 1. App Setup (Coding)

Lecture 20 2. Data Preparation (Coding)

Lecture 21 3. Frontend: App Setup (Coding)

Lecture 22 4. Frontend: Layout with Rows and Columns

Lecture 23 5. Frontend: Adding Static Content (Coding)

Lecture 24 6. Frontend: Image with a Link (Coding)

Lecture 25 7. Frontend: Linking Static Content (Coding)

Lecture 26 8. Backend: Adding the world map (Coding)

Lecture 27 9. Backend: Map Plotting Function (Coding)

Lecture 28 10. Backend: Temperature Plot (Coding)

Lecture 29 11. Backend: Implement a Progress Bar (Coding)

Lecture 30 12. Backend: Implement Color Map (Coding)

Section 5: Deployment

Lecture 31 Deployment Options (101)

Lecture 32 and GitHub Gist (101+Coding)

Lecture 33 WebAssembly (101)

Lecture 34 GitHub Pages (101)

Lecture 35 GitHub Pages (Coding)

Lecture 36 Posit Connect (101)

Lecture 37 Pitfalls

Section 6: Additional Information

Lecture 38 Bonus Lecture

Python developers who want to develop web projects

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 4m | 1.42 GB
Created by: Bert Gollnick

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