SignUp Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau

Optimize Your Website Sign-up Flow with SQL, Tableau, and A/B Testing. Gain Insights to Boost Conversion Rates
SignUp Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau
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SignUp Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau

What you’ll learn

Understanding the importance and principles of sign-up flow optimization analysis
Utilizing SQL with MySQL Workbench to collect and extract data for analysis
Creating insightful visualizations with Tableau to represent user interactions during sign-up and login processes
Building a Tableau story to effectively interpret and explore data
Conducting a comprehensive analysis report to formulate actionable solutions and business objectives
Learning the essentials of A/B Testing to validate hypotheses and make data-driven decisions
Identifying potential webpage improvements and best practices for optimizing sign-up flow
Gaining the skills to enhance user experience and boost conversion rates using SQL and Tableau

SignUp Flow Optimization Analysis with SQL and Tableau


Basic Tableau and SQL skills


Do you want to learn Tableau and SQL?Are you looking for an engaging course that will teach you how to perform A/B testing in real-life situations?If so, then you have come to the right place. Elevate your website’s performance with our Udemy course on Sign-Up Flow Optimization Analysis. This comprehensive journey begins with an introduction to the significance of sign-up flow optimization and explores the motivation behind examining 365’s data.You’ll delve into understanding the 365’s sign-up process and learn how to use SQL data retrieving techniques with MySQL Workbench. By building insightful visualizations with Tableau, you’ll represent the issues encountered during the sign-up and login processes, crafting a clear picture of user interactions.Create a Tableau story to interpret data effectively and develop a comprehensive analysis report, forming actionable solutions to meet your business objectives. Explore the essential statistical method of A/B Testing to validate your hypotheses and make informed decisions. The course concludes with a discussion on potential webpage improvements, best practices, and further optimization steps.Whether you’re a business owner, marketer, or aspiring data analyst, this course equips you with the necessary skills to boost conversion rates and enhance user experience. By using powerful tools like SQL and Tableau, you’ll master the art of sign-up flow optimization, paving the way for success in your field.Enrol in the Udemy course now and embark on this transformative journey towards mastering the art of optimization analysis!


Section 1: Intro to Sign-Up Flow Optimization Analysis

Lecture 1 What Does the Course Cover?

Lecture 2 Motivation

Section 2: Case Study

Lecture 3 Understanding the 365’s Sign-Up Process

Lecture 4 Basic Terminology

Lecture 5 Defining the Key Aspects of the Sign-Up Process

Lecture 6 Sketching the Story

Section 3: SQL: Data Retrieving

Lecture 7 Types of Data Access

Lecture 8 Getting to know the Database

Lecture 9 SQL Query 1: Sign-Up Conversion Rate

Lecture 10 SQL Query 2: Sign-Up Types and Errors – Part 1

Lecture 11 SQL Query 2: Sign-up Types and Errors – Part 2

Lecture 12 SQL Query 3: Log in Types and Errors

Section 4: Tableau: Dashboard Sheets

Lecture 13 SQL and Tableau

Lecture 14 Sign-Up Conversion Rate

Lecture 15 Device and Operating System Distribution

Lecture 16 Preferred Devices Horizontal Bar Chart

Lecture 17 Preferred Operating Systems Horizontal Bar Chart

Lecture 18 Sign-Up Types and Errors Bar Charts

Lecture 19 Login Types and Errors Bar Charts

Section 5: Creating the Tableau Story

Lecture 20 Creating Dashboards: Getting Familiar with the Canvas

Lecture 21 Sign-Up Conversion Rates: Sheet Swapping with Parameters

Lecture 22 Sign-Up Conversion Rates: Containers

Lecture 23 Preferred Sign-Up Devices and Operating Systems

Lecture 24 Sign-Up Types and Errors

Lecture 25 Login Types and Errors

Lecture 26 Formatting the Tableau Story – Part 1

Lecture 27 Formatting the Tableau Story – Part 2

Section 6: Analysis Report

Lecture 28 Dashboard Application for an Analysis Report

Lecture 29 Current State of Affairs: Observing Story Point 1 – Conversion Rate

Lecture 30 Current State of Affairs: Observing Story Point 2 – Sign-Up Types and Preference

Lecture 31 Current State of Affairs: Observing Story Point 2 – Sign-Up Types Success and Fa

Lecture 32 Current State of Affairs: Observing Story Point 3 – Login Types

Lecture 33 Business Objective

Lecture 34 Hypothesis and Opportunity Sizing – Part 1

Lecture 35 Hypothesis and Opportunity Sizing – Part 2

Lecture 36 Actionable Insights Based on the Analysis

Section 7: A/B Testing

Lecture 37 Understanding the Fundamentals of A/B Testing

Lecture 38 Setting Up an A/B Test: Confidence, Significance, and p-values

Lecture 39 Setting Up an A/B Test: Minimum Detectable Effect and Statistical Power

Lecture 40 Running an A/B Test: Execution and Analysing the Results

Section 8: Discussion and Further Analysis of a Website Sign-Up Flow

Lecture 41 Discussion on the Observations

Lecture 42 Further Steps and Conclusion

Aspiring and junior data analysts,Junior data scientists,Junior business intelligence analysts,Business owners

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