SignalR The Complete Guide with real world examples

Learn SignalR fundamentals by building 8 projects with SignalR in .NET Core and MVC. (.NET 7)
SignalR The Complete Guide with real world examples
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Bhrugen Patel


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Last updated 6/2022



SignalR The Complete Guide with real world examples

What you’ll learn

SignalR Fundamentals
SignalR .NET Client
SignalR Identity User
SignalR Groups
Azure SignalR

SignalR The Complete Guide with real world examples


.NET Core MVC Basics
EF Core Basics


Typically in an application client initiates a request and server responds back, but what if server had to send a data without a request?OR What if you want something on the web page to be automatically refreshed when new data is available?ORYou want to learn how a typical chat application works?SignalR is the answer to that! SignalR has been there since many years, but still it is a new domain to many .NET Developers.  SignalR is just a wrapper around the real time web protocols, but it is a great technology to achieve real time web communication. In this course we will walk you though the basics of what is SignalR and what problem it solves.After that we will dive deeper in the fundamentals and build multiple projects using SignalR.At the end of this course you will be confident to take what you learned and implement SignalR in your project! This is 100% hands on course, so lets get started!My main focus is not to teach you some theory! My goal is always to teach you real world application and how you can practically use SignalR. The course is built using .NET 7! I always thrive to keep content up to date and if you have any questions, I will just be a question away 🙂


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome

Lecture 2 Demo

Lecture 3 Topics Covered

Lecture 4 Project Resources

Lecture 5 Typical HTTP Scenario

Lecture 6 Hubs in SignalR

Lecture 7 Typical Flow

Lecture 8 Create Project

Section 2: SignalR in Action

Lecture 9 Create Hub

Lecture 10 Create Hub Method

Lecture 11 Add Client Side Library for SignalR

Lecture 12 Modify Home View

Lecture 13 Configure SignalR Client Js

Lecture 14 SignalR In Action

Lecture 15 SignalR Hub Methods

Lecture 16 SignalR Flow Overview

Lecture 17 Transport Types

Lecture 18 SignalR Connections

Section 3: SignalR – More Projects

Lecture 19 Send vs Invoke

Lecture 20 Transport Type and Logging in SingalR

Lecture 21 Deathly Hallow Race Setup

Lecture 22 Deathly hallow

Lecture 23 Method to Update Race Count Spans

Lecture 24 Race in Action and Assignment 1

Lecture 25 Assignment 1 Solution

Section 4: Groups in SignalR

Lecture 26 Groups Overview

Lecture 27 What we will cover

Lecture 28 Setup Harry Potter House UI

Lecture 29 Setup House Hub

Lecture 30 Subscribe and Unsubscribe Button Listeners

Lecture 31 Subscribe Group in Action

Lecture 32 Fix Subscription Bug

Lecture 33 Assignment 2

Lecture 34 Subscribe Unsubscribe in Action

Lecture 35 Trigger Notifications

Section 5: SignalR – Notification Project

Lecture 36 Assignment 3 Overview

Lecture 37 Assignment 3 Solution – Notification Hub

Lecture 38 Assignment 3 Solution – Notification Client Setup

Lecture 39 Assignment 3 Solution – Notification In Action

Lecture 40 Assignment 3 Solution – Notification Load Messages

Section 6: SignalR – Basic Chat

Lecture 41 Seperating out Views

Lecture 42 Setup of Basic Chat Application UI

Lecture 43 Send Public Message

Lecture 44 Send Private Message

Lecture 45 Authorization in SignalR

Lecture 46 Seperating out Chat

Section 7: SignalR – Order Update Project

Lecture 47 Project Setup

Lecture 48 Order Datatable Updated

Section 8: SignalR Azure Service

Lecture 49 Create Azure SignalR Service

Lecture 50 Azure SignalR Overview

Lecture 51 azure signalr in action

Lecture 52 SignalR Client Events

Section 9: SignalR – Advanced Chat

Lecture 53 Rename and move basic chat

Lecture 54 API Endpoints for Chat Application

Lecture 55 Setup UI for Chat Application

Lecture 56 Setup Chat Action Method

Lecture 57 HubConnection Helper

Lecture 58 Notify User is online

Lecture 59 User Connection Error

Lecture 60 Disconnection Connection

Lecture 61 Add Chat Room

Lecture 62 Create Chat Room

Lecture 63 Delete Chat Room

Lecture 64 Send Public Message

Lecture 65 Send Private Message

Lecture 66 Advanced Chat

.NET developers curious about SignalR,Explore fundamentals and build projects with SignalR

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Udemy | English | 4h 57m | 2.07 GB
Created by: Bhrugen Patel

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