SINGING SIMPLIFIED 1 The FastTrack to Singing Like a Pro

Find your unique voice naturally, while having FUN doing it! A modern approach to singing lessons & vocal training.
SINGING SIMPLIFIED 1 The FastTrack to Singing Like a Pro
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Steve Glazer


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SINGING SIMPLIFIED 1 The FastTrack to Singing Like a Pro

What you’ll learn

You’ll be able to sing with much more control, confidence, consistency, and better overall tone.
You’ll be able to sing much higher than you did before this course – with MUCH less strain.
You’ll be able to sing with much better technique – saving your voice from future damage.
You’ll be able to sing with MORE EMOTION.
You’ll have much LESS FEAR fear about singing.
You’ll have a good understanding of how to use your voice, so you can continue to improve after you’ve completed the course.

SINGING SIMPLIFIED 1 The FastTrack to Singing Like a Pro


Absolutely no singing experience is required.
No prior experience with any type of music lessons is required.
All you need is a normal, healthy speaking voice. If you can speak, you can sing!
You don’t have to be born a “natural” singer. I certainly wasn’t! I became a pro through the practice of these techniques.


SINGING SIMPLIFIED will get you on your way to becoming an excellent singer… faster than you thought possible! Believe it or not, you already have the “built-in” ability to be a great singer. You were born with a natural vocal range and I’m going to help you to tap into it – quickly and easily, while having FUN of course!  We’ll combine technique and everyday emotive sounds in your vocal training to help you understand that singing isn’t as difficult or scary as you thought it was.
The course includes:
1 video lesson per day, 6 days a week, for 8 weeks. Over 3 HOURS of high resolution singing lessons! A FREE PERSONALIZED VOCAL ASSESSMENT FROM ME.  30+ exercises (Mp3’s) you can download to practice your lessons anywhere!The 26 page SINGING SIMPLIFIED Workbook that reviews each video lesson and the exercises from each lesson.  An extremely helpful companion throughout the course.My 66 page e-book: “5 Shortcuts To Great Songwriting”.  Many teachers have bought this book from me to help them teach their students about music theory and song structure.  It’s my bonus gift to you!

Also, we’re going to train your brain as well.  Your mindset and your emotions are so very important when it comes to singing.  You’ll learn how to let stress and fear fall to the wayside, and focus on the emotion of the song.
This is the perfect course for TOTAL BEGINNERS, to people who have a little experience singing, but haven’t taken many singing lessons and don’t really understand much about technique or how the voice works.  If your goal is to sing Pop, Rock, Country, Blues, R&B, Indie, Alternative… any popular style of music, this course is a great match for you.  (This course is NOT for Classical or Operatic singing. Those styles are quite different in their technique.)
In order for this system to work for you…
– You do NOT need any “natural” musical talent, singing talent, or previous vocal training
– You do NOT need to know anything about technique or how your voice works (in fact, the less you know the better, because you’ll have fewer bad habits to overcome)
– You do NOT need to understand music theory, or even know how to read music


Section 1: The Foundation

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Free Personalized Voice Assessment!

Lecture 3 Practicing Tips!

Lecture 4 1.1 – It’s All About the Breath

Lecture 5 1.2 – Breath Control (Part 1)

Lecture 6 1.3 – Breath Control (Part 2)

Lecture 7 1.4 – Breath Control (Part 3)

Lecture 8 1.5 – Warming Up Your Voice

Lecture 9 1.6 – Humming Along

Lecture 10 Download The Exercise Book

Section 2: Make the Sound

Lecture 11 Quick Note On Practicing

Lecture 12 2.1 – “Hey” There!

Lecture 13 2.2 – “Hey, Ahh”

Lecture 14 Notes About The Throat

Lecture 15 2.3 – “Ha Ha”

Lecture 16 2.4 – “Ma Ma”

Lecture 17 2.5 – “La La La”

Lecture 18 2.6 – “Hey Ah Ma La”

Section 3: Putting the “Moan in the Tone”

Lecture 19 3.1 – Emotive Sounds

Lecture 20 3.2 – Siren the “Hey”

Lecture 21 3.3 – Siren “Hey Ahh”

Lecture 22 3.4 – Siren “Ma”

Lecture 23 3.5 – Siren “La”

Lecture 24 3.6 – Siren “Yo”

Section 4: Hitting Those Notes

Lecture 25 4.1 – Do Re Mi – “Hey”

Lecture 26 4.2 – Do Re Mi – “Ha”

Lecture 27 4.3 – Do Re Mi – “Ma”

Lecture 28 4.4 – Do Re Mi – “La”

Lecture 29 4.5 – Do Re Mi – “Hey/Ahh”

Lecture 30 4.6 – Do Re Mi – “Yo”

Section 5: Movin’ On Up!

Lecture 31 5.1 – “Ng/Ahh” (Soft Palate)

Lecture 32 5.2 – Scooped 3rds

Lecture 33 5.3 – Scooped 4ths

Lecture 34 5.4 – Scooped 5ths

Lecture 35 5.5 – Scooped Octaves

Lecture 36 5.6 – Warm Up and “Hey/Ah”

Section 6: Vocal Control

Lecture 37 6.1 – Introduction to Arpeggios

Lecture 38 6.2 – Arpeggio #1 (1,3,5,3,1)

Lecture 39 6.3 – Arpeggio #2 (1,3,5,8,5,3,1)

Lecture 40 6.4 – Arpeggio #3 (8-5-3-1)

Lecture 41 6.5 – Arpeggio #4: (1,3,5,8,5,3,1 – Hold 8)

Lecture 42 6.6 – Review Day!

Section 7: Putting Words in Your Mouth

Lecture 43 7.1 – Killer Consonants – Part 1

Lecture 44 7.2 – Killer Consonants – Part 2

Lecture 45 7.3 – Car, Far, Star

Lecture 46 7.4 – Fell, Tell

Lecture 47 7.5 – “I” is Everywhere!

Lecture 48 7.6 – Dealing With Tricky Vowels

Section 8: Advanced Singing Techniques

Lecture 49 8.1 – Intro to Registers & Adv. Techniques

Lecture 50 8.2 – Glottal Stop/Attack

Lecture 51 8.3 – More Power (Diaphragm Strength)

Lecture 52 8.4 – Falsetto Voice

Lecture 53 8.5 – Intro to Mix Voice

Lecture 54 8.6 – Rockin’ Blues

Lecture 55 Download These Bonus Exercises!

Lecture 56 Download “5 Shortcuts to Great Songwriting” as a thank you!

Lecture 57 Bonus Lecture: Coupon For Level 2!

Beginners who have little to no experience with singing or singing lessons, and want to sing Pop, Rock, Country, R & B, etc…,Anyone who has a little experience, but wants to gain more strength, control, and confidence in their voice.,Beginners to Intermediates who are intimidated by the idea of singing and want to take the fear out it.,Intermediates who feel they are “caged-in” by their technique and have trouble singing emotionally.,Beginners to intermediates who want to find more joy in their singing.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 7m | 3.79 GB
Created by: Steve Glazer

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