Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge MALAYSIA

Set Up A Profitable Shopee Dropshipping Auto Sync Store in 5 Days -Exclusive for Shopee Malaysia
Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge MALAYSIA
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Weng Honn Kan


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Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge MALAYSIA

What you’ll learn

How to set up a Shopee dropshipping store
How to set shipping options for Shopee dropshiping
How to use Shopee Ads for get more traffic and sales
How to design your Shopee dropshipping store

Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge MALAYSIA


this course is only for students that want to earn money oon Shopee dropshipping


Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge – Malaysia Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge With Auto Sync System (5DSDC) 1) Want to start selling in Shopee but do not know how to start ?2)Want to start Shopee Dropshipping business but do not have products?3) Want to have a STEP BY STEP guide on setting up your Shopee Dropshiping store ?Look no further.Our 5 Days Shopee dropshipping programme is ALL you need to kick start your online business with Shopee.a) No complicated shipping settings !b) No need to find dropship suppliers !) cNo need to manually upload products one by one!WHO IS THIS PROGRAMME FOR?This programme is for begginer that want to start their dropshipping business with Shopee.WHAT IS IN THIS 5 DAYS CHALLENGE ?1) In this 5 days challenge you will be using Savelue2u or Dropshipmurah web site to set up your store .Both are free to register , NO membership needed . For those that is not familiar with these 2 company , both of them are auto-sync system , which mean , you can upload your products from these platforms within clicks.DAY 1- Understand Dropshiping business model- Shipping settings- How much investment you need- Choosing between Savevalue2u and DropshipmurahDAY 2- Sync your store to dropshipmurah or savevalue2u – Design your store logoDAY 3 – Upload products- Products keywords searchDay 4- Vouchers and others shopee promotionDay 5- How to use Shopee AdsBONUS- How to stand out from the crowd???Join Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge – Malaysia


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Shopee Dropshipping 5 Days Challenge


Lecture 3 Latest Update

Section 2: Day 0 Product Research

Lecture 4 Dianba Top tool for Shopee product research

Lecture 5 Dianba Free Trial


Section 3: DAY 1 Shopee Dropship Fundamental

Lecture 7 The Right Setting

Lecture 8 The Dropshipper Mindset

Lecture 9 Warehouse Address and Contact

Section 4: DAY 2 Building Shopee Dropshipping Store

Lecture 10 SaveValue2u register and Logo Design

Lecture 11 Dropshipmurah Register

Section 5: Day 3 Products Upload And Design

Lecture 12 Products Image That Sell

Lecture 13 Savevalue2u Products Upload

Lecture 14 Advance Technique

Lecture 15 Dropshipmurah Products Upload

Lecture 16 Shopee Product Upload Checklist

Section 6: Day 4 Shopee Bundle and Follow Coupon

Lecture 17 Coupon and Bundle

Section 7: Day 5 Shopee Keyword Ads

Lecture 18 Shopee Ads Fundamental

Lecture 19 Shopee Ads Analytics

Section 8: NEW! Dropshipii Auto Sync

Lecture 20 Register Dropshipii for free

Lecture 21 Dropshipii Auto Sync Shopee Lazada

Section 9: BONUS

Lecture 22 BONUS 1

Students that want to earn money oon Shopee dropshipping

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 21m | 3.18 GB
Created by: Weng Honn Kan

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